Return to Eve Online

Over the years Eve Online has been a game I’ve played on and off. It’s a game that at times I’ve had loads of fun and other times I’ve found it less fun but the fun times always want me to return to it.

My Eve history is quite varied and I’ve never been able to settle anywhere.

I first started playing back in 2009 on a trial account as my brother had said good things about it. My only other mmo experience was world of Warcraft.

I started by doing the tutorials and pve missions slowly building up my isk and getting bigger ships. Coming from wow I thought I had to get bigger ships and better gear so all my isk went into that. Then during a mission my new ship got stuck on some debris and got blown up. At the time no one told me not to fly what I couldn’t afford so in that moment I was broke and felt like I had wasted my time. Looking back i had also done what most noobs do and triple tanked my ships with shield, armour and hull repairers so it’s no wonder I was easily killed by rats. Shortly after I stopped playing and let the trial run out.

A year later in 2010 a friend of mine started playing it and I was encouraged to try it again. That friend had also gotten me into wow but he quit wow after a month while I continued. He assured me that wouldn’t happen this time as eve was different, it was more his type of game as wow was too grindy for him but in eve you had the freedom to do what you wanted. He was also in a Corp with someone he worked with in null sec which I could join.

So I got a new trial and gave it another chance. I done the tutorials again to refresh myself and done a few missions to get used to it again before I joined the Corp he was in and headed down the pipe into null.

This is where I got my first real bit of excitement. I knew null was dangerous and my friend has been ganked in the pipeline so all the way down I was nervous, excited and pumped with adrenaline everytime I jumped into the unknown through each gate.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much more excitement going on in the null system we were in. The Corp was just a few people who were glorified carebears who hid in a pos when anyone was around and never fought anyone.

As there was not much going on in Corp me and my friend spent time in high sec ratting or doing missions and getting a feel for the game.

I remember my first pvp loss well, I ventured into low sec as I heard rats had bigger bounties. I was still a massive noob and tripped tanked my ships with shit fits, I think I even had multiple gun types/ranges too. I was in a belt and found a battleship rat with a 0.5million isk bounty which I thought was a lot.  I attacked it but couldn’t damage it enough but I was also too fast for it to hit me. I called my friend in for reinforcements and he met me in the belt and we started killing the rat. At that point a player pirate warped in and killed us both with ease and I learned low sec was not a place to be for a noob.

At this point I was enjoying the game and upgraded to a full account. The Corp I was in had also negotiated to join one of the big null sec alliances at the time called Mostly Harmless so we moved deeper into null sec. Shortly after that my friend lost interest and stopped playing without joining us in null.

My time in Mostly Harmless was really enjoyable, I was still a noob but I had learned to fit my ships properly and enjoyed roaming around in fleets. There were no pressure to do anything but I was expected to fleet up as much as possible.

During my time in null I found I had a problem I had to solve and that was how to make isk. I just wanted to pvp and fleet up but losses were expensive to me and I had no way of getting isk, I tried creating a mining alt but found that boring. The only way I knew to get isk was to rat, do missions or mine. I stuck with my mining alt who made enough isk to keep me in cheap ships but that’s it.

After about a year in null Mostly Harmless were being destroyed by NC. (If I remember correctly) and I was no longer enjoying it, it’s no fun being station camped or losing ships regularly so I decided I would look into what else I could do.

My brother had been asking me often to join up with him in a wormhole so I decided to leave null and give wormhole life a try.

My brother was in (according to him) the best wormhole Corp in the game. It was called Aperture Harmonics. Before I joined they had been involved in big cheating scandal. They had found that in the wormhole they were in they could weapon distrupt each other to get a negative value which in turn gave them unlimited range and max damage with each shot. This made running the hardest sleeper sites easy and they made a lot of isk. I think they were caught after killing another big wormhole Corp who then complained to CCP. 

