Scanning in Eve Online

One of most important things to learn when living in wormholes or just moving around in them is knowing how to scan.

Earlier in my Eve life when I used to live in a wormhole I used to be quite good at scanning, do it often enough and it becomes second nature.

After having a few breaks in Eve since that time, coming back to Eve I’ve found that the scanning process has changed. There is a new interface and probes work differently and it seems quite different at first.

Previously I would need to send out however many probes as I wanted, set them up how I wanted then scan around. The hardest part of this was getting a good set up with your probes. I used to use the same pattern each time using 7 probes. I could then focus on a signature and keep narrowing them down until I got 100%. It soon got easy doing it that way.

One of the changes now makes this better than what it was as the probe launcher now launches 8 probes and they are already in a pattern ready to start scanning. I don’t think it’s really needed but it is an improvement and makes scanning easier, especially for players new to scanning. 

The other noticeable change is the map which at first seems clunkier and it’s not very clear how to move probes about or how to extend them or narrow in on a signature. Luckily I remembered how it used to be done and it works pretty much the same way using shift or control to move probes around or reduce the range of the probes to close in on the signatures. I’ll get used to the map the more I scan.

Since moving into my Corps wormhole I’ve not had much chance to scan. Mainly because my Corp mates are very efficient at scanning and whenever I log on everything has already been scanned. 

Last night however both of our statics were closed so I took the opportunity to get out and do some scanning.

First thing I done was create a safe spot in the wormhole in the middle of nowhere to go and launch my probes then cloak up so I’m safe while I scan.

I then got down to trying to scan the system. Seeing as it was my first time in a while I was a bit unsure what to do. I sent my probes out in the default pattern and analysed the system. This showed 2 cosmic signatures at 0% and the map showed roughly where they were. At first I had forgotten how to narrow these down so it took a bit of trial and error but eventually I found a wormhole and got it to 100%. It took a lot longer than I thought it would but I was happy to scan it successfully. The main thing was getting it scanned, the time it takes will lower the more I do it.

Next I recalled probes and warped to the wormhole landing 8000m away from it. Standard procedure is to bookmark it so it doesn’t need scanned again. I couldn’t remember if I could just right click and bookmark it and that would be a bookmark at 0 on it or if I had to fly to 0 then bookmark. I tried right clicking where I was and bookmarked it. I then warped away and back and I was at 0 so now I know how to bookmark it at 0 easily. 

I then had to find out how to bookmark it in the standard Corp format so everyone knows what it is. Each Corp will have different ways of bookmarking wormholes to make travel easier. Once done, I put it in Corp bookmarks for others to use and I jumped through to the unknown.

The next wormhole was our static C4 and using descan I found it occupied but no ships in space so I was safe to scan the system. Bookmarking the wormhole I came through I warped off to a celestial and created a safe spot mid warp to fly back to and started scanning.

There was only 4 unknown cosmic signatures to find which was good as it eases me in a bit. I found that now I had been able to narrow down our static wormhole it was easier to find these new ones using the same process and I think I got all 4 signatures to 100% in the same time it took to find our static.

One was a data site and the other 3 were wormholes with 1 being back to our home system. I bookmarked the data site then warped to the first wormhole, bookmarked that and jumped through. I didn’t scan the next wormhole I only jumped through to find out what the wormhole was and update the wormhole chain.

Jumping back through the wormhole I found I had made my first mistake, the other signatures I was scanned down were now showing at 0% again. I learned that jumping through resets anything scanned previously. It wasn’t a problem though as it gave me some more practice scanning them down again which I done fairly easy.

I then decided that it would be better to warp to each wormhole, bookmark it then warp to the next, bookmark that and then jump through.

After having bookmarked each wormhole it was quite late at night so I didn’t scan any of the new wormholes. The only thing left to do was update the Corps tool for tracking wormholes.

Living in wormholes it’s good to have some way of recording wormhole chains and signatures so everyone in Corp doesn’t need to scan if someone else has. 

My old wormhole Corp had a tool which needed manually updated but my new Corp has a nice tool which auto tracks you and updates the wormhole chain which is nice. I only had to work out how to update the system on the tool with the signatures I’d found but that was easy to work out.

Once the tool was updated and I was back safe in our system I was quietly pleased with myself for being able to successfully scan out the wormholes and signatures and it’ll give me more confidence now to scan.

One other mistake I did make was a schoolboy error as I forgot to mention in Corp that I was putting out probes in our system which spooked someone mining. I’ll remember in future to let people know I’m putting out probes.

Finally while I was scanning our C4 static, a Corp mate scanned the C3 static and found a nice route to highsec 5 jumps from the Amarr trade hub. This gave me a good opportunity to bring my mining alt into the Corp and into the wormhole and it was currently in Amarr. Once in I logged off for the night as it was too late to do anything else.

Overall it was a productive evening. I brushed up on my scanning skills and got my alt into Corp and the wormhole. I also managed to get my mic sorted so people can hear me on comms too as I was too quiet. Next I need to set up some pi on my alt and look to get a supply of pvp ships.

It might be slow going but I’m starting to get myself settled.

– Sparko Marco 


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