Clash Royale F2P No More

Last week Supercell released their latest update to Clash Royale. I have been meaning to write about it since then but have struggled to find the time.

The new update has revamped the tournaments which is a good thing. I wasn’t impressed with the tournaments as it was near impossible to get into one and cost too many gems to create one. The only way to have gotten in one was to spam the search button and if you were lucky to find one with open slots chances are it filled up quicker than you could join it.

The tournaments as they were are still there but are now only joinable if a clan member has created it or you have the name to search for it. They are also cheaper but reward less. They will be good for clan tournaments but not much else.

The new tournaments are called challenges and are a vast improvement. There is a classic challenge for 10 gems and a grand challenge for 100 gems. Each challenge matches you up with others similar to the normal battles and your aim is to win 12 matches. It sounds easy but you can only lose 3 times at which point the challenge ends and your matched with people who are at a similar trophy number to you and who have won a similar number of games so it’ll get harder the more wins you get. 

The more wins you get, the more gold and cards you get and the quality of cards guaranteed are better. It works very similar to the Hearthstone Arena tournaments. 

The grand challenge offers better rewards as you get more gold and cards per win and better quality cards but at 10 times the gems of a classic challenge.

The tournaments are worth playing if you have the gems as you only need 2 wins for the reward to be better than the cost when worked out against buying gold with gems.

One of the other changes they have made has turned me into a pay to play (p2p) player rather than a free to play (f2p) player. That change is introducing 1 time purchasable arena packs which offer good value compared to buying gems. The one I got for being in arena 8 contained 1200 gems, a magic chest and 100k gold for the price of 1200 gems.

I was reluctant at first as I’m usually against paying for things in free mobile games however after thinking about it I’ve been having fun playing this free game for 6 months and apart from spending Google play money I’ve got for free using the Google opinions survey app I’ve not spent any real money on it. Now considering I have games sitting around that I’ve spent  £40 upwards on and hardly played I’ve had a good run on Clash Royale for free and don’t mind spending a little bit on it.

Since that first pack I’ve also bought the arena 7 and 6 packs so in total I’ve spend about £20 which isn’t a lot for 6 months of fun playing it and it’s a game I will probably be playing for a lot longer.

I also put it into context that I can easily spend upto £100 on a night out drinking, especially if I’m drinking quadkas (quadruple Vodkas) and coke all night and all I get is a 2 day hangover and a fuzzy memory of what I’ve done.

So now I can no longer claim to be a f2p player. I won’t be much better off than f2p players though as what I’ve spent is not really enough to get beyond the pay barrier, all it does is get me to the door and I’m not willing to spend the kind of money others do to get beyond it. 

I may buy some of the other arena packs if they’re worth the money, especially if I can get into legendary arena but that’s a bit off yet.

Finally they also introduced epic and legendary chests along with some new cards which will be released periodically. The new chests look good. 10k gold for the epic containing 10 epics and 500 gems for the legendary which contains 1 legendary card, both of these can also be won from matches. So far I’ve not won any but I have bought 2 epic chests from the shop with gold which have boosted some of my epics to tournament standard. 

Out of the new cards the first released was the mega minion, a single armored minion. It’s a rare card but so far I’ve not used it as it’s too low level, I will try it out once I level it up to 6 or 7.

The second card has just been released today and its the inferno dragon. It’s a legendary card so I’ll probably never get it. I’ve seen it on 1 TV Royale replay and it looks very overpowered.  It destroyed towers and the king within seconds of locking onto them. I can see it getting put behind lava hounds along with the baby dragon and it will very unstoppable. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the meta at the top change to lava hound double dragon decks and everyone will get crying out for nerfs.

There are 2 other cards due to be released, the next one is the ice golem and now shows in game as being released in 14 days. The ice golem is slow and targets buildings. When it is killed it does a small amount of damage and slows everything around it. The other card is a graveyard spell which summons skeletons anywhere it’s put on the battlefield. It’ll be released in 28 days, 2 weeks after the ice golem. 

It’ll be interesting to see how the inferno dragon fits into decks and if the meta changes and if these other new cards change anything once released.

Overall I thinks it’s been a good update to the game and challenges freshen it up a bit. It’s enough to keep me interested and optimistic Supercell can continue improving the game.

– Sparko Marco 


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