Overwatch Review

I’ve always been a fan of Blizzard games ever since I played the original Warcraft Orcs and Humans game. Since then I’ve played pretty much all blizzard games at some point. I’m also a big fan of FPS games like Call of Duty and Halo so when I heard about Overwatch it seemed like the perfect game mixing Blizzards proven record of producing quality games and the FPS genre.

I opted in for the closed beta but was not lucky enough to get an invite but as soon as the open beta went live I jumped straight on. Unfortunately due to real life I didn’t get to play open beta as much as I wanted and what I did play I wasn’t too impressed with and started to change my mind about getting it.

My biggest concerns were a lack of progression, what seemed like limited maps and play modes and the overwhelming number of different characters and play styles . I was used to Call of Duty where I could pop on, play a few death match games where I just needed to kill the opposition and Overwatch needed more than that.

In the time between open beta and release I thought about it more. I really wanted the game to be good so I thought about the things I wasn’t sure about.

My concern about progression was that if I didn’t have anything to work towards like a new gun or scope etc then would I have the motivation to keep playing.  Then I looked at how it works in Call of Duty and realised that all I did was mainly use my favorite gun with the same setup every game and the progression system limited me until I could use that set up, then I’d prestige and start again. So in reality I only got to use my favorite setup for a limited period, in Overwatch I wouldn’t have that problem.

I then dismissed my concerns about the limited maps and game modes as that was beta so the full game would have more and i read that Blizzard would be adding more in the future for free, no dlc to play for which is a bonus.

I then stopped worrying about the different characters and play styles as I figured I’d either get used to them or find my favorites.

I still had my had my doubts though and the day before it was released I was still in 2 minds whether to buy the game or not. The week before had been my birthday and I had some money given to me so I decided I’d use that and buy the game.

I’ve almost played my 100th game and I’m really pleased I bought the game. All my concerns were pointless as this game is just pure fun. I’ve got my favorites but try to mix it up. I’ve not tried all characters yet but I will, each one takes some getting used to so I’ve tried to focus on one or two at a time before trying new ones.

So far my favorite offensive character is Soldier 76 (which isn’t surprising being a fan of Call of Duty) followed by Reaper. Soldier 76 is good on all game maps attack or defense but I find Reaper is more situational, he’s one I often change to if I need to get behind the enemy to take out a Widow Maker or clear an objective.

My favorite support is Mercy, I’ve gotten really good with her and saved my team a few times. She’s also the one I’ve got most play of the games with. I’ve found that in a good game when the team sticks together I can make a big difference to the outcome.

My favorite tank is Reinhardt, his shield comes in very handy to protect the team. He’s also good on attack and defense. I do think however he could be too good and is almost a must have on a team, he seems to make a bigger difference compared to the other tanks.

My favorite in defense varies depending on the map, I often use Bastian if there is a bottle neck where I can plant him and shoot, he’s a bit overpowered on some maps. I also use either Hanzo or Widow Maker if we need a sniper but its very rare that happens, usually there is too many of them. I mainly use a sniper to pick off another sniper, Bastion or one of Torbjorns turrets if any are causing problems.

The best thing about Overwatch is definitely the ability to swap heroes during the game. It means you can counter the opposition if needed. Also some heroes are better at certain things so you can change them as the game changes.

The best games are always where people work together and react to the individual games. As no 2 games are the same you need to be aware of what’s going on, who your team mates are playing and who the opposition are playing. If you pick Bastian on attack and keep getting killed then your no good to the team.

I’d recommend getting good at at least one of each type of role so that you can play what’s needed. Don’t expect your team mates to always change, especially in games with random players.

I’ve read a lot of reviews and forum posts complaining about the price being too high, no single player mode, game modes being the same each game and loot boxes only having vanity items. I think the price is totally worth it. Your getting a very fun game with lots of replay ability, don’t forget there is 21 characters which all play differently which means so long as you mix it up each game you play will be different. If you stick to one character in every game and your bored or think the games play the same each time then that’s not the games fault it’s yours.

As for a lack of single player mode, I can understand people wanting one but the game was created and advertised as an online only game so with a little bit of research you will know it has no single player mode, its hardly a reason to give it a bad review. From my point of view, I’m very happy there is no single player mode as it means more time is spent on the player v player side of it and in games like Call of Duty or Halo, I never actually play the campaigns as I only buy them for the online multiplayer.

I’m also happy loot boxes only contains vanity items as it means you cant progress faster or get stronger than others buy paying extra. Yes I really want Mercy’s Imp skin so I either need to pay for loot boxes to increase my chances or play more games to get loot boxes. Either way you need to pray to rngesus or be very lucky.

I also end up buy the dlc for Call of Duty so the game plus dlc can set me back up to £100 whereas Overwatch was £45 (I got the origins edition for the vanity items in other Blizzard games, especially the baby Winston pet in WoW) and I won’t need to pay for anything else. Blizzard are also good at supporting their games so I can look forward to some quality updates.

Overall I think Overwatch is the best new game I’ve played for a while and one of the few which I think is worth the money based on how much fun I’m having and I’ve no regrets buying it.
If anyone is sitting on the fence debating whether to buy the game, if you enjoy FPS games, can play as part of a team, respect your team mates and play the objectives then you will have fun. If you want to play like Call of Duty and run around just killing or sniping from the back of the map ignoring the objectives then this is not the game for you.

Remember its not about your individual performance or getting a high k/d ratio. You win playing as a team, don’t be afraid to try new character’s, and don’t be afraid to play what your team needs. Yeah its fun getting 30 kills a game or getting play of the game firing Hanzos ability into the objective killing a few people but if you team needs a healer or tank to help win the game then your 30 kills mean nothing if you lose.

– Sparko Marco


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