My Alpha Clone Journey – Eve Online Career Agents – Business Missions

The next Career Agent for my Eve Online Alpha Clone is the Business Missions. I’ve decided to do these next as I have the ships already to accomplish the missions so I don’t need to worry about finding new ships and fittings.

The first mission is a simple courier job shipping some cargo to the system 1 jump away. I just use my Venture as the cargo is very small and it’s quick to warp, it only takes a couple of minutes there and back.

Mission 2 is a salvaging mission and I’m given a Civilian Salvager.  I already have a tech 1 Salvager on my Venture following the New Player Experience (NPE) so it’s not needed, I can reprocess it though and get some free minerals. The mission needs me to salvage a ship wreck 4 jumps away, there may be hostile ships too. Completing the mission rewards me with a new Venture, bringing my total to 3 now and a little bit of isk.

A mining mission next, I was bored with these during the Industry Career Agents missions but I only need to mine enough for 333 tritanium and I’m given a Civilian miner to do it with, nope I’ve got 2 tech 1s on my Venture so I would just reprocess the Civilian one except it won’t let me so it’ll just be trashed. I actually have tritanium in my hanger but can’t use that to compete the mission, I also have veldspar and while processing it ticks off the tritanium part of the mission it still wants me to go mine that veldspar first. I mine one cycle and return to complete the mission and I get the processing skill book and some isk. I don’t have the processing skill as an Alpha clone so I inject it but don’t train it, I don’t need it trained at the moment.

My next mission  (4) is a hacking mission, I need to destroy a Guristas outpost and any pirate vessels then hack the data storage. I’m given a Civilian Data Analyzer which I need, I did have one from the NPE but lost it when my ship exploded. The mission goes smoothly as there is only 1 ship to destroy and no problems with the hacking.

For mission 5 I now need to deliver the data chip I got from hacking in the last mission 8 jumps to another station. 16 uneventful jumps later and I’m back ready for the next mission.

All mission 6 needs is a tracking computer module and it doesn’t matter where I get it from. The only options I know is either buy it or manufacture it, as I don’t have a blueprint I’ll just buy one. In station they cost 75k isk, I can get one a lot cheaper 4 jumps away at Jita but as it’s so little isk it doesn’t make that much difference so I just buy it at the station and complete the mission. The rewards of 65k isk, an overdrive injector and the mass production book are worth more than I paid for the tracking module.

The mass production skill needs industry 3 trained which I don’t have. I could use my unallocated skill points but as industry isn’t in my plans at the moment I won’t bother learning the skills just yet.

Mission 7 requires the use of a Relic Analyzer so I’m given a Civilian version of it and instructed to goto a pirate outpost, kill any hostiles and analyse any ancient ships or ruins to get a datacore. During the mission I make a schoolboy error, I warp through an Acceleration gate and I’m greeted by 2 pirate ships so launch my 2 drones, I then notice another Acceleration gate closer so decided to activate it leaving my drones behind! Warping back via the station  (couldn’t warp direct) I find my drones still there so I reconnect to them, kill the pirates and then activate the gate.

After warping theres 2 more pirates and the ancient ship I need to analyse. I send my drones after the pirates while I analyse the ship and get the datacore. I loot and salvage the ships then go back to the station and complete the mission.

Pictures of pirate ship exploding:

Mission 8 is a simple mission to take the data core 1 jump to another system and I’m rewarded with my first implant, it only provides +1 charisma but it’s ok for free, I could sell it but it’s only worth 20ok isk so may as well implant it.

The penultimate mission needs me to acquire 2 tech 1 Afterburners, same as mission 6 it doesn’t matter how. Back to the market I buy 2 for 57k for both, again it’s cheaper in Jita but I’m not bothered when dealing with such small amounts. My reward is the Advanced Industry skill book which shows as an Omega clone skill only so my Alpha clone can’t use it, I can sell it but it’s not worth much.

Finally mission 10 is the last one of the Business career agent missions and it needs me to manufacture 5000 scourge rockets and I’m given the blueprint. The blueprint has 200 runs and I need to do 50 runs to get 5000 rockets. I don’t currently have the minerals as I’m missing 1232 pyerite. The minerals only cost 9,708 isk which is basically nothing so I just buy them and produce the rockets. 4 hours later I complete the mission and I’m rewarded with another Badger industrial ship and the Business missions are finished.

Overall I gained 1.2m isk, a Badger ship, a Venture ship plus about 0.5m isk in modules and salvage and a couple of skill books. Similar rewards to the Industry Career Agent missions.

Next up I’ll do the exploration missions as I think I’ll leave the military ones to last.

– Sparko Marco


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