My 2017 Gaming New Year Resolutions

I’m not really one for doing new year resolutions but this year I’ve decided to give myself some gaming resolutions for 2017. I figure it will give me something to aim for and keep me interested. 

It’s a bit after new year now but I’m still in holiday mode finishing off the chocolate, sweets and alcohol in the house before the new year detox so my new year resolutions will start next week.

Eve Online

I’m currently playing Eve Online and I’m in a wormhole corp living in a C4. I’ve mentioned in my last post that I’m happy in this corp so I’ve no plans of changing corps.

My resolutions for Eve Online are:

1. Play more often. 

This is simple to say but hard to execute. Having a wife and 2 young children (1 and 3 years old), I’m usually limited to only an hour or 2 max late at night to game and it depends how tired I am as to whether I want an easy game or a game I need to concentrate on. 

Living in a wormhole I need to concentrate at all times even if I’m doing something easy like PI or mining. 

I’m planning on logging onto Eve Online at least 4 nights a week, more if I can.

2. Get more kills

This should happen if number 1 happens as the more time I spend online the more chances I’ve got of getting kills. 

It’s not as simple as getting online though, I need to actively look for people to kill. For that I’ll need to participate in as many fleet roams as I can or do some solo hunting if no one else on corp is online.

To spur me on, I’m going to give myself a target of getting on at least 10 kill mails in January which should be realistic to get and then I aim to increase that number each month I’m actively playing. So in February I’ll aim for more kills than I got in January, then more in March and so on. It does however rely on me playing more often for that to happen. 

3. Make more isk

Again this relys on number 1 but unlike number 2 it’s not as easy to achieve. Getting kills is more fun to me than making isk, unfortunately to be able to afford to lose ships I need to make enough isk to replace them.

I’m currently doing PI on my 2 characters and if I can log on everyday I can make about 500 million isk a month which is ok but I want to make more than that so I can fly better, more expensive ships.

What I plan on doing to increase my isk flow is to first look into my PI setups and optimise those. One character was set up to make PI for the corp fortizar which was destroyed and I’ve not changed it since. My other has a decent setup but I think I could be better.

Secondly, I need to start being active in pve fleets doing sleeper sites, mining or gas huffing and look into doing to data and relic sites.

I’m setting myself a target of making 1 billion isk a month to start with and try to increase it. I’m not too worried about increasing it as 1 billion a month should be enough to keep me fighting so long as I don’t lose ships too often. 

That’s my Eve resolutions which I think are possible to achieve but the hardest one is number 1. If I can get online more often then I can get more kills and make more isk.

World of Warcraft 

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft on and off since Burning Crusade in 2007. Until I wrote that I hadn’t realised that this year will be my 10th year of WoW.

My resolutions for Warcraft are:

1. Try not to quit

Usually with WoW I end up quitting mid expansion and then I start playing it again a few months before the next expansion is released and I have a lot of catching up to do.

This time I would like to play right through the expansion to save me from rushing to catch up at the end.

2. Level up my alts

I currently have my main character at max level 110 but 3 alts are level 101 and the rest no where near. I’d like to get at least 1 or 2 more to max. The main reason for that is to have different play styles at end game and to have different professions leveled to save me having to buy crafted items if I need them.

3. Do more pvp

Throughout the years playing WoW I’ve never really took pvp seriously. I’ve done a few battlegrounds while leveling up but never done arena. 

At the end of Warlords of Draenor I done a little bit of pvp on my hunter with the intention of using that solely as a pvp character but then I never got it doing anything other than battlegrounds.

If I get my hunter to max level I will then use it to concentrate on pvp.

That’s it for my WoW resolutions, I’m not totally convinced I’ll stick to them. I have a habit of getting bored with it and quitting so it all depends on I whether continue playing it all year or not.

Football Manager

I’ve currently got 1 saved game on the go and that’s a long term career game where I started unemployed, got the Stirling Albion job then after a season and a half moved onto Livingston.

My resolutions for Football Manager are:

1. Keep the same game going

I have a habit in Football Manager to keep starting new games. I either get fed up of my current game but more often I get an idea in my head of a new challenge. This year I want to keep my game I’m playing right through until I get the next version of the game. 

2. Play at least 10 seasons. 

I’d like to get at least 10 seasons played on my career game. I think the longest save I’ve done for several years now is only about 5 or 6 seasons before I end up starting a new save for whatever reason. I’d like to get a decade of managing this time.

3. Get my manager to become the world’s best ever manager. 

For this to happen I need the first 2 resolutions to happen. Then I need to progress my career to end up at a big club or make a small club into a big club.

Once I’m managing at the top I need to then win as much as I can.

To measure this I’ll use the in game hall of fame which shows a manager score based on what they have achieved. 

Currently the number 1 manager worldwide is Sir Alex Ferguson who has a score of 4980 after winning 17 domestic top divisions, 14 domestic cups and 8 other so I’ve a long way to go. 

I think 1 and 2 are realistic but for 3 I will need to complete a lot more than 10 seasons. I may need to settle for getting a world class reputation or becoming the best English manager beating Bob Paisleys total of 2343 points. 

Other Games

I’m not making resolutions for any other games as Eve, Warcraft and Football Manager are the 3 main games which I’m sure to be playing throughout the year. 

So the only other gaming  resolutions I have are:

1. Don’t buy any new games on impulse.

I often buy games without thinking about it which is a waste of money if I don’t play them enough. I’d like to stop doing that if I can.

2. Try and complete games I own

I’ve currently got several games which I’ve started and would like to complete.

Fallout 4 is one I’ve played a lot but not yet completed. I’ve also got the season pass but not played the last 2 dlcs yet.

Civilization VI I’d like to get at least a few games completed.

Witcher 3 I’ve got but not yet started playing.

Those are just a few examples, I’ve got at least a dozen games I’ve not completed. I won’t get every game finished but a couple would be nice. 


Finally my last resolution is just to continue with my blog. I’m happy to still be doing it after 6 months and I’m optimistic that this time next year I’ll still be blogging.

Let see how well I do with these, I’ve got it down in writing so it should make me more determined to stick to them and at the end of the year I can look back at it and see how I’ve done. 

Happy New Year.

– Sparko Marco 


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