Pokemon Gone

As of today Pokemon Go has been deleted from my phone.

Like most of the world i hopped aboard the Pokemon Go hype train to see what all the fuss was about.

To be honest I’ve never played any Pokemon game before, I did see some of the cartoons when I was younger but I never got into it. So when Pokemon Go was released i knew what it was about but didn’t have any experience of Pokemon so I had no expectations of how the game would play.

If it wasn’t for all the hype I don’t think I would have got it but due to the hype and as it was a free game I figured I’d try it out and see what the fuss was about. 

Being in the UK I couldn’t get it straight away as it was released in the USA and selected other countries first before being rolled out else where. However I did manage to get a legit copy of the game from an apk website.

My first impressions of the game were good. I’m an avid collector of “stuff” in World of Warcraft where I have hundreds of pets, mounts, toys and with Legion I’m now collecting trasmog and anything else I can collect so the idea of collecting the various Pokemon appealed to the collector inside of me. I also liked that it used the real world to collect them and the walking around would also increase my Fitbit steps. At this point there were no downsides I could see to the game.

Unfortunately the problems started quite quickly but not necessarily game related. The first problem I had was as soon as I walked away from my home and specifically away from my WiFi my mobile Internet connection where I live was too slow for the game to work. I also had the same problem around where I work so the places I spent most of my day I was unable to play the game unless I was connected to my home WiFi.

The second problem I had was when I did get a good mobile Internet connection, where I live doesn’t have many pokestops so I would quickly run out of pokeballs unless I paid real money for them which I was not going to do.

Those 2 problems are not the games fault but the fact I live in an area which has poor mobile data connections. We do have 4G if some places but most places I’m lucky if I get anything at all. These problems wouldnt happen in big cities.

The actual gameplay was good, I liked the way the augmented reality showed the Pokemon in the real world I’m looking at and catching them was easy. I quickly started getting a small collection of Pokemon and evolving them and was hooked for a couple of weeks.

After a couple of weeks though i started losing interest. First I was sick of getting the same Pokemon all the time so there was no excitement in finding new Pokemon when I’ve already found loads of them. Secondly I didn’t have the time to go out walking around looking for them and as I live in the wettest part of the county most days I didn’t want to be walking around in the rain with my phone getting wet. And thirdly my phone battery took a battering and just heated up and drained too fast.

In the end I just stopped playing it and I don’t think I’ve even opened the app or thought about it for a couple of months.

The hype has also died down and media coverage is almost not existent now. I also don’t see many people walking about playing the game, it could be due to the same network problems I’ve had but when it was first released i could see loads of people playing but now no one. Even the 1 local pokegym at the chruch near me no longer has kids sitting outside of it.

I think if I lived in a big city which had nice weather I could have enjoyed the game a lot more. I suppose that’s the problem with using the real world as part of the game, it’s limited to where you live. If the game involved moving around on a map within the game finding Pokemon from the comfort of my own home (without cheating using a GPS spoofing app) then it would have been much easier for me to play but that would also have taken the novelty and appeal away from it.

Ultimately it’s is a good idea and it got kids out and about and it could lead to better games in the future but it wasn’t a game for me and doesn’t seem like it can sustain gamers for a long time. Once the novelty wears off there is not much to keep it interesting.

Pokemon Go is now gone for me and will more than likely be forgotten.

-Sparko Marco 


3 thoughts on “Pokemon Gone

    1. Pokemon Sun & Moon is due for release at the end of November. I won’t be getting it as it’s for Nintendo 3DS and I don’t own one and have no plans to get one. Between pc, Xbox and mobile gaming I wouldn’t find time to play one!


  1. i played pokemon go for a little bit, but I only got to level 4. you really need to get to level 5 to do anything. i ran out of pokeballs and no pokestops were giving me any, so i deleted it too


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