Eve Online Alpha Clone Options, Careers and Choices

What can I do on my Eve Alpha Clone? This is the question lots of new players will be asking.

My Eve Online Alpha Clone has now completed the New Player Experience and the Career Agent missions (see previous blogs for details of those). The next step is to work out all the options available next and decide on a career path or paths to focus on.

Weighing up the options I’ve found several possibilities which I will go through, not only will this help me decide but it will also hopefully give some valuable information to help others decide what they want to do.

Option 1 – PVE Missions

Doing missions is a fairly easy thing to do but might be difficult to work out how to go about it.

The basics are talk to a mission agent, get a mission from them, complete the mission and get paid in both isk (in-game currency) and Loyalty Points (LP) which are used to buy items from the Agents.

The first thing I would recommend doing is to look into the rewards each NPC corporation sell to see if there is anything which you might want for yourself or to sell. Some specific items can only be gained from certain corporations, for example Sisters of Eve will sell you their probe launchers and probes which are the best in-game and sell well on the markets.

You can find out the rewards on this link. It can be filtered by faction and then Corp which will list all LP rewards.

Once you’ve decided which Corp you want to do missions for, you then need to decide what types of missions you want to do. There are several types of agents providing missions, Security agents provide mainly combat missions, mining agents as you can guess provide mining missions and distribution agents do courier missions. There are others too but those are the main ones, the link at the end of this section will show them in more detail.

Once you’ve decided the Corp and mission type (I’d recommend security as you get bounties and can salvage ship wrecks giving more profit), you now need to find an agent to give you the missions. This can be done using the in-game Agent finder located in any station services under the agent tab and selecting agents finder.

The agent finder can be filtered by corporation and agent type, this will list all agents which match your filtered search.

Before you fly of to one, you need to know that agents provide missions based on your standings towards them. Standings improve by completing missions for that corporations. What this means is that at the start you’ll need to run level 1 missions to increase your standings then you’ll get level 2 missions available and so on. The higher the level the better rewards but also the harder they get. An Alpha Clone will probably only be able to do level 1 and 2 solo.

You could also join a player corp with high standings already towards your NPC Corp of choice so you can start doing higher levels sooner rather than grinding them up yourself.

More details on missions can be seen on this link.

Option 2 – Mining/Manufacturing

Mining is probably the easiest way to earn isk. As an Alpha Clone you have access to the Venture ship which is a good mining frigate. All you need to do is fit it with some mining modules, fly to an Asteroid Field, target an asteroid and activate your miners. Once your ore hold is full, return to station and either process it into minerals or sell as ore, whichever is more profitable.

Mining can be done in any security space which the more valuable ores found in lower sec or null sec space. Null has the best ore but is also the most dangerous.

The lower the security also means you may get attacked by npc ships or player ships. Even in the highest security systems you can be ganked so never mine afk (away from keyboard) if possible.

As well as selling the ore and minerals you can also use them yourself to manufacture ships and modules and then sell those for more isk than the minerals are worth. Alpha clones are limited to what they can build.

Joining a mining corp will be good as they will have fleet boosting ships which making mining easier and quicker.

Option 3 – Ratting

NPCS pirate ships in Eve are known as Rats. The art of Ratting is basically flying around killing NPC ships and collecting the bounties and any loot dropped. Different size rats spawn in different security systems with the best being in null sec space. The bigger the rat, the better the ship needed to kill it.

These rats can spawn in asteroid belts or DED complexes and can be lucrative.

Players in the big null sec corps often do Ratting to supplement their PVP and pay for all the ships they might lose in battle.

Option 4 – Exploration

Exploration is basically flying around using a scanning ship to scan down cosmic anomalies. These anomalies can be wormholes, data sites, relic sites or gas sites. The main sites for exploration are the data and relic sites which use data/relic analyzers to hack into containers which could have very lucrative loot. New players can make a lot of money from these.

It’s not as easy as it sounds though as with everything the better sites are found in lower security systems with the best in null spaces and wormholes. Each site can spawn NPC ships which could kill you and when flying in low sec, null sec or wormholes there is a good chance hostile players could blow you up and steal your loot. It can be high risk but high rewards. You could stay in high sec where it’s safer but you won’t make as much money.

You can also mine the Gas sites using a Venture mining frigate, Gas can be worth a lot of isk. The better sites are located in higher class wormholes or lower/null security space but unlike the other sites, a Venture will be good to do gas sites is any class wormhole or security space. The one thing you need to be careful about is NPC ships spawn 15 minutes after the first person warps to the site. If your first you could mine the gas for 15 minutes and gather whatever you can then run away before the ships spawn, this is known as gas huffing and done properly can be very lucrative.

Once you have your loot you just need to get back to a high sec trade hub in one piece to sell it.

Option 5 – Hauling

This is just moving goods between systems. Players will put up contracts asking for some goods to be moved between systems and will pay you to do it. Alpha clones will be limited to industrial ships so could only deal with low volume contracts. Bare in mind that contracts have collateral on them which you will need to pay should you not fulfil the contract so make sure you can afford that and complete the contract on time.

Be careful when Hauling as players will blow you up if your carrying valuable goods, no where is safe even in highsec so never haul using auto pilot or afk.

Option 6 – PVP Faction Warfare (FW)

FW is where you join up to your factions militia and go to war with other factions. This means that you can fight anyone you’re at war with at any time and you flight over control of systems and FW complexes. You gain LP which can be converted into ships and modules to then sell.

