Clash Royale Frustrations and New Account

It has just recently been Clash Royale’s 1 year anniversary and although I’m still playing it I’ve been getting really frustrated with it.

The game has lasted on my phone a lot longer than most games do and I’ve even spent a little bit of money on it which shows I’ve been enjoying the game. It helps that Supercell keep bringing out updates and new cards/features which stops the game getting stale.

A couple of months ago I hit my target of getting over 4000 trophies as this is where legendary trophies are gathered. Unfortunately I didn’t stay above 4000 for long so never gained any of the legendary trophies.

The main problem was my lack of high level cards and skill can only push you so far before card levels hinder your progression and I’m not going to spend the money required to level my cards up to compete at the top as it’s too expensive.

Due to constantly being matched up with players who have card levels 2 or 3 levels higher than me stopped me enjoying the game and I lost all motivation to play the game after dropping about 500+ trophies.

I’ve still been getting on and playing the odd game now and then and donating plenty but I no longer play for any extended length of time.

That was until a couple of days ago where I downloaded the game on my old phone and started again from scratch with a new account. 

Being in the lower arenas with my years worth of experience and skills has made the game enjoyable again although I do feel a bit sorry for my noob opponents.

I’ve been able to play around with decks more and toy with my opponents even if I have lower level cards which means I don’t get frustrated with the game and it’s back to being a bit of fun.

I won’t be spending money on this second account and I won’t be playing it seriously to level up to the top. It’ll just be for messing around on, trying new decks and not worrying about progression which should make the game fun again. 

I could also intentionally drop trophies on my main to get matched up against easier opponents to stop getting frustrated but that wouldn’t be fair on the people I play against as it would then frustrate them playing against my higher level cards. 

At least by using a new account my advantage is just experience and skill rather than over levelled cards.

– Sparko Marco 


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