New Blogger

I’ve always thought about writing a blog but its one of those thoughts that come and go without ever being acted upon.

I enjoy reading plenty of blogs and have recently read about the Newbie Blogger Initiative #NBI2016 and figured I’ll finally give it a go.

A bit about me – I’m a total noob when it comes to writing so I’m not sure how these blogs will go but you don’t get anywhere without trying. I’m a family man with a wife, 2 young kids and a full-time job so my time is spent juggling work, family and gaming (not particularly in that order). I always make sure I make time for myself and my games as it’s a nice escape from reality and can be relaxing. I’ve been gaming since the 80s so it’s always been the thing to do in my spare time, i can’t imagine a time when i won’t be gaming.

I will mostly be blogging about my gaming as that is what I know best. I am probably playing too many games at the moment as i have a problem with committing my time to one or two games so i tend to float between games, generally playing one for a few weeks/months until i burn out on it then move onto another game. I always go back to games once I’ve had a break. It keeps my gaming fresh moving between games but i sometimes end up being a noob when i get back into a game if there’s been a long period between playing, Eve Online being the perfect example, I’ve played it on and off now for several years and each time i go back lots of changes have occurred making me relearn a lot of the aspects of the game.

The games I’m currently playing (floating between) are, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo 3, Football Manager 2016, Fallout 4, The Division, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale.

I also have a lot of games I’ve started which sit there nowhere near finished and games which I have downloaded to try out and not picked up again like Star Trek Online and Blade & Soul which i may revisit.

Thats it for my first blog, hopefully it will be the first of many.

-Sparko Marco



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