My Alpha Clone Journey – Eve Online Career Agents – Advanced Military Missions

The next Career Agent for my Eve Online Alpha Clone is the Advanced Military Missions and these are the last of the Career Agent missions I’ll be doing and I’m expecting them to be slightly harder than the previous military missions.

After these are done I’ll have a few million isk and a few ships from all the career agent missions which is a good start and I’ll have to decide what I’m going to do next.

The first mission is a straight forward clear any hostile vessels. I’m to meet with a local pirate cartel in place of the Agents friend and kill everything. Warping via an Acceleration gate I encounter 1 pirate ship, I was expecting more and I get more, killing the first ship spawns 2 more and killing those spawns 3 more. All are easy to kill so it doesn’t take long to complete the mission.

My second mission grants me a Condor ship which is a missile ship. I’ve been wanting to get a missile ship as using missiles is one of the reasons I picked Caldari as my race so I’m looking forward to using it,that is until I read the mission text and find that the ship is loaded with explosives and I need to fly it into a pirate base which means bye-bye new ship. I guess I’ll just have to buy myself a missile ship at some point unless a future mission rewards one.

My Condor while still alive:


Knowing the ship is going to blow up I decide to insure it. For only 104k isk insurance (max cover) I’ll get 347k payout when it blows up, easy isk. Completing the mission I find I got more isk from the insurance than I did the mission but I suppose it only took a couple of minutes to do so wouldn’t be worth much.

Mission 3 needs me to tackle a pirate and prevent it from warping away and I’m given a Civilian Warp Disruptor. I’m told not to kill the target but I can kill any ships escorting it. When I warp in there are 3 ships so I lock them all and put my warp Distruptor on the target planning on killing the other ships but they warp off straight after I tackle my target, probably should have killed the other ships first.

Mission 4 isn’t a combat mission. I’m given a Civilian Small Remote Shield Booster and instructed to go heal a nearby vessel which has been attacked by pirates. I decide to fit it on my Bantam frigate which gets bonuses to remote shield boosters. It doesn’t take long to repair it’s shields and complete the mission. One of the rewards other than isk is a Shield Emission System skill book, I don’t need to train into yet so I just inject the skill ready for if I need it.

Damaged Ship, I’ve not seen this type before:


The fifth mission explains that I’m going to lose another ship. I’ve been given a Merlin frigate and I’m told to go attack some pirates, however I’m not expected to survive and my only goal is to kill at least one pirate before my ship gets blown up. I fit the Merlin with a spare weapon I’ve got, 100 ammo but nothing else so I don’t lose much, insure my ship which will turn 139k isk into 466k isk, and head off to my impending doom.

After warping via an Acceleration gate there’s only 1 ship there which I quickly destroy then all hell breaks loose and 10 terrorist ships appear and 3 webbing drones. The webs slow me to a standstill and the ships all sensor dampen me so I can’t even target anything, shortly after I’m in my pod staring at my ship wreck so just warp back know to station to complete the mission.

Welp, surrounded by ships about to kill me:


Sitting in my Pod next to my ship wreck:


Mission 6 is to teach me how to use Afterburners, I already know how given the one of the New Player Experience  (NPE) had a mission introducing them.

This mission gives me a Civilian Afterburner and I need to use it to quickly fly through an electromagnetic disturbance to an Asteroid Colony in one piece. I use my currently fitted Merlin which has an Afterburner and micro warpdrive (MWD) fitted. It doesn’t take long to fly through the interference as I use my MWD which makes the ship a lot quicker then an Afterburner.

Mission 7 gives me a missile launcher and asks me to use it on a pirate ship which has been cornered nearby. My Merlin ship doesn’t have any missile hardpoints so I can’t fit it to this ship. Looking in my hanger I have a Bantam and some Ventures which also can’t fit missile launchers, a Heron Exploration ship which can fit 2 launchers and a Badger industrial ship which can fit 2. I thought about using the Badger, just because i can, but decided the Heron would be faster so I assemble and fit that, I also need to buy some missiles to use in the launcher, not that the agent tells me this. Looking at the missiles I find I don’t have the skills to use them so I buy a light missile skill book and use some of my unallocated skill points I got in the NPE to quickly learn it, also inadvertently using them to finish the other skills in my queue. I then go and kill the pirate using only 1 missile!

The next mission – 8, wants me to join a fleet and take orders from a local CONCORD (the space police) Fleet Commander (FC). I warp off using my Merlin again which is better fitted.

Once getting there I’m to warp to the enemy via an Acceleration gate but not engage until instructed while negotiations take place for the release of some hostages. Negotiations don’t last long and I’m ordered to kill the pirates and rescue the hostages. After killing one pirate I’m told to stand down as I’m only supposed to rescue the hostages from a nearby prison, oops guess I read my orders wrong. After rescuing the hostages the pirate ships warp off and I go back to complete the mission.

The penultimate mission needs me to corner a pirate using a Civilian Stasis Webifier and then interrogate him. I’m warned not to use the Webifier too close to CONCORD or else they might see it as a threat and destroy my ship.

When I warp to the pirate he starts shooting me but shortly after I Web him CONCORD turns up and blows him up. I turn off my Webifier as soon as I see CONCORD and warp back to complete the mission. I’m rewarded with a Caldari Destroyer skill book which I inject straight away.

The 10th and final mission gives me a Cormorant Destroyer ship upon acceptance so I use my unallocated skill points to learn the Destroyer skill straight away.

The mission doesn’t say I need to use the Destroyer and after realising I don’t have enough guns to fit on it (it uses 7 guns) I just decide to use my Merlin ship to do the mission in.

The mission itself is to go kill a terrorist leader inside a Pleasure Hub, at least he’ll die with a smile on his face!

When I get there 3 ships appear including the terrorist leader who scraps and webs so I’m nut going anywhere. I focus on killing the 2 other ships first then kill the leader thus completing the mission.

Overall the Advanced Military Missions were a lot easier than the Normal Military Missions as there was less combat.  The missions were more about using different modules like the Warp disruptor or Webifier.

In total I got almost 2m isk and a Cormorant Destroyer ship along with various modules and salvage which isn’t bad considering how easy they were to do.

Next up, I’m not sure. I’ll have a think about what I want you do. I think there is a Sisters of Eve epic mission arc although I currently don’t know how to start those, I could go into Faction Warfare now or I’ve had emails in game from the Null sec newbie corps which I could join you get into the thick of the action in Null space. I’ve also thought about just exploring and taking some screen shots for my new Instagram account (Sparko_Marco_Gaming) and seeing where I end up.

Decisions, decisions….

-Sparko Marco


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