Football Manager 2017 Career – 2016/2017

With Football Manager 2017 being released today I have started my long-term career save which I will hopefully keep going until the next one comes out. I say hopefully as I often attempt to do that but it doesn’t always work out. For example on FM 2016 I had 2 save games corrupt forcing me to start over.

I’ve decided to start off unemployed with several leagues loaded. I have all the English and Scottish leagues available plus the top 2 leagues in Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Portugal and Belgium loaded. It’s a small database but overall it gives almost 40,000 players and has 4 star performance rating so it should run smoothly.

I’ve created my manager using the real photo option but I don’t think it looks that much like me, it’s not bad but could be better. I’ve gave him sunday league reputation and no qualifications so that i can only get low reputation clubs. You can see below what he looks like.


At the start of the game I put my manager on holiday and said to apply for jobs at all clubs. In the first week I got an interview for the Stirling Albion job in the Scottish league 2. During the interview I kept it simple by not asking to have any philosophies, I agreed to challenge for play offs and I agreed to the budget and wages. They must have been happy with that as I got offered and accepted the job.

My first club in my career will be Stirling Albion. I’ll admit that although I know of the club, I don’t know much about them.

Looking into the club on FM, the club is semi-professional and were founded in 1945. They play at the Forthbank Stadium which holds only 3,808 (2,500 seated) people and is owned by the council. The training and youth facilities are adequate and they have adequate junior coaching and fairly basic youth recruitment. Its pretty much what you’d expect from a low league club although I do think it could have been worse.

The history of club shows that they have won various leagues in their history but never the top league and they have never won a cup competition. If I stay with the club long-term i could create a bit of history for them, or i could use the club as a stepping stone to a bigger club, I’ll just see how it pans out.

I’ve taken a few screen shots of the clubs profile below:

In terms of my manager, my stats are very poor. I’ve taken some screen shots of my manager as below. I will update screen shots as I progress my career and hopefully it will show how a manager can improve over time.

Now that I’ve got my first club I can get on with my career. I’ll try to release blog updates after pre-season, in January and at the end of the season each year as that will give a good update of my career and i think 3 blogs per season is enough, anymore will probably be an overload.

– Sparko Marco


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