I Am Prepared -Legion Demon Hunter

The latest World of Warcraft Legion patch has introduced the new Demon Hunter class so I figured I’d give it a go and see if it’s any good. I will try to keep this spoiler free as I don’t want to ruin the experience so i will just give a few thoughts.

First they start in their own zone similar to the way Death Knights were and skills are slowly introduced. I like how this is done as you don’t get overwhelmed with skills at the start and you can learn how each one works as you get them.

I enjoyed the Demon Hunter starting zone more that I did the Death Knight one, I think this is mainly due to the new mechanics where multiple people can tag mobs. This means there is no waiting around for mobs to kill or others tagging mobs before you can. It is a welcomed mechanic and should also help with Legion leveling where in the past, early expansion quests could get annoying with so many people after the same mobs.

The story line and cut scenes help to explain whats going on too if you care about the story lines and not just getting through the levels.

It’s also quite a quick journey from starting your Demon Hunter to level 100 and into the full world where you can then go on to do what you want. It took me less than 2 hours to complete the storyline. It could probably have been done quicker but I took my time so i could fully experience it. If i was to level a second one on another server i could skip reading quests and skip the cut scenes which would make it a lot quicker.

Overall I quite like the Demon Hunter based on my limited experience, i need to try it out in a raid to see how it compares to my other classes. For a melee class it has good mobility and i like the double jump and glide features which make moving around easier. I don’t think i will be changing my main for Legion to it though as I’m not a big fan of raiding as melee. I prefer to heal from a distance with my Holy Paladin but i may have to change my tactics in Legion seeing as the Holy Paladin mastery is based on being closer to those i’m healing which will mean having to be in melee range more often. It’s not that i don’t like the melee aspects, its more to do with not being able to see whats going on clearly when the boss takes up most of the screen and it will be even worse now Blizzard have reduced how far you can zoom out.

Finally when I first started my Demon Hunter i noticed a chest which didn’t contain much except something which gave me a 10 minute buff so i decided to look online to see if there were any chests which gave me anything useful. I found a guide on wowhead which explained there were several items to collect which can only be collected while you’re in the starting zone. Once you leave you can never get them unless you start a new Demon Hunter. The items you get are all rare gear improvements and have a chance to be boosted in level to epics. They are also part of a transmog set, although im sure Legion will have other items which look the same if you have missed them.
If you haven’t already completed the starting zone I would recommend looking at the guide and getting all the items, it boosts some gear from ilvl 660 to 680 or boosted to 695 so it will give you better gear to either do raids or for leveling once Legion is fully live. There is also a 28 slot bag to collect and an item which acts as a battle and guardian elixir increasing stats for 1 hour.

One thing to note, if you do decide to get all the gear as mentioned above, some of it drops from rare mobs and I found that due to the number of people, the mobs died quite quick. They do also have a quick respawn timer though but could be easily missed, especially the 2 in the vault of the wardens. I originally missed them and had to go back to find them. The first spawns in the room you first enter, and the second on the way to ride the bat

-Sparko Marco


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