My Alpha Clone Journey – Eve Online Career Agents – Military Missions

The next Career Agent for my Eve Online Alpha Clone is the Military Missions. There’s 2 Agents for Military, a normal one and an Advanced one. I’ll do the normal Military ones first as I should get some combat ships and modules.

First up, mission 1 is to clear some pirates out of an Asteroid Belt and I’ll be rewarded with a 75mm Gatling Railgun hybrid gun turret and 2000 rounds of ammo.

Currently I don’t actually have a combat fitted ship, I’ve been using a Venture with 2 hobgoblin drones. I do have the Bantam I got in the Exploration Missions which fits 2 guns so I’ve bought 1 75mm Gatling Railgun and a few rounds of ammo and fitted that then I can fit the other one I get from completing the mission.

Mission 2 is a rescue mission where I need to go kill some pirates and rescue some civilians. Once completed I’m rewarded with a Merlin frigate which is better for combat than my Bantam as that’s a logistics ship and the Merlin has bonuses to turret damage and shield resists. I assemble the Merlin, strip the fittings from the Bantam and fit up my Merlin. The Merlin can fit 3 guns but I’ve just used the 2 I have and put a Salvager on, 2 guns should be enough for the tutorial missions.

My new ship:


The 3rd mission is to acquire some secret documents from some pirates, same as mission 2 just different loot to collect after killing the pirates. My reward is 2 blaster hybrid turrets, looking at the attributes it shows the blasters have an optimal range of 1000m compared to the 3000m on my fitted Railguns so blasters are shorter range guns. The dps on the blasters is better than the Railguns so I’ve swapped my weapons to the new blasters.

Mission 4 is a scouting mission to warp to a dead space area. No mention of killing anyone this time, I’ll see when I get there. Once I warp to the dead space there’s no pirates, I just need to fly to a smugglers stargate then warp back to the agent and complete the mission.

Mission 5 explains that after I left the area in mission 4, a note was found from a pirate wanting to meet me in person. I’m instructed to warp to him and follow his instructions then return to the agent. I’m given a Civilian Kinetic Deflection Field which I fit as it will improve my Kinetic resistance on my ship. When I warp to the location all I’m instructed to do is fight the pirates fleet which consists of 1 ship (he’s not actually there) that easily gets destroyed and the mission is complete.

The 6th mission is to destroy the pirates outpost which will hopefully kill the pirate too. I first need to warp through an Acceleration gate and I’m met by 4 pirates which I need to kill before activating a second Acceleration gate. Killing the 4 pirates spawns 8 more which are easy to kill.

After warping through the next Acceleration gate I’m instructed to destroy the outpost but to leave the loot as I shouldn’t be caught carrying contraband. As soon as I attack the outpost I’m attacked by 2 ships and 2 sentry guns, I kill those but not before they almost take out my shields, I survived ok.

Looking at the containers, 1 has ammo in which I loot and the other has water, wheat and dairy products, they’re hardly anything illegal as far as I know so I just loot them and warp back to the station and dock up. There’s no problems with my loot so not sure why I was given the warning. My reward is my second implant which gives +1 to Perception, its only worth about 300k on the market so I just plug it in.

Mission 7 tells me to destroy some pirates but also warns me to warp out if I get low on hit points, regenerate, then warp back which makes me think that’s gonna happen, I’ll probably be either a swarmed by enemy ships or the ones there will do lots of damage. I’m given a small shield booster to help me, probably more so I regenerate shields faster after warping away rather than using it to tank.

It turns out that the mission is easier than it sounded. There are 2 ships when you come out of warp and once aggressed 8 more spawn but they don’t all attack at once and it’s easy to focus one down at a time and they barely damaged my shields. As in most combat missions I loot and salvage the ship wrecks before going back to complete the mission.

Salvaging a wreck:


Mission 8 just needs me to fly to a hotel and retrieve some VIPs which sounds easy but if something is amiss  (very likely) then I’m to warp back to the agent.

It turns out that there is a smart bomb attached to the hotel which blasts my ship taking out over half my shield so I’m warned to leave immediately so I warp back to the station and complete the mission.

The penultimate mission needs me to go destroy a narcotics warehouse where it’s suspected the pirate I’ve been after is hiding out.

Arriving at the an Acceleration gate there’s 3 pirates but I just ignore them as they’re a bit away from me and the gate so I just warp through the Acceleration gate where I meet 3 more pirates and see the narcotics warehouse. Killing the 3 pirate ships spawns 3 more and once I start killing those 3 more spawn. Each spawn doesn’t attack me until I aggress them which makes it easy to kill them all. After killing the narcotics warehouse I notice that next time it is a radioactive cargo rig and wonder if there’s anything contained in it, after destroying it I find nothing, it was a nice explosion though.

Destroying the Narcotics Warehouse:


The last mission is to go catch the pirate once and for all and I’m told he’s in a system 2 jumps away, other missions have said this too but as this is the last one I expect him to be there. Again I’m told to warp away if my shield or armour get too low and repair. I’m also informed that this is an important mission which will have a significant impact on my faction standings, I’m not sure what the impact will be but I’m not bothered about standings.

After I’m in the system and warp to the location I’m at an Acceleration gate with 6 pirates. I try activating the gate but it’s locked so I need to kill the pirate ships first. Killing them spawns 2 more so I kill them too, loot and salvage the ships then go through the Acceleration gate.

4 more pirates and another Acceleration gate appear. Again the gate is locked so I need to destroy the ships plus 4 more which spawn (2 spawns of 2) then I activate the gate.

After warping through the gate I find the pirate I’m looking for in a stolen navy ship along with a webbing tower slowing me down and 2 other ships. I kill the tower first then the 2 other ships, before killing the stolen navy ship.  My shields get low often during the fight but I’m able to pulse the shield booster to keep my alive. After destroying the stolen ship, the pirate is in his pod so I kill that too.

After warping the 2 jumps back I complete the mission and I’m rewarded with another Merlin frigate.

Overall the missions were more fun than the previous ones and I gained just over 2m isk, 2 Merlin frigates and various salvage and loot.

Next up is the last of the career agents which is the Advanced Military Missions.

– Sparko Marco


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