My Alpha Clone Journey – Eve Online Career Agents – Exploration Missions

The next Career Agent for my Eve Online Alpha Clone is the Exploration Missions. I’ve decided to do these next as I’m going to leave the military ones to last so once done I can continue on a more military driven path, at least that’s currently the plan, all that could change at any time.

Talking to the Exploration Career Agent shows there is only 5 missions to complete which is half what I done for Industry and Business.

The first mission is straight forward as I can undock in any shop and use the sensor overlay to find the Anomaly Training Site. All pirates have been cleared out already and I’ll get further instructions once I’m there. I fly out in my trusty Venture which has seen me through both the Industry and Business Career missions. Undocking I find I’ve no idea about the sensor overlay, I know I can see the sites in space but not sure where the overlay is. Using the probe scanner I find the site that way in the scan results and warp to it.

Once in the site I’m told to get the Proof of Discovery from the training container and being it back to station and complete the mission.

Mission 2 explains that some sites need probes to find them but in this case I need to use the Bantam ship provided to me when the mission is accepted and I’m being sent to a safe site before doing any complicated scanning and again follow the instructions when I get there.

My new ship:


The ship needs assembled so has no modules on it. I’ve not got anything to put on it so hopefully I don’t need anything, just in case I put a drone in the drone bay.

The site is bookmarked to I just warp to it dropping out of warp next to an Acceleration gate. After warping I’m told to loot the Exploration suppliers container which contains a core probe launcher? 8 probes, a Civilian Data Analyzer and a Civilian Relic Analyzer. I loot those and go through another Acceleration gate and I’m shown what a Data site might look like then I need to go through another Acceleration gate to see what a Relic site might look like. Finally I have to go through one more Acceleration gate to see what a gas site might look like before warping back row station to complete the mission.

The 3rd mission needs me to use the probes I’ve just got to first scan down a Data site so I need to fit my ships with the modules I’ve just got. I also decided to fit the Afterburner and Salvager from my Venture I’m case they come in handy. For a training mission it doesn’t actually train me how to use the probes or scan down the Cosmic Anomaly. I know how to as my Main account characters live in wormhole space but the training missions should show me how to as new players won’t have a clue.

It doesn’t take me long to scan a data site down and warping to it I find a training container and another Bantam ship piloted by another newbie doing the same mission I am. Completing the hacking mini game I collect the contents, recall my probes and warp back to station to complete the mission.

Mission 4 is the same as mission 3 except this time I’m scanning down a Relic site rather than a Data site. This is just as easy as the Data site and once I have the container contents I warp back to station and complete the mission.

The 5th and final mission is to scan down a gas site, pretty much the same as the last 2 missions, the only difference is that I need to warp to a second room via an Acceleration gate and don’t actually have to do anything else, however when I try to warp I find that I’ve forgotten to put the key needed into my cargo hold so I bookmark the site to save me re-scanning it and return to station for the key.

Upon completing the mission I get a Heron ship as a reward, this is the Caldari tech 1 scanning frigate which has bonuses to help when scanning.

Overall the Exploration Missions weren’t very good. Yeah they explain the details for exploration and introduce the hacking mini game but it doesn’t really explain how to scan.

For more details on how to scan there is a good YouTube video I’d recommend watching by following this Link.

I also have a previous blog related to scanning which may be helpful – Link.

I’m total I only got 800k isk from the missions but I did get a combat ship (Bantam) and a scanning ship (Heron) worth about 700k.

Next up are the Military Career Agents.

– Sparko Marco


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