My Games Roundup

I’m currently playing a lot of games and at the same time real life is limiting my play time so I think a Roundup of those is in order to see how I’m getting on with each one.

Football Manager 2017

I’ve been playing this on and off going through long patches where I play for a few days then stop for a while before playing again for a few days.

My career game is the only game I have going at the moment and I’m just over half way through my second season.

I started unemployed and got the Sterling Albion job in the Scottish league 2. My first season ended in promotion to league 1 and in the second season I had an inconsistent season leaving the team mid table to join Livingston in the Scottish Championship.

Links to my Football Manager posts are below:

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Eve Online

I’ve currently got 3 Eve accounts on the go although only 2 are really active and out of them most of my time is spent on only 1 of them.

I have my main account for which I’m currently living in a C4 wormhole enjoying wormhole life, I’ve not been as active as I’d like but am determined to start doing more, especially more pvp. This is the account I’m spending most of my Eve game time on.

My blog posts for this account are below:

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My second active account is my Alpha clone account which I created new to be able to experience the New Player Experience and Alpha life. I decided to join Faction Warfare but I’ve not been very active on it. With my limited game time lately, when I’ve been able to get on Eve I’ve spent my time on my main account.

My blog posts about my Alpha clone are below:

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My third account isn’t really active, it was an old account from when I used to have 2 active accounts and dual boxed them. It’s sat unsubscribed for a few years but with the last update making it an Alpha clone account I’ve been logging in and training the main on that with anything it could train but not actually playing it. I also transferred any isk it had to my main account.

Civilization VI

I’ve not been playing this as much as I expected I would be. That’s not a fault of the game but that it’s takes a lower priority to the other games.

The problem I have is that due to the time gaps in playing it I keep starting new saves as I’ve lost track of any current saves. This means I’ve got lots of games saved but none have gone far into the game and I’ve not yet completed a game of it.

I need to maybe dedicate a weekend to get a game started and completed.

My blog post for this is below:

Civilization VI – My First Thoughts

Titanfall 2

This is the main game I’m playing on my Xbox at the moment. I’m enjoying the multiplayer game mode and it is my goto game when I’ve only got less than 30 mins of game time as I can log on play a couple of matches and log off.

I’m only up to about level 10 as I don’t play it that often which also keeps it fun when I do play.

My blog post on this is below:

Titanfall 2 – Gameplay, Game Modes and Multiplayer

World of Warcraft

When Legion launched I played this a lot, the leveling experience was good and once I got to max level the initial experience was also good with the world quests getting people out into the world.

Following getting to max level my game play slowly dropped off. I still play the game but usually only logging in a couple of times a week and doing some world quests or looking for raid. The games still fun but I don’t feel like I need to be playing it all the time and I’m happy with casually playing it giving me time to play other games.

My blog posts for this are below:

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As far as shooters go this is a good one. It’s fun to play and there are lots of different play styles to choose from with each character playing differently.

It’s another game I’d like to be playing on more. I played it a lot when I first got it but it’s currently low on my priority for gaming and Titanfall 2 is my current goto shooter.

My blog post about this is below:

Overwatch Review

Overwatch Competitive Mode

Clash Royale

This is my main mobile game at the moment. It’s generally a fun game to play and I can play it where ever I am and it’s the perfect game to play on the loo!

I can play just for 5 mins or for an hour depending on what else I’m doing.

I’m currently doing well and am in the top legendary arena on the most trophies I’ve ever had. I’ve currently got 3941 trophies and if I can get over 4k I can start gaining legendary trophies. The problem I’ve got though is that I’m a king tower 11 which is good but my cards are not that good. I’ve leveled by King tower up by lots of donations but as a mostly free to play players except for the arena packs my cards are only just over tournament standard.

My cards are currently level 10 commons, level 8 rares and level 4 epics except for a level 5 epic witch. I have most legendary cards at level 1.

Those look like good levels but the players I’m getting matched against due to high trophies have level 12 commons, level 9 or 10 rares, level 5 or 6 epics and level 2 or 3 legendary cards so it’s making it harder to win games and if I do it’s either a hard-fought 1-0 win, someone disconnects or my opponent is just bad.

Skill can compensate for card levels a little but an equally skilled player with better cards will usually win unless they make mistakes and any mistake by me is often punished by higher level cards.

