Eve Online – Fortizar Down

So I was planning on writing a post today about my Corps new Fortizar going up in our wormhole but unfortunately our prayers to Bob went unheard and it was destroyed this morning while most of us were sleeping.

The last month or so we had been gathering materials to build a Fortizar and last night we were informed it would be going up that night.

The Corp had hired some mercs to come into our hole and act as bodyguards, keeping hostiles out and controlling wormholes into the system, all going well the Fortizar would be online in the morning.

This being Eve Online where anything can and will happen it didn’t quite go to plan.

Shortly after the Fortizar being set up we were informed on discord that another Corp had got ships into the wormhole and were going to attack. The timing wasn’t great for us as not many were online, I myself was looking after my 2 kids while my wife was still at work and it would be a couple of hours at least before I could get online.

I kept an eye on discord and it seems our hired mercs and the people in Corp who could get on done a good job. They managed to stop the attack, chase out the attackers and take back control of the wormhole.

After that I didn’t manage to get online but I was keeping my eye on discord and was ready to get online if anything else happened, I even stayed awake to about 1am ready to jump on at a moments notice but there was no more incidents. When I did go to bed I was satisfied the problem was solved earlier on and I would be waking up to us having a shiny new Fortizar in our hole.

Waking up about 8am I noticed some discord notifications on my phone, checking them first I found that the worst had happened. About 5 am this morning we lost our Fortizar.

From what I’m told we had a spai in our Corp who managed to scout a route into the wormhole for the other Corp and they arrived with about 50 ships and although the mercs and any Corpmates online tried their hardest they were just out numbered and out gunned and couldn’t do anything else to save it. A valiant effort on their part but it wasn’t to be.

Oh well, it’s Eve Online, PVP happens, spais are everywhere and people like to get on a good kill.

The Corp won’t let it get to us, we’ll move on and come out of it stronger. We’ve learned a valuable lesson for next time and I’m sure our leaders will be putting plans in place to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, I have full faith in the leadership to lead us forward.

R.I.P Fortizar.

– Sparko Marco


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