Titanfall 2 – Gameplay, Game Modes and Multiplayer

I’ll start by saying that as a fan of FPS games having previously played various Call of Dutys, Battlefields, Destiny and currently playing Overwatch that Titanfall 2 ranks up there with the best.

I didn’t plan on playing Titanfall 2, I originally planned to buy Battlefield 1 but that was sold out so I bought Titanfall 2 as kind of an impulse buy as I wanted a new FPS game to play and I’m glad I did.

Having bought Titanfall 2 in the Black Friday sales I’ve now played it enough to write up my thoughts on the gameplay and Multiplayer modes.

Titanfall 2 has both a single player campaign and multiple Multiplayer game modes whereas Titanfall 1 was only multiplayer.


The gameplay of Titanfall is different to other FPS games as there are two different styles of play within the same game.

First you control a pilot which is your player character. This has a fast action feel to it where you sprint, double jump, slide and wall run. 

The pilot will feel similar to those who have played the more recent Call of Duty games which also had wall running but Titanfall feels like it’s done smoother and at a faster pace.

Fighting as a pilot is also similar to other FPS games and is more run and gun than tactical so it’ll suit Call of Duty players better than Battlefield players. Shooting and grenades is done the same as it’s pretty much standard for FPS games.

The second style of gameplay comes when you control a Titan and it’s a big change in play style and unique to Titanfall. Titans are a lot slower and don’t get the same moveability as a pilot which is to be expected but they are a lot harder to kill and pack much better fire power. Each Titan also has a different style, some are more mobile while others can take more damage and each has different weapons and abilities.

This makes the gameplay more interesting, especially when it comes to the multiplayer mode and I like how it mixes up the style of play.

Single Player Campaign 

Honestly I don’t know if I’ll ever complete the single player mode, I usually just buy FPS games for the multiplayer mode.

Having said that, I did start the single player mode because I wanted to get a feel for the controls and understand Titans more having not played the first game.

The single player campaign starts off with you in a simulator which shows you the basics of controlling your pilot and introduces you to the movement, double jumping and wall running a well as shooting various guns. This culminates in a gauntlet you can run where there are static enemy’s to kill while you navigate the course. This is all timed and there is a leader board showing your time.

I done it in a little over a minute which I thought was good as I had to do it under 2 minutes but I think the record is about 18 seconds so my time doesn’t compare to the best.

Following that it takes you straight into action, I thought it would have had me simulating in a Titan too but it was only as a pilot. 

The campaign starts after you’ve completed the simulation and your directed into a battle. I won’t go into any spoilers and explain what happens but the first mission starts you off as a pilot and gives plenty of opportunities to get used to the controls, especially the wall running and double jumps. It’s like an extended tutorial which by the end I was very comfortable using the controls.

It also introduces Titans and explains how to pilot them and the various controls and mechanics of them.

Overall it was useful to start the campaign as it gave me a good knowledge of the controls and the gameplay. After doing the first mission of the campaign I felt comfortable enough with the gameplay to jump into Multiplayer. 

I might come back to finish the single player mode at a later date as it does look like it will be an interesting campaign and I like how it’s a mix of controlling the pilot and the Titan.


This is what, in my opinion, the game is really all about and what most people will have bought the game for, including myself.

There are 8 main game modes, coliseum mode and mixtape modes, 10 maps (9 on launch and 1 on the recent downloadable Content patch) and 6 Titans.

The 8 main game modes are:

Amped Hardpoint 

You need to capture and hold upto 3 hardpoints earning points for each one you hold. Once hardpoints are captured, staying in range amps them up so that amped hardpoints give double points.

Bounty Hunt

You need to kill your enemies you gain money. That money then need to be banked at designated areas. Die and you lose some of your money to the attacker.

Pilots vs Pilots

It’s basically as it sounds. Pilots only attacking other pilots with no Titans being able to spawn. It’s your basic team death match without Titans.

Capture the Flag

A staple in most FPS games and works the same. You need to capture the enemies flag and return it to your base while also stopping the opposite team from capturing your flag.


So far this is my favourite mode. It’s a team death match with Titans and with AI soldiers spawning for each side.


This is basically Attrition but without the AI soldiers. It’s also only available in the 8v8 Mixtape mode (explained later)

Last Titan Standing 

Team fight where all players start in Titans with 1 live. Last one alive wins the round and it’s played as  a best of 5 rounds (first to 3). This was best of 7 (first to 4) but changed in the recent patch.

Free for All

Every pilot/Titan for themselves. This is 1 v 11 where everyone is the enemy. Kill the most players to win.

There are also some other game modes which can be selected but include the above.


This is a mixture of the different maps and game modes

8v8 Mixtape 

This is either Amped Hardpoint or Skirmish. It’s the only mode where you can play Skirmish


I’ve not actually played this one yet. It is a 1v1 combat mode. There are no Titans and no respawning. Best out of 5 rounds. The reason I haven’t played yet is because you need to have a ticket to enter the coliseum which I’ve not had. I’m also not totally sure how to get them either but looking online it seems they can be found in advocate gifts (given when leveling up) or bought with in game credits.

Private Match

You can also have private matches with your friends. 

Both the Pilot and Titan can also be customised with various abilities which are unlocked as you level and the pilot can choose from a range of guns which are also unlocked as you level. The guns also level up unlocking new abilities like faster reload or bigger ammo magazines.
You can also customise the look of your pilot or Titan using different unlockable camo.

Items can also be unlocked by spending in game credits. Credits are earned during games for various things like good performance, winning matches or leveling up weapons.

There is also Networks you can join in game. These are groups of people in the same network that can group up and tries to make the game more social. Each network has a happy hour where playing a game in that hour rewards 5 extra credits. I looked into this last night and found you can join or leave as many networks are you want so I found a few UK networks to join with happy hours that suited my game times.

Overall I’m impressed with Titanfall 2 multiplayer, I like how there is the 2 styles of gameplay within each game and it feels very smooth and polished. So far I’ve not experienced any lag or bugs which also makes a big difference.

Now I just need to play more to learn the maps better, understand each Titan and generally just get better so I don’t die aa much as I have been!

One final thing to note is that Respawn have announced that all downloadable content will be free, that’s all future maps or new guns or Titans. 

This makes a nice change from companies ripping of its fans by charging extra for new maps or weapons, a call of duty game could end up costing twice as much or more if you wanted to play all maps but with Titanfall 2 you only need to pay for it then get access to everything that’s released. 

The only thing you can pay real money for is some cosmetic things that have no impact on game play. 

There’s also going to be no loot boxes or RNG to get different guns or camo, if there is something to buy you can buy it straight away rather than buying loot boxes and praying to rngesus that you get what you wanted. 

This is the way it should be for all games rather than trying to milk fans dry.

I’d recommend it to all fans of FPS games.

– Sparko Marco 


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