WOW the App

Blizzard have announced a new phone app for Android and ios due to be released tomorrow. This is a companion app for World of Warcraft:Legion.

Apps like these are both good and bad. Good as you can keep in touch with the game while you can’t play but bad as it’ll become a must have app to keep on top of things but can get in the way of life and work.

Sometimes you need a break from games or have unintended breaks but with the handy app it’ll keep you involved.

The app itself looks like it’ll be good as you can run your class hall missions using your phone. I could have done with something like that for the garrisons in the last expansion. There were times where I wasn’t playing the game but could have still made gold using the app.

This week I am on holiday with the wife and kids so as long as I have decent data speed I’ll be able to download it and keep my class missions ticking over so I won’t fall behind while I can’t play. Unfortunately I’ll still fall behind in my character progression but as I’ve no plans to raid at the moment I don’t need to worry about rushing to get raid ready so I can enjoy a break away from it.

Blizzard have already got an app to accompany World of Warcraft in the Warcraft Armory app. I have got the Armory app but haven’t used it for a while. When it first released I used it a lot mainly for guild chat but at the time I was an officer in a raiding guild so I needed to keep in touch offline but nowadays I’m just a non raiding casual so I don’t need to be involved in guild chat if I’m not online. 

Hopefully the Legion app will run as smoothly as the Legion launch and won’t bug out or crash.

-Sparko Marco 


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