My Eve Online Alpha Clone Journey – Faction Warfare

One of the options available for Eve Online players is participating in Faction Warfare (FW). For an Alpha Clone it’s a viable option as it can be done in smaller ships which reduces the impact of the Alpha Clone limitations.

I’ll be honest and admit that I know very little about FW other than its PVP between waring factions, it happens in low sec and players usually use smaller ships like frigates and destroyers.

Before jumping into it, I’ve had a look online and found some more information which I’ll share for anyone unfamiliar with it or is looking for more information.

So the main question is – What is Faction Warfare?

In Eve there are 4 Factions –  Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. These factions are at war with each other on a 2 v 2 basis. The Amarr are allied with the Caldari and Gallente are allied with Minmatar.

Players can decide to fight in the war for any one of the factions. You don’t have to be that factions race to join them, you just need to have positive standings with them.

The next question is – How do I join Faction Warfare?

You can either join FW as an individual or a corp/alliance can join thus signing up everyone in the corps/alliance.

This is done using a militia office in the station of one of the factions warfare corporations, these are:

  • Amarr Empire: 24th Imperial Crusade
  • Caldari State: State Protectorate 
  • Gallente Federation: Federal Defence Union
  • Minmatar Republic: Tribal Liberation Force

In my case my character is Caldari so I think it’s only right that I join the Caldari faction which means either finding a player corp in Caldari FW or joining up solo.

My next question is – What do I actually do in Faction Warfare?

So now I know what FW is and how to join but I don’t know what to do to participate in it.

Looking at the FW section in the Station Services confuses me more. The first tab is called Warzone Control. It has a couple of bars at the top, a blue bar which shows it in a T2 section (out of 5) and a red bar which shows also in a T2 section but further into it that the blue. Hovering over them shows points out of 606 which is a sum of conquered systems. 

Underneath the bars is a map full of blue and red dots and next to that is a list of systems in blue or red and shows a level, distance away in jumps and a capture status.

From this it looks like it shows which systems are controlled by Caldari (blue) and Gallente (red). So now I can see where the fighting is happening in a Caldari/Gallente warzone.

The next tab shows statistics, and it shows some impressive numbers. On total last week there were 7,346 kills, yesterday 1,037 ships were killed and in total there has been 2.41 million ships killed. I can also see that most players and kills are in the Caldari and Gallente Factions who also have the most players signed up.

The final tab shows the rules of engagement, which is summed up below:

  • Scan and capture FW sites in enemy space to gain loyalty points.
  • Capture opposing FW sites and their systems become vulnerable and their infrastructure hubs can be attacked. 
  • Capture the hubs by shooting them
  • You can’t dock in stations within enemy territory.
  • Upgrade your own hubs by donating Loyalty points. Higher levels give better rewards.
  • The more upgraded a system it the more Loyalty points are received
  • Protect own sites
  • All FW enemy’s can be shot without consequence 
  • Loyalty points are paid based on the value of the FW target
  • There are unique FW agents who give missions in claimed systems
  • Entering enemy high security systems will get you attacked by NPC ships

So basically capture sites in enemy controlled systems to get loyalty points. Use those to upgrade your factions systems and protect your systems. 

The first question which comes from that is – What are sites and how do I capture systems?

Sites are complexes within enemy controlled systems. Each system starts as uncontested, completing complexes changes it to contested and each complex increases the % contested. Once it is 100% contested the enemy infrastructure hub can be attacked, once destroyed the system is lost and switches faction during downtime each day.

While the system is contested the defending faction can also complete the complexes to reduce the contested %. This makes it a battle over the complexes to increase or decrease the % contested.

Each systems contested % shows on the warzone tab in the station services FW section. 

My next question is – What are Complexes and how to I complete them?

Complexes show on the system scanner and once someone has warped to it they show on your overview. Warping to one first warps you to an Acceleration gate which when used warps you into the complex and lands you at the complex beacon.

In the middle of each complex is a capture point and a NPC ship defending it.

To capture the complex, kill any NPC ships and any opposing faction player ships. When defending complexes, the NPC ship won’t attack and can be left alone as it will help defend it.

Once all enemy ships are dead you need to stay within 30km of the capture point until a capture countdown timer has finished. The timer countdown shows by clicking on the capture point.

The timer pauses if you leave the complex and any new enemy ships will also pause the countdown.

So basically fly into one, kill any enemy ships and wait for the countdown to finish.

Another question – How difficult are complexes to capture?

There are different types of complexes and each one has ship limitations, different countdown timers and different NPC ships.

Novice is easiest has is restricted to frigates with a 10 min timer, small allows destroyers with a 15 min timer, medium allows cruisers with a 20 min timer and large allows battleships with a 20 min timer. The NPC ship is the size of the max allowed, e.g. in large the NPC is a battleship.

The biggest dangers are enemy faction players also looking to complete the complexes themselves.

So now I know what FW is and what I need to do. The final question is – Can I make money from FW and how?

When capturing a complex you are rewarded with Loyalty Points related to the factions your fighting for. These rewards are split between players withing the capture point when the timer countdown finishes. The bigger the complex, the more points gained. 

The higher the tier level of your faction (note earlier I mentioned Caldari blue bar showing T2 out of 5), the greater the Loyalty Points reward will be.

You also get more points for capturing complexes in enemy space than you do for defending in your own systems.

The Loyalty Points can then either be used to upgrade systems which increases bonus within the system or you can buy items from your factions Loyalty points store, those items can then be sold for isk. Some items are valuable so the more points you get the better items you can buy and the more you can buy. You then sell those to make money.

So to summarise my understanding of FW the steps are:

  1. Look on the warzone map to find systems which are contested either in enemy or friendly systems. 
  2. Jump to the system you want to attack or defend.
  3. Complete complexes within those systems by killing any enemy ships and waiting out the countdown timers ensuring to stay within 30km of the capture point.
  4. Collect Loyalty Points from completing complexes.
  5. Use Loyalty Points to upgrade your factions infrastructure hubs or buy items from Loyalty Point store.
  6. Sell bought items on the market
  7. Profit from sold items. 
  8. Repeat.

That’s the basic information I could find. There may be more to it than that or it could be that simple.

Hope this helps someone, writing it has helped me to understand it a lot better than I did.

Now I just need to find a Caldari FW corp who takes on Alpha Clones and helps them to get started.

If I’ve missed anything or misunderstood anything let me know in the comments. I won’t pretend to be knowledgeable on the subject and knew basically nothing until I started researching and writing this post. 

– Sparko Marco 


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