Aperture Harmonics were then stripped of billions of isk worth of ships. In their defense, they had raised the potential bug with CCP, explaining how they did it and i think they were told it was OK. It was only a problem when others found out and complained. 

I was in Aperture Harmonics for a while but I was severely gimped by my lack of skills. I had a training plan but lacked the minimum requirements to get into the Corp, I was only allowed in due to my brother and I shared his pos. Due to my lack of skills I was flying 60m worth battle cruisers while everyone else was on billion isk worth T3s! I felt really out of my depth and didn’t feel confident grouping up. I did run some sites making a couple billion isk but as most of the Corp were in the US, including my brother, and as I’m UK based my peak times were out of sync with others.

I had some fun in Aperture Harmonics but too much time was spent on my own totally out of my depth deep in wormhole space and I slowly got bored and quit the game. My brother also stopped playing.

After about a year break I got the urge to go back. I had been reading blogs and heard about Brave Newbies forming. They sounded fun just doing noob stuff, not giving a shit and we’re all about having fun so I resubbed and joined them.

My initial time in Brave Newbies was possibly the most fun I’ve ever had in the game. Fleets were constant, no one knew what they were doing and no one cared as long as people were having fun. Shortly after I joined we moved to low sec and the real fun started, everytime I logged on there were fleets up so I could just hop in Fleet and fly around killing people. We even took down a pos even though no one really knew what was happening.

The fun in Brave lasted a while until the leaders decided to bring in doctrines and proper fleets and started getting too serious. They then started looking at moving around systems and helping out null corps in their wars. The first problem I had in brave was when they moved to the other end of the map to join in a null sec war. I took my stuff up there and looked forward to it but it was no longer a bunch of noobs doing what they wanted, it was more like the null corps and I felt like it had lost its uniqueness. I found myself playing less often as there were more scheduled fleets and when I got time to play there were no random fleets as the war took priority. 

After the war finished and we moved back in our low sec home system the Corp was never the same. They now wanted to claim sovereignty in null and to me the fun I was having had gone. I just wanted to be in those noob fleets flying around in cheap ships not giving a shit except having fun. I ended up leaving the game again. Brave did end up in null and became a big power in the null politics.

I didn’t stay away from the game long and in 2014 I joined Stay frosty. They are a pirate Corp in low sec headed by a blogger called Rixx Javix. I had read his blogs for a while and he’s always having fun. His blog is also a good read for eve fans, you can read it at Evoganda. He had recently set up his new Corp so I decided to go and join him. The Corp was filled with friendly people and they were enjoying small group and solo pvp which looked like fun, especially as I was used to large groups or blobs so smaller groups seemed fun. Unfortunately I had the same problem I’ve had previously where as I’m in the UK when I found time to get online not many were on or fleets were too far away to safely join. I was not confident doing solo pvp, I did try it with not much success and I again ended up leaving eve.

I also briefly tried the game again in 2015 and joined a UK based null corp but I only lasted a week before I was bored of station spinning. I just seemed to be waiting for fleets as they were in a null sec war and it wasn’t safe to fly around solo.

I think since Brave Newbies went serious I’ve struggled to find a home in the game. I think I’ve wanted to have the fun I had in Brave at the start but not found it. I’m also now a father of 2 so my time is limited so I can’t get on for scheduled ops or call to arms.

I’ve been away from the game now for over a year and was kicked from my last Corp in January.

The thing with Eve is that even when I’ve not been playing I’ve still been reading blogs about it or reading message boards so it’s always in my mind and I keep getting the urge to play it. 

Recently CCP have announced its doing a free to play option where people can have characters with a limited number of skill points and restrictions which could lead to an influx of new players and older players returning. It’s also got me thinking about playing the game again.

So I’ve decided to return to Eve and have resubbed my account for a month.

Logging on I’ve found I’m in a random null sec station, I’ve no Corp, I’ve got 2 billion isk, I’ve got ships and assets spread across new eden but I’ve no idea what I want to do!

– Sparko Marco 


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