Clash Royale

I’ve been playing a lot of Clash Royale since it was released in the UK and for the most part it is a really enjoyable mobile game.

I like how I can either pop onto it and play a quick game or I can spend a couple of hours playing it. It suits both play styles.

At first I wasn’t too sure about the chest times as it seemed pointless to keep playing when there was no chest reward but I realised that getting higher trophies also meant better free chest and crown chest rewards so it was a benefit to play for trophies and not just chests.

Now its been out a while I’ve gotten up to arena 7/8 fluctuating between 2100 and 2300 for the most part but I’m starting to see a big gap in deck strength. I’ve mostly been a free to play player, I’ve bought 2 £7.99 gem packs using google play credit gained from answering surveys on the Google opinions rewards app so it hasn’t really cost me any money. From those I’ve only bought gold to upgrade my cards and I’ve still only got level 8/9 commons, 5-7 level rares, 2-3 level epics and no legendary cards. The trouble is most decks I play against contain at least one legendary card plus higher level common, rares and epics which makes it hard to win.
I seem to be getting into arena 8 then going on a losing streak plummeting to arena 6 then riding back up. I think its commonly called hitting the pay wall.

My skill is improving all the time though and I’m finding that troop placement and more strategic thinking can win games even against more powerful decks but sometimes even skill can’t help against some decks.

Looking at the prices of upgrading cards I don’t think I will be getting my cards much higher without either paying a lot of money or slowly building them up over several months.
I just need to accept that I’m going to keep hitting pay walls and possibly never get a legendary or be very lucky to get one.
Eventually though I may one day be able to play against the elite. For now I’ll just keep plodding away slowly improving my deck and skill.

On a final note, why can Sparky turn in any direction in a fraction of a second yet is one of the slowest movers? Surely something that slow should also turn slowly. I’m finding that card is one of the more difficult cards to counter, especially when paired behind a tank card like a giant. Once its ramped up anything you put down is instantly obliterated unless its a minion horde but then of course they always have arrows waiting for them!

Any suggestions on decks to help progress or how to deal with Sparky or the other legendary cards would be welcomed.

-Sparko Marco


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