Black Friday Games

I’ve decided to treat myself today in the Black Friday sales and got myself 2 new games.

I looked into a few games which were on sale and decided to get The Witcher 3 game of the year edition and Titanfall 2.

The Witcher is a game which has been on my radar for a while but I never got round to buying it. As soon as I seen the game of the year edition was on offer I has no reasons not to get it as it also included both the downloadable content packs.

The game is the type of game I enjoy playing as it’s open world allows freedom to go off the main storyline and wander around. My only problem is often I get side tracked in these types of games and never end up completing them before another game takes up all my time. The good thing is I can play it at any time as it’s single player so it won’t matter if it takes a while to eventually complete it.

Titanfall 2 is a game I’d not really looked much into. It hasn’t had much hype built up around it and I never played Titanfall 1. I always wanted to play Titanfall 1 but when I got my Xbox One the game was already dead (metaphorically) and with it being online only it wasn’t worth buying if not many people were playing it.

Looking online today I found lots of positive things were being said about it so figured if I’m ever going to play it then I should get it now while it has an active player base.

I probably could have bought a few more games but Black Friday comes at the wrong time of the month, less than a week before pay day so funds are low. If it was the start of the month I’d have been very tempted to get some more while they were on offer. I’ll wait and see if they’re on offer again after Xmas. 

– Sparko Marco 


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