My Alpha Clone Journey – Eve Online Career Agents – Industry Missions

Now my Alpha clone has completed the new Eve Online New Player Experience, its journey into New Eden can begin. The next stage recommended by the AI Aura is to look into the Career Agents and I’m instructed to warp to one of them.

Looking at the list, all the career agents are located in the same station 3 jumps away from where I’m at which makes it easy to go do them.

The only problem I have is that I’ve got no ship except the Venture which is a mining frigate as my Merlin combat ship was blown up at the end of the New Player Experience missions. I guess I’ll start doing the industrial Career Agent first.

I got the Venture and a few modules during the new player experience (NPE) play through so I’ve made it my active ship, fitted it with a couple of miner lasers and a Mining laser upgrade which is all I have that’ll fit on this ship and put my minerals and Merlin blueprint (which I also got from the NPE) in its cargo in case I can use them later.

Going to undock I’m informed one or more of my fitted modules is online so I’ve checked and found I don’t have the skills to online the mining laser upgrade as I’m missing the skill Mining Upgrades. You’d think if the NPE gives you the module it might also give you the skill book to use it, really new players might not know enough to work it out this early into the game. I quickly rectify the problem by buying the skill book in station for the standard price and using some of the unallocated skill points gained during the NPE to quickly learn level 1 of the skill.

Quickly getting to the Agents station I accept my first mission (out of 10) which is simply to mine 100m3 of veldspar ore and return it to station. I just need to warp to the mission site, mine the only asteroid there and return the ore. Simples. I’m rewarded with a nice bit of isk doubling my wallet, not that I had much in there to start with.

Picture of my Venture mining:


The second mission needs me to get some veldspar ore, reprocess it into the mineral tritanium and had over 150 of it and I’ll be rewarded with another Venture ship. It just so happens that I brought more than enough tritanium with me from doing the NPE so I can complete this mission straight away.

Mission 3 wants me to manufacture 2 x 1MN Civilian Afterburners and I’m given the blueprint to do it. Using the knowledge gained from the NPE I set up my manufacturing and find that I have the materials I need using some of the tritanium I still have. I just have to wait 9 minutes for the manufacturing jobs to finish. Once the jobs finished I deliver the modules and complete the mission.

So far all straight forward but I thought I would have had something to show that the manufacturing has finished but I only knew by going to the industry tab, a notification in the feed would be very nice to have.

Next up and I need 7000m3 of tritanium and I’m asked to mine more veldspar, this time there will be rogue drones I need to kill first. Checking my hanger I don’t have enough tritanium to complete the mission but I do have some left over ore from the first mission as I mined extra which when processed gives me enough tritanium but I can’t complete the mission as I’ve not completed the objectives. I assume that I need to kill the drones first.

My Venture has no weapons but can hold 2 drones, going to the market I buy 2 hobgoblin light drones but find I don’t have the light drone skills. I still have unallocated skills from the NPE so I just buy the skill book I need and allocate some skill points into the prerequisite skills and then the light drones skill and I’m good to go. Hopefully my drones will be able to kill the rogue drones.

The drones die easy so I decided to mine a little bit to get back what I’d just processed and salvage the drone wrecks before warping back and completing the mission.

Mission 5 is a transport mission which is a nice change from mining. All I need to do is deliver some cargo to another station 6 jumps away and thankfully it fits into my Venture. Easy enough but quite tedious as I’ll also need to fly back those 6 jumps to get my next mission.

The next mission is another manufacturing mission wanting me to make some cap boosters. For this I need minerals found in higher quality ores like pyroxeres, plagioclase, jaspet or hemorphite. As it turns out I already have the minerals I brought with me after the NPE and it’s enough to build the 20 cap boosters needed. Just another 9 minutes to wait.

So far the industry missions are really boring, if I didn’t already have plans to rule out industry on my Alpha clone, these missions would have put me off. I’m only doing them for the free stuff and they’re easy to do.

I could be doing other career agents missions while I wait but I’ll save them to do each career separately so it’s easier to write up a blog on each one rather than have multiple blog posts on the go.

Jobs done, mission completed and I’ve now got 1.5m isk. Not a lot but at least I can buy a combat ship when I’ve done the industry missions and go onto the military career agents.

Mission 7 seems like a pointless mission as I have to courier the 20 cap boosters to a station 1 jump away and the reward is only 28,400 isk including the bonus for doing it in under 3 hours and an overdrive injector module.

Mission 8 is to build a shuttle, better rewards this time as I’ll get almost 0.5m total if completed in 6 hours. Accepting the mission says I need 5000m3 cargo (the size of the packaged shuttle) which I don’t have but nothing in the mission says I need to take it anywhere, hopefully I won’t need to. Again I’ve got the materials as it only needs tritanium and I’ve got more than enough already. Only 4 minutes to wait this time and upon delivery I can complete the mission without needing to take the shuttle anywhere.

The penultimate mission is a bit more interesting as I need to go mine some ore acting as a decoy and then destroy the pirates which turn up and collect a production assistant who has been acting as a spy, hopefully my 2 drones can do the job – which they do in no time at all. The reward for the mission isn’t a lot but I can keep any ore I mine, in the mission site there is a lot of kernite I could mine to make the mission more profitable, I’ll mine until either it’s all gone or my ore hold is full and make a little extra isk from selling the minerals I’ll get from processing the ore, at least that was the plan but I got bored with mining before either happened, I did get over 3000m3 of ore which was worth over 0.5m in minerals.

The last mission is a final manufacturing mission to build a Bantam frigate and I’ll be rewarded with a Badger industrial ship. I don’t have the materials needed for it even though I still have those I processed in the last mission so I’ll either have to go mine for some or buy what I’m missing.

I decide to buy the minerals I need, all in it cost about 80,000 isk, not much and saves my sanity from doing more mining. I also get over 200k isk bonus for doing it under 5 hours so that’ll more than cover it.

Once the final mission is over the total I got from all the missions is about 1.8m isk, a transport ship worth 690k isk, a Venture worth 400k isk, various modules, minerals, ore and salvage worth about 0.5m isk and a couple of blueprint copies for 1 run of a Merlin frigate and 4 runs of a Bantam frigate. It’s not a lot but it didn’t take long to do and when you start with 400k and a Venture it’s nice to get more for little effort.

Next up I’ll do the Business career as looking online it seems the first few missions are courier, salvage and mining so I already have the ships to do those.

– Sparko Marco


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