New Corp in Eve Online

In my last blog I had decided that i wanted to do either faction warfare or live in a wormhole again. I’ve since thought about it more and decided I would like to give wormhole living another try.

My previous experience in wormholes was enjoyable but at the time I wasn’t ready for it skill wise, I’m in a much better position now.

Also I think faction warfare could be something that could be done using an Alpha clone. If your unfamiliar with Alpha clones they are characters used on a free to play account (coming in the November update). They will be limited to 5 million skill points and can only use specific skills. They will be good to use in faction warfare as alot of that is flying cheap frigates and don’t need lots of skill points.

Back to wormholes, once I decided that’s what I wanted to do my next task was to find a suitable Corp to join.

What I wanted was a smallish Corp which is active in EU/UK evenings which would allow me to play casually and not have to commit to anything like scheduled ops. I also wanted a small Corp where I can get to fly with regular people and get to know them rather than being just a number in a null sec fleet blob.

One of the problems I have is that I’m a bit of an introvert and unless I’m drunk I’m not always confident starting conversations with random people, that also comes across in games. Once I’ve grouped with people a few times things are different and i get more confident but the initial social contact can make me nervous. 

So I started looking at a few Corps in game and on forums but I wasn’t sure how to go about starting the initial conversation to join a Corp. I joined a few public channels but wasn’t sure what to say. Another thing which most corps need is a voice chat too so that started playing on my mind too.

After a couple of days procrastinating, thinking about starting conversations I decided I would try and get Corps to approach me so that it takes away the fear of starting the conversations. To do this, yesterday I wrote a forum post in the official recruitment forum to see if any Corps replied and then I could approach them on the back of their replies. It worked and I had several Corps either reply to my post or message me in game. This settled the nerves a bit as I knew those Corps were interested in having me join them.

Out of the Corps which approached me, some i could rule out straight away as they were null Corps, even though I said I wanted wormhole Corps, the null Corps still tried to recruit me.

Out of the Wormhole Corps, one of them was a Corp which I had looked into and was in their public channel struggling to start a conversation.

I looked into all the wormhole Corps, some were quite big and others weren’t specifically EU/UK but the one I had already been looking into appealed to me.

As they had now approached me I felt better about starting the discussion to join them. I decided I would email the person who approached me who was also the ceo. The email I sent explained how I wanted to play the game casually and what I wanted to do in game. I also sent my API details as that’s mandatory for all Corps recruiting.

I had a reply last night explaining they would happily accept me, all that was needed was a voice chat. That was the part I wasn’t really looking forward to but I had to accept it was needed for any Corp I wanted to join and I have done them in the past though that doesn’t make me less nervous talking to a stranger. 

The conversation was good, the ceo explained what the Corp was about, what they currently do and what their plans are going forward. They are a small but growing Corp living in a C4 wormhole. They are mainly Dutch and UK players with about 30 active people plus alts. They mainly do pve with a little pvp but plan to expand their pvp more once they get a good flow of isk to fund it. 

It looked like what I wanted as it’s active at times I can play and although I’ve mainly done pvp my whole eve career it will be a nice change of pace to do pve and make some isk. I can also bring my pvp experience to the Corp and help the progression to doing more pvp. The Corp is also only 4 months old so I can play a part in helping the Corp to grow.

After the conversation I felt happy that I will be joining a Corp where I can hopefully settle in Eve and a place to call home. Only time will tell, I won’t know what it’s like until I actually join up with them and I’ve joined Corps before which say their active but they just ship spin or only 1 or 2 are ever online.

As of last night I’ve got my invite to the Corp, I’ve not accepted it yet as they are currently at war and as I’m sitting in high sec its not safe to fly around if I’m in the Corp. I plan to wait until they have a route into their system then I can make my way across high sec to the start of the chain, I can then accept the invite and join up with them.

– Sparko Marco 


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