Creating An Eve Online Alpha Clone

The Eve Online Ascension update which went live yesterday has introduced Alpha clones to New Eden. My previous blog post gives an overview of the different Eve Online races and how they relate to the new Alpha clones introduced in the Ascension update/patch.

Following on from that post, I have now created my new account and I’m ready to create my Alpha clone. The process was very easy to do and in only a few minutes I was ready to log in, the longest part was waiting for my email to confirm the account.

Logging into the game takes me directly to the Choose Your Race screen, as explained in my previous blog I have decided to choose Caldari for the missile ships and ECM EWAR ships.

After selecting my race, next I need to select my bloodline and sex and I’m given 3 options as listed below, I’ve taken the information for them direct from the game. If I was going to role play I would look into each one carefully selecting one to go with a back story but I won’t be doing any role play so I’ll just pick what i think sounds good.

  1. Deteis – The Deteis are regarded as the face of leadership in Caldari society. Commonly possessed of sharp, ordered minds and articulate tongues, they are mostly found in positions of authority within military and political spheres. Driven by the cultural premise that the good of the whole must come before the needs of the individual, they have made the responsibility of upholding the integrity of the Caldari State their own.
  2. Achura – Achura has been part of the Caldari State for three centuries, and yet their culture has always remained something of a mystery. Originally from the Saiso System, they are reclusive and introverted, and show little interest in the ephemeral phenomena of the material world. Intensely spiritual, Achura pilots have only recently taken to the starts, driven in large part by a desire to unlock the secrets of the universe.
  3. Civire – Whether engaged in trade or combat, the Civire are absolute masters of focused aggression. Highly competitive individuals, they thrive under chaotic circumstances and frenetic activity. They are often employed in highly stressful industrial and military professions due to an innate ability to think quickly on their feet and remain composed under pressure.

Out of the choices, I like the sound of Achura and their desire to unlock the secrets of the universe. I’ve also selected male as I don’t usually have female characters on games, it seems a bit weird portraying a female when I’m male in real life although I know lots of people like doing that.

Next up I get to customize my appearance, usually in games I find it difficult to get the right look, I like my characters to look good but I don’t like having to spend a lot of time doing it. Eve Online has good customization which is easy to do as you can either randomize some features or all features until it looks good, or you can select from different choices, there is nothing too complicated about it. If you really want to you can also pull various parts of the face around by clicking on them and moving it around directly on the character.

I decided to randomize all features until I got a face shape I liked and then changed the features I didn’t like to look better. Things like hair, beard and clothes are easily changed but the facial shape is harder to do manually.

This is what I’ve come up with:


Once I was happy with the character it was time for his photo shoot, this isn’t something glamorous but its the opportunity to select the portrait everyone will see when they look at your character in-game. To get this right you can select a background picture, you can select you character pose, you can zoom in and out on them, you can change how they face, you can tweak facial expressions by clicking and pulling on certain areas of the face and you can select the how the light shines on them. You then take up to 4 photos (which can be overridden) before selecting the one you want as your portrait. Warning, once you’ve finalised it, unless CCP allows paid changes (not sure if they do or not) your stuck with it. I’ve tried to keep it simple as I’m not the most artistic person and whenever I tried something different I didn’t like how it looked so I’ve gone with looking straight at the camera.

Here is my final portrait:


The next and final step is to select my ancestry, education and a name. For both the ancestry and education you have 3 choices. As far as I’m aware, none of the choices make much difference unless something new has been added for the new player experience, ancestry is the same as bloodlines and I’ll pick what sounds good and education determines what system you start in but it doesn’t matter which system you’re in as you’ll move around the universe, again I’ll just pick what sounds good.

For Ancestry, I have the following choices:

  1. Monks – Thousands of monasteries are scattered around the Saiso System, operated by dozens of different monastic orders. While each other has its own code of conduct dictating behaviour and lifestyle, they all adhere to a fundamental belief: only through an understanding of the universe can the soul be perfected.
  2. Stargazers – The spiritualism of the Achur is not an organized religion, but the Achura nation nonetheless holds seers and visionaries in high esteem. While the Achur refuse to attribute this vision to supernatural ability, they will acknowledge the Stargazer as possessing a profound awareness and understanding of the living universe.
  3. Inventors – According to the Achur beliefs, those who can reach inwards and sense the interconnection between all things are capable of accessing the universal consciousness, returning from it with novel ideas. For the Achur, inventions are almost regarded more for their spiritual implications than scientific significance. Creativity is thus a cherished attribute amongst the Achur, with inventors held in high esteem.

For Education, I have the following choices:

  1. State War Academy – The state War Academy was founded shortly after the Caldari State came into being, while the war with the Gallente Federation was still in full swing. Due to this, the academy has always had a very combat orientated slant, as opposed to the broader scope of ship handling.
  2. Science and Trade Institute – Like all Caldari schools, the Science & Trade Institute (from which all Caldari Business Students graduate) has a very formal curriculum that focuses primarily on the practical side of education. This results in a very dull and tedious learning process, but one that is remarkably efficient.
  3. School of Applied Knowledge – The School of Applied Knowledge (from where the future Caldari industrialists graduate) focuses mainly on technical studies and is considered the best school for aspiring engineers. The school collaborates with many leading Caldari corporations, an arrangement which benefits the school, the companies and not the least the students.

Out of these I’ve picked Stargazers for my Ancestry and State War Academy for my Education as I like the sound of them better than the others choices. I’m not going to disclose my name as i want to remain anonymous in the game for now.

After confirming my character I’ve ended up in a ship in space at the start of the New Player Experience which I will write about seperately.

-Sparko Marco


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