Legion Leveling – To The Max

Before I went on my family holiday I leveled my Paladin to 110 which is the new max in World of Warcraft:Legion.

I actually done this quicker than expected as although I decided to take it slow, I found that I still levelled up quick due to enjoying the levelling experience. It was always a case of just one more quest which turned into several more quests which turned into late nights questing!

Having a break following getting max has been good as it’s allowed me to catch up on some sleep. In launch week i averaged just over 4 hours a night but this week I’ve averaged almost 8 (according to my Fitbit tracker).

I’ll admit I’ve missed my gaming but not too much as I’ve still had my mobile games and the new Legion companion app so I’ve not gone completely cold turkey. Plus time with my family away from every day life is good.

I’ve also had my own world quests to complete like Navigating the wife, Splitting myself in 2 when my little ones run in opposite directions, and How to get to dinner past the arcades without the kids having a meltdown to go on the rides, culminating in the final quest of cleaning the 3yr old on the side of the road, in the rain after an “accident” driving home. After that I’ll happily welcome a wow quest to kill 10 rats!

Back to wow, as I had a choice where to level I decided to go to Azsuna first purely because I had an engineering quest there and then go clockwise around the map.

I enjoyed the leveling in Legion as there was clear progression around the maps and each area had a progressive storyline ending in dungeon quests. The way it’s done makes you want to continue questing to progress the story and you don’t feel like your grinding xp. In fact xp seems to come easy from just questing and you don’t need to work hard to get it.

The only thing which distracted me from questing were treasures and rare mobs dotted around the map. I use the addon Handy Notes which marks these on your mini map so it’s easy to get distracted by them. 

My only complaint about the leveling is that I got to max after completing the story quests only in 3 zones and starting the 4th. I only completed one dungeon in that time too which didn’t give that much extra xp. It would have been better if the progression from 100 to 110 lasted until I’d completed all the story lines in the 4 leveling zones (not counting suramar as that’s a level 110 questing zone).

At the moment I think it would also be a pleasant leveling experience on alts but then I also thought that with wod but only got 1 other leveled to 100. The problem I may have leveling alts is that now I’ve experienced the story lines and know what happens I won’t be as interested in leveling my alts through it again. From what I’ve read though, there is a lot to do at max level so I might not have time to level alts for a while.

Now I’ve hit max I need to work out what I want and need to do next. First thing I know I need to do is unlock world quests, for this I need to get friendly reputation with 5 Legion factions. I have this on 4 of them from leveling and only need the nightfallen from suramar questing. 

I also need to complete my class hall campaign to get the 3rd relic slot opened on my artifact weapons. One campaign quest I have is to complete 50 world quests so I getting them available will be a priority.

After that I’ll probably work on my professions while grinding artifact power, reputation and doing world quests. I’m haven’t decided if I like the way professions need quests completed to get recipes or not yet. I think it will be good as you have to work to level them but I’m not sure if the time and effort will be worth it. In wod professions were pretty much useless so I’m hoping in Legion they will be worth while again. One thing I don’t like is the cooking as I have to use my mats as work orders with nomi but all I get is burned food. I just seem to be wasting my mats. I don’t know if it’s rng but if it is I never have any luck with rng so I could get annoyed if I can’t level cooking due to rng.

Usually once I’ve maxed my main I would be aiming and rushing to get my gear ready for raiding but as I’m no longer raiding other then looking for raid I don’t need to worry about that. I will at some point complete all the dungeons then do them on heroic and mythic and i may raid if my guild needs someone and I’m available online so I’ll need to gear up still but there is no rush.

At some point I also want to get all my artifact weapons and then get my alts to level 101 and start doing their champion missions so that even if I’m not actively leveling them I can use the wow companion app to run missions for artifact power so I can at least level their artifacts up a bit.

As of last night I started the suramar quests to get my nightfallen rep up but as I had only got back from my holiday yesterday and I had gone for a game of football last night I was too tired to do anything meaningful. I should get a good few hours on it tonight so I’d like to open up the world quests later.

One thing I’m sure about is that there will be plenty of things to keep me busy and so long as I don’t burn myself out on it I’m optimistic that Legion could be the first expansion since wotlk where I play it right through so hopefully I won’t be playing catch up again at the end of the expansion.

-Sparko Marco 


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