The fighting often consists of smaller ships and the complexes are limited to what ship size can fly into them.

You can join in FW in the NPC FW corps or join a player corp engaged in FW.

FW can be lucrative as you can farm the complexes for LP or you can use it for more constant PVP.

Option 7 – PVP Pirating

Being a pirate consists on living in low sec praying on other players in low sec. You will often be roaming around low sec looking for people to kill and loot their ships or catch them and ransom them to pay you rather than blow up their ship. Or blow up their ship and ransom their pod, often the pods have expensive implants in them so players would rather pay a ransom than get podded.

Joining a player pirate Corp will give you people to fly with and teach you how to be a pirate but you could do it solo too.

Option 8 – PVP Null Sec

Null sec is constantly being fought over by big player Alliances which have thousands of members in hundreds of corps. This is because living in null sec can bring in lots of isk from various sources.

Living in null can be dangerous as there are no laws so it’s better to join a Corp. The biggest battles also occur in null where some of the biggest and most expensive ships can be found battling it out.

The big alliances also have new player friendly corps which will help train new players and provide lots of support. They also introduced new players to big fights and get a foothold in eve.

If your interested in null sec look into joking either Brave Newbies, Karma Fleet, Pandemic Horde, or Dreddit.

A non Null Sec new player friendly Corp similar to the above is Eve Uni.

Option 9 – Wormhole Living

Living in wormholes will be harder for Alpha clones but not impossible.

Wormholes are good for PVP and PVE but usually needs between ships than Alphas can use to be able to do anything.

You also need good scanning skills and the ability to cloak.

In wormholes there are no stargates and you can’t see who is in there with you without using the direction scanner or probes. Cloaked ships cannot be scanned at all.

There are 6 classes of wormholes with C1 being the easiest and C6 the hardest. The class determines how difficult the sites are to run and how hard the NPCS are to kill. Wormholes also have various effects which affect your ships, some good but some bad.

You don’t need to live in wormholes tho as you can just find one, fly in, complete any sites then leave again (If you survive).

Option 10 – Trading

This either consists of station trading or trading between systems.

Station trading means staying in one station buying something from the market then selling it for more. Some items are more profitable than others so you’d need to find what works.

It’s usually a 0.01isk game where you put on buy/sell orders for 0.01isk more/less than the best deal at the time. It means constantly tweaking your market orders. Players can make vast amounts of isk doing this.

Trading between systems consists of buying low in one system then Hauling it somewhere else to sell it. You’d need to work out the market and find good trade routes.

Option 11 – Highsec Ganking

In Eve players kill other players in highsec to get their loot. This is known as highsec ganking.

Killing someone in highsec is illegal but allowed, it just means that as soon as you attack some one, CONCORD (space police) will kill you, there is no way to avoid it. What you need to do is kill your target quicker than it takes CONCORD to come and kill you.

This is done better in gangs where a lot of you can kill the target quickly and then someone else who doesn’t attack can loot the wreck and the profit is split. Currently Alpha clones can do this in cheap destroyers, however CCP could limit Alphas doing this if it’s abused by players using hundreds of Alpha clones to harass players.

Option 12 – Scamming

Scamming is the art of getting isk from players by using a scam. It’s totally legal in Eve.

If you go to the Jita system and watch local chat it is full of scams. One of the most common scams is offering to double/triple your money by sending them isk and they will send you more back. You might get more back if you send 1m to entice you to send more but chances are they just keep your money.

Another scam is contracts where they offer say a faction ship for lots less than its worth but the contract will contain a non faction ship for lots more than its worth. Theres lots of other scams too, just be careful and try not to be fooled.

Never accept a contract in local chat and always check them carefully.

There is one scam which has is guaranteed to work, I don’t want to detail it here because if everyone knows it then it will no longer work but if you send 250m isk to the character Sparko Marco in Eve then I’ll tell you how it works 😉

Option 12 – Planteary Interaction (not currently available for Alphas)

PI currently can’t be done on an Alpha clone so I won’t go into it in detail. I’ve included as an option if any Alpha upgrades their account

It’s basically using the plants in system to produce PI T1 materials, then using those to create T2 materials which can create T3 then T4 materials. It’s a mostly passive task which can make lots of isk. If Alphas could do it then it would be abused by using hundreds of accounts doing it.

Option 13 – Incursions (not really available for Alphas)

Incursions is a PVE activity running Incursions sites killing NPC ships gaining lots of isk in the process. Although Alphas are not technically excluded from doing them like PI, the sites need bigger ships with tech 2 fittings which Alphas can’t fly. Again I’ve included this in case any Alpha upgrades.

Any other options?

Yes, there will be loads of other options I’ve not considered, forgotten about or that I know nothing about.

Eve is a sandbox game where players are free to do what they want so long as it doesn’t break any CCP rules or isn’t against the terms and conditions of creating an account.

If you can think of something then try it. Alphas have their limitations but it’s up to the Eve communities to push them as far as they can and see what can be done

The options are vast and seem overwhelming, even writing about them hasn’t helped me decide as it’s just opened up my options more and I can think of a few paths to follow. I have been thinking about Faction Warfare so I think I’ll start there by looking for a Corp to join, if it’s not for me at least I know what other options are available.

Fly Safe o7

– Sparko Marco


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