World of Warcraft – Legion Pre-Expansion

I usually go through periods of wow burnout where I start a new expansion, play it endlessly getting to max level and start raiding. Then BAM, its like I’m hit by a big truck and I lose the determination to play. I start logging in less and less and stop all together. Then I’ll come back to it after about 6 to 10 months, get back into it for a few months and slowly stop playing before returning at the end to catch up on what I’ve missed.

Warlords of Draenor was exactly like that. I’ve been back playing wow for the last couple of months and am eagerly awaiting Legion. I’ve managed to complete the legendary quest line and WOD flying and just have a few bits and bobs to do like achievements, maxing fishing, cooking and first aid ready for Legion.

I’m planning to change my approach to Legion, in all previous expansions I’ve rushed to max level, then rushed to gear up ready to raid. As I’m not raiding now other than looking for raid groups I don’t need to rush anything. I’m going to take my time leveling up and try to avoid the early burnout.

And now that the pre-expansion for Legion has arrived and has been live for a week its given me some more things to do.

First thing i had to do once the patch went live was to update all my addons as the screen was full of error messages. I don’t use many addons but a few are essential to me like Deadly Boss Mobs but mostly I have them to make things easier. I use skada for damage and healing meters so I can see how I’m performing, I use auctioneer to make selling items easier on the auction house and altoholics to keep track of all my alts.
I don’t use any which changes the ui or which aids my healing or damage as I like to play the game as much as intended as possible.
With the new transmog system I’ve also just got an add-on called Can I Mog It which tracks the looks I’ve unlocked on other armour/weapons or alts so I know whether to keep or sell things.

Speaking of transmog, I love the new wardrobe feature. I’ve been a fan of the transmog system since it was first introduced and have collected a few outfits plus lots of nice looking items. My bank and void storage was pretty much always full. Thankfully the new transmog and wardrobe system has allowed me to have a good clear out and I’ve now got 4 empty bags in my bank and loads of void storage space I’ll prob never need again.
My only problem is that world event items like the brewfest mugs or seasonal clothing etc cannot be transmogged and as they are unique they cannot be put into the void storage so I still have a couple of bags worth full of those in my bank.

With transmog it might also be worth seeing if you have outstanding low level class quests which contain gear you might like as they sometimes have a nice looking weapon or armour which suits your class.

Another good thing they have done which has freed up bag space is making more items into toys. As an engineer I had transporters, wormhole generators and blingtrons taking up space but these are now toys along with several treasure items or rare mob drops found in draenor. There are some other items which could be toys but are not so still take up bag room like Cloak of coordination needs the cloak put on to use as do tabards with unique abilities like the theramore tabard but their effects could be made into toys. Also Jeeves is not a toy but possibly could be. Hopefully these may get changed in future patches but for now I’m happy with the amount of bag space I’ve manages to get back.

The class changes have not been very well received if the forums are anything to go by. Some people are happy but more seem to dislike the changes. Personally I’ve not tried all classes but what I have tried doesn’t seen too bad.

My main is a Holy Paladin and I occasionally raid as DPS but my raiding is currently limited to looking for raid(lfr) groups.

As holy I’ve found that I like not having to manage holy power and just focusing on mana and the changes to the class hasn’t made too much difference and I was near the top of healing meters. However in lfr before the patch I tended to semi-afk heal where I browsed online or watched tv so my healing was not great whereas after the patch I’ve been concentrating more to get a better feel for the changes so healing feels like its better now but its more likely just due to me trying harder.

Retribution paladins have pretty much always been lolret and low on DPS meters. I think Wrath of the Lich King is the only expansion where they done serious DPS.
Pre patch when doing DPS in lfr I did actually try hard as its different to healing where often 6 healers aren’t needed but all DPS needs to still perform. My DPS was never that good, usually mid/low range. Since the patch I’ve found myself in the top 8 for DPS so its seems better. I’ve read a lot about the poor rotation and that the class is now more broken and perhaps for the top raiders it may be but for me I think its an improvement. We’ll see how it is in Legion but I’m optimistic.

My only other level 100s are a Hunter and a Druid but I haven’t tried these out much yet.
I have tried my level 86 Affliction Warlock which seems easy to manage but in 5 man dungeons trash mobs die too quick to do much damage on them but my DPS is good on the longer boss fights. Overall I’m happy with my warlock and questing is easy dotting up mobs and watching them die.

I have a lower level character which I’m not happy with the changes. I have a level 85 enhancement shaman which has been sat outside kara for a while trying to farm the mount. Pre patch this was easy run in, attack boss, put down totem, use the odd spell and everything dies. After the patch I ran in, attacked the boss but i had no aoe I could find and proceeded to die as I kept getting stunned by all the horses. In between stuns I did get some kills so managed to kill them all (after reincarnating myself mid fight). I’m going to have to have a rethink on my set up and looking into the class a bit more, I’m sure it was just my mistake of going in head first without looking at the changes.

The only other think done since the patch is hunt a few transmog items and die over and over again for the It All Makes Sense Now feat of strength achievement. This was added in legion pre-expansion and consisted of collecting pamphlets from a doomsayer in Stormwind (Orgrimmar if you’re Horde). There are 12 to collect, each one you get is random and there is a 20 min wait between getting one. However dying resets the timer so the quickest way to get the achievement is to die after you get pamphlet, spirit rez and go back for another. Just remember to bank all armour and weapons so you don’t end up with a huge repair bill.
In total I needed 97 pamphlets to get all 12 unique ones, this took about 45 minutes. If I had to wait 20 minutes between each one it would have taken over 32 hours! (3 an hour). So it was definitely worth all that dying.

Finally I’ve found out that a murloc pet was added in wod 6.2.2 while i was away. Its located in Borean Tundra Northrend in a Underground/water cave near riplash ruins. If you have a coordinates add-on they are – 56-88. You just need to swim through cave to reach a chamber with an alter. Behind the alter is some bones and shells with an egg in middle containing Terky. Note its bop and cannot be caged to sell

I’m sure there is more which has been added, I need to have a read through old patch notes and do some google searches.

Something else I’ve noticed while i was flying to get Terky (which may or may not be new for legion) is if your drunk in game, as well as your character staggering while walking, if you try to fly, your mount goes up and down making it very difficult to fly. So remember don’t drink and fly.

-Sparko Marco


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