Overwatch Competitive Mode

I’ve recently delved into the competitive mode in Overwatch. I’m not the best player around but I like to think I’m capable of working within a team and doing the job I’m supposed to do, whether that’s offense, defense, tank or support. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for a lot of people I’ve grouped up with.

As I work full time and have a family, my game time is generally limited to late at night and some days not at all so its difficult to join a regular group to play with which leaves me queuing up solo and this is where the problem lies.

As a solo player I’m usually grouped with other solo players. This wouldn’t be so bad if people still played as a team but too many people want to only play certain characters or won’t work together. Its especially bad as the game modes are designed around objectives which need team work.

In my first 10 preliminary games I only won 3 which gave me a rank of 35 which is not great. I put that down to poor team play as most games I was getting gold medals for time on objectives or objective kills and I was sticking with as much of the team as possible which I think shows I was where I should be. I was also picking what was needed for the team so some games I was healing and others I tanked or played offense so in that sense I was doing the right thing. Unfortunately often if I healed we had no tank, if I tanked no one would heal and too many people picked characters which didn’t help the team and didn’t help with the objectives.

In a game of 6v6 you can afford 1 slacker if the rest up their game but any more and your screwed.

Since I got my rank there has been some improvements, I’ve only gone up to 38 but games are close games and people are working together more.
The problem I have now is getting a good run of wins together to get my rank up. I seem to win a few then lose a few and my rank swings between 36 and 38 but I’m enjoying it which is all that really matters.

I still have some frustrating games where a couple of players don’t try or are generally rubbish but those are not as often now, usually if my team loses its simply due to the other team being better. I’ve read online that some people are starting to troll others or purposely play bad if they don’t get the character they want but luckily I haven’t noticed that yet.

There is one thing which is really starting to annoy me and that’s getting killed by a junkrat grenade that’s been blindly fired over a wall or through a door etc, there is no skill involved in just firing grenades randomly and getting killed. Also I’m sick of his ultimate getting play of the game. All they do is roll the tire towards a group of players and blow it up, again limited skill is needed. Perhaps its just me but I don’t get annoyed by any other character, just junkrat, he reminds me of Call of Duty noob tubers firing rockets everywhere.
Perhaps I should try playing him more and see if it actually takes skill or not.

Overall I prefer to play the competitive mode over quick games as they are harder to win and take more teamwork and even though I get frustrated in some games its very satisfying when you get the wins, especially in tight games.

-Sparko Marco


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