Wormhole PVP in Eve Online

Since re-subscribing to Eve Online, I’ve been in my new corp for almost 2 months now but in that time real life has limited my play time to mainly PVE and scanning. I am determined to get on much more often though and recently I’ve been involved in a bit of PVP in our wormhole chains which is giving me a taste for it again.

Wormhole PVP is different to most other types of PVP as people don’t show in local chat so its hard to know whether your safe or not. You can use dscan to see whats in system but that doesn’t show cloaked ships. This makes everthing you do in wormhole space dangerous because you never know who is watching you. You also have no space police to rescue you, no cynos for a back up hot drop and it can be difficult to get help quickly if your unprepared or on your own. This all adds to the excitment of wormhole life.

I got my first kill in Corp recently and was quite pleased with myself. I happened to log on one night and heard on comms that there were a couple of Ventures mining in a wormhole with a link to high sec. I joined the fleet and we found them in an ore site and someone had got a nearby bookmark.

The fleet formed up on the other side of the wormhole then we all jumped in and warped to the bookmark. Unfortunately they both managed to escape to highsec before anyone could get a lock on them and after waiting a while the fleet went home as it was getting late and we figured they wouldn’t risk coming back anytime soon.

I decided to stay and camp the highsec wormhole in my cloaked bomber. I was also playing Football Manager on my other monitor so I didn’t mind sitting on the hole waiting and not much else was going on.

After about 20 or 30 mins I heard the wormhole activate and a Venture jumped through and warped off. Using dscan I located him back in the ore site where he was earlier (assuming it was the same person). I got on comms and reported the Venture back in the site and I warped to it cloaked where I confirmed he was mining.

At this point there was only 3 of us online so while the other 2 got ready I flew closer to the Venture and bookmarked an asteroid 4km away from it and got ready. Once the others were ready they jumped into the wormhole and warped straight to my bookmark and I dropped cloak and used dual scrams to lock down the Venture at the same time the others landed and also scrammed it so there was no getting away this time and he quickly died followed by his pod.

Killboard links:


It was only a small kill which was not worth much isk but it was my first in Corp and the first time I’d found a target, got a warp in for others and orchestrated the kill so I was pleased with myself for that.

Last night I then got my second and third kills, the third being my best in Corp so far.

I got online and straight away it was announced on comms and in discord that there was an Imicus on dscan in the next wormhole. We had eyes on it in a data site ready to be tackled. I jumped into fleet, into my bomber and warped to the wormhole. Unfortunately I was late getting there and landed just after the pod was popped.

Shortly after someone found a few Russians mining gas in a c5 in Ventures. It was a good opportunity to get a few kills but we had to be quick. We would be warping through their home c4 wormhole to get to them so any scouts would see us.

We got a cloaky ship into the gas site for a warpin and we got some bubble ships ready to bubble them hoping to stop them getting away.

The fleet formed up on the entrance to their home c4 and once the warpin ship was ready we all jumped into the c4 then the c5 and to the site. Bubbles went up and I managed to lock onto 1 and fired on it. Unfortunately they managed to burn out of the bubble and warp away. One however warped to the return wormhole where we had a bubble waiting for them and he was quickly killed along with the pod, again I was unlucky as I didn’t get there in time due to being in the middle of our other bubble so by time I burned out of it and warped I was too late and had missed out on 2 kills that night.

Later on when looked on my killboard I actually found out I got on the Venture kill. It must have been the ship I fired upon in the gas site so still I got credit for the kill even though it shows I done no damage and that was my second Corp kill.

Killboard link:


After that we noticed they had a Tengu in their system so we reshipped to try and get it and I jumped into my Hurricane for more dps but it ended up cloaking up and we gave in trying to catch it, he wasn’t going to be stupid enough to uncloak while we were there and was probably just waiting to tell the other Ventures when it was safe to return.

After that it was getting late so I returned home with the intention of logging off. At this point I figured I’d been unlucky missing out on 2 kills not knowing I’d got on the Venture kill so was a bit disappointed but before I logged off someone found another Tengu in our c3 static. It was doing a combat site solo and we quickly had a warp in on it.

Still in my Hurricane I warped to the wormhole then waited for everyone to be ready. Once ready we all jumped in and warped to the target and it was quickly bubbled preventing it from warping. At that point a Falcon appeared and started jamming us preventing us locking onto the Tengu however we had a Blackbird on field which was able to jam the Falcon, knowing we would win the battle, the Falcon warped off leaving the Tengu to die, it took some killing but once we broke its shield tank it went down in seconds followed by the pod. At which point the site escalated and more sleepers arrived so the order was to warp off as we wouldn’t survive the sleepers, my Hurricane was slow to align and warp so got targeted but luckily I wasn’t scrammed and managed to warp away, it could have been bad as those sleepers often use scrams and my tank wouldn’t have lasted long against them.

I didn’t get the pod locked in time to get on that kill but I did get the final blow on the Tengu, my first final blow on a ship for over 1200 days! Granted a lot of that I wasn’t active but it’s still a long time. I have got plenty of kills in that time just not a final blow.

Killboard links:


Getting a final blow also means my Hurricane gets its first kill mark. Kill marks are rewarded for getting final blows in PVP with some exceptions, you can see more info on this link.

Looking at my Hurricane I couldn’t find where the kill mark was so I went online and found a google document (link) which explains where to find them on all killmarks on each ship. The screen shots below show my Hurricane fresh with its new killmark, its still quite difficult to see but its the little red dot just above the first gun from the bottom left.

I decided to call it a night after that, it was late and the Tengu made up for missing out on earlier kills.

I’ve now got my first kills and final blow on a kill in my new corp and hopefully it should be the start of many. The Corp is starting to look at doing a lot more PVP, we have had a lot of new recruits hungry for fights and it’s something I enjoy doing.

The corps killboard is also starting to look a lot better, as of the time of writing this, December has been our best month for kills and it’s the first month where kills are higher than losses with a better than average 68% efficiency with a couple of weeks still to go.

I just need to find more time to be able to actually play more often.

– Sparko Marco


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