It’s still generally fun to play if frustrating at times.

My blog posts on this are:

Clash Royale

Clash Royale F2P No More

Other Mobile Games

I’m grouping my other mobile games together as I’m not too active on them lately or they’re new and I’ve not spend much time on them. I’ve also not got any other blog posts about them.

Clash of Clans used to be my main mobile game but I’ve lost all motivation to play other than logging on to empty collectors and upgrade a wall if I have enough. I’m town hall 9 with all maxed buildings and troops except my king/queen and walls and they all cost a lot to upgrade and I’m not inclined to spend time grinding to upgrade them.

Boom Beach is another game which I’ve lost motivation to play for the same reason as clash of Clans, everything costs too much to upgrade and I’m not willing to spend time grinding resources. I log on to collect resources and participate in the operations because there’s no option to opt out. Apart from that I don’t play much. It’s a good game but once the grind becomes too much it’s no longer fun.

Both clash of clans and boom beach are by Supercell who also created clash royale, they do make good games but they are designed to make lots of money from people hence the big grinds to hope people pay rather than grinding, in my case it just makes me stop playing. Clash Royale could end up the same as I’m at that grinding stage as I need to upgrade my cards but have no gold without grinding it over a long time.

The final mobile game is one I’ve just started playing called Summoners War. It’s an interesting game and is fun to play with a lot of depth for a mobile game. There is pve and pvp elements and guild battles. The idea is to level up monsters to get stronger to be able to complete harder pve dungeons and there are a lot of unique monsters.

The problem I can see is that there is a lot of rng in the game to get anything good and there is going to be a lot of grinding, I’ve only been playing a week and I’m starting to feel the grind is going to be hard so I can see me stopping playing if that happens. They also keep trying to sell in-game stuff at every opportunity which is getting annoying and the game is very much designed as pay to win or pay to avoid a big grind though due to rng you could pay a small fortune and still end up with nothing that good.

At the moment I’m enjoying Summoners war but I have no plans to pay real money for anything and if the grind stops it being fun I’ll stop but it’s still fun at the moment.

The Rest

I also have a few others games which I rarely play now but sometimes get the urge to play or that I’ve bought but not yet played much for playing other games. I won’t go into much detail as I can’t remember much about where I am.

Fallout 4, The Division and the Witcher 3 are all Xbox games I’ve bought this year.

Fallout 4 took up a lot of my time when it was first released and I’ve got the season pass but I’ve not played it for months now. I really want to get back into it and someday I will but for now it’s on hold as it’s a game where if I start playing I will need to stop playing other games as it takes up a lot of time when I get into it.

The Division I got when it was released as it looked awesome and to be honest it was initially. It looked good and played good and I enjoyed it for a few weeks but then got bored. It got a bit samey if that’s a word. I was going to higher zones but they looked the same as the others and had then same random missions, the only differences were higher level enemy’s and the main missions. The main missions were fun but unrealistic as the enemy’s were bullet sponges and done too much damage so most of the time was spent running away, hiding and trying to wear them down so I soon lost interest.

The Witcher 3 is a new game I got on Black Friday but I’ve not yet played it. It’s a game I know I’ll need to put some time into playing it which means stopping playing other games. It’s one I will get around to playing someday.

On the PC I also have Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Cities Skylines.

Diablo 3 is a really good game but I’ve maxed out all classes and played through a few seasons so now there’s not much left to do except start from scratch in new seasons which are the same as the previous. Once you’ve done that a few times it gets a bit boring but then I have put hundreds of hours into it and still go back now and again.

Starcraft 2 is also a good game which I’ve completed except for the new expansion. I might play it again if I get the new expansion but I can wait for it coming on sale like I did the previous ones.

Cities Skylines is one which I bought on impulse as it looks good like the old sim city games however I’ve never got round to playing it yet due to other games and I keep forgetting I have it. This post might remind me to play but I’m concentrating on other games for now so I may forget about it again.

I think that’s all at the moment that I’m either playing, have played recently or have got but not yet played. Not too many but too many for my available time.

I’d like to say I won’t buy anymore for a while but I can’t help myself sometimes and no doubt the list will just get bigger next year, especially if I get money or vouchers for Xmas as I usually spend those on games!

– Sparko Marco


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