New Gaming Franchises

I’ve just been reading an article on the BBC technology pages about getting gamers to care about a new franchise. In this case it describes a new game called Recore which is due to be released on Xbox in September 2016. It’s a game I’ve not heard anything about.

It got me thinking about how this issue must be one of the biggest issues affecting game developers. Do they stick with what they know works or do they try something new?

Some games like Call of Duty will sell millions of copies regardless of if they are good or not. If Activision announced today that a new Call of Duty was to be released next year but gave no details of what the game was about it would still get millions of people pre-ordering the game based on the name alone.

Other games like FIFA release slightly updated games each year where there’s not much difference to the previous version yet people still continue to buy them year after year. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of this in the past when I’ve had money available to buy new games. 

So developers don’t always have an incentive to bring out new franchises or develop new game types. It’s easy to make their money by bringing out safe games, remakes and sequels. It’s just like the movie business and often more about how much money it can make rather than how good it is.

There have been quite a few games where the risk has been taken but the games have either flopped from the start or have quickly faded away. Sometimes new games can be over hyped and do not live up to the hype and other games are quietly released with little/no hype but then don’t get picked up by the masses and are quickly forgotten about.
So I have to give credit to the developers of Recore for trying to introduce a new franchise and game given the high risk. 

As I’ve not heard of Recore I’ve had a quick look into the game itself. It’s labeled as a single player action adventure game with a female lead character and robot companions. It looks like it could be a nice game to play, it has combat and puzzle elements to it and a storyline where the heroine is trying to save humanity. It’s also being released cheaper than most new games so it might be worth picking up.

My only issue is that personally I find single player games boring. They often end up with you doing the same things over and over and after completing them once there is no replay value. I’m the past I’ve completed single player games  within a week playing casual. I’ve seen hardcore people one line finishing games in a day or two. Thats why i prefer mmos and multiplayer games where the game can be different each time I play it and I can play them in some cases for years.

I think I will give it a miss on its initial release due to most of my gaming time will be taken up by World of Warcraft: Legion over the next few months. I will keep an eye on it and if it gets good reviews I may pick it up later in the year.

I hope it does well though as the gaming world can always do with new franchises and more need to do well so that more developers are willing take the risk.

-Sparko Marco 


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