My Eve Online Update

I’m still playing Eve Online after returning in October which is probably my longest spell playing the game for a few years. Usually my returns to Eve don’t last long.

I think the reason this time why I’ve managed to stay playing for this long is that the corp I’m in accepts that real life comes first and that I’m not expected to be on all the time which means that I can play as and when I get time to play. 

Often there are times when I can’t get on for long periods but I’ve been trying to log on when ever I get some gaming time.

My news years resolutions for Eve were to play more, get more kills and make more isk. I think I’ve been doing that but I can do a lot better.

I’ve been playing as much as I can but my time can change from week to week depending on real life stuff so one week I can be on most nights but then the next week I get no gaming time and only log on before going to bed to set off my PI then log off again.

Regarding the killing more and making more isk I’ve been doing better with the killing rather than the isk making.

I set myself a target of 10 kills in January and to then increase that each month and to make a billion isk a month.

January ended up being a month where I didn’t get on alot and I didn’t manage to hit my targets. In all I only got on 5 kills losing 1 ship. 1 of those kills was also my first solo kill in the corp and first solo kill for about 3 years so that was good to get. The kill itself wasn’t a big kill as it was just a noob in a Probe (tech 1 scanning frigate) but to get the kill I had to hunt it down after seeing it on dscan and follow it through a few wormholes before catching it and killing it.

Although I only got on 5 kill mails there was also times where I engaged in pvp but got no kills due to either my fleet or the opposition fleets retreating. Not all fights result in kill mails.

Isk making in January saw me making about 1.75 billion isk but 1 billion was from selling a plex I got from someone who uses my buddy link to create am Alpha Clone then upgraded to Omega and the rest was from doing PI. I didn’t do any pve activities as what little time I got to play was spent doing pvp or looking for it.

All together January kills resulted in over 500m isk killed and only 70m lost so was nicely isk positive. 

February was a better month for kills and resulted in getting on 9 kills and 1 loss so I managed to hit my resolution of increasing my kills from the previous month.

This includes a roam with another wormhole corp to null sec. That was a fun roam as we managed to land on a wormhole as a Wingspan fleet jumped in, we engaged and got couple of nice kills. The null roam then consisted of us looking for targets which were hard to find as null care bears kept docking up when we entered system. We did eventually get a fight as we tackled some ratting carriers but help came quickly and we had to retreat. I did get on 1 kill on that fight and got away with my ship intact.

My loss came in a fight in a neighbouring wormhole as we tackled a rattlesnake on a wormhole whose drones ripped my bomber apart quickly but I did get on the kill mail which was several times more expensive than my loss. After that I cloaked up on the wormhole in a new ship to see if anything else was about and found that the same person we just killed warped to the wreck in his pod then back to their Astrahus in the system. He then came back to loot his wreck in an Astero by which time I had mention this on comms and had a corp mate warping to me. Once he landed we quickly killed his ship and pod resulting in us killing the same person in quick succession. After that he must have logged off as I didn’t see him in system again.

Shortly after those kills we killed another rattlesnake in a different wormhole so it ended a good night of kills.

In all February resulted about 1.7 billion isk killed and only 40m lost.

Isk making in February was just from PI which was about 750m isk. Not much but good for the little effort it took to make it.

March is only a week old so not much has happened but I have so far got on 3 kills with no losses and been in a few fights where we didn’t get any kills or I didn’t get on the kill mails. This included a 70om transport ship who was trying to ship some stuff to their wormhole via our wormhole but we managed to set a trap and bubble it as they jumped out of our wormhole.

No isk has been made yet as I’ve done no PI. This is due to us moving to a new wormhole.

We were living in a C4 with a C4/C3 statics and a blackhole effect but we’ve now moved into a C4 with no effect and has a C5/C3 statics which gives people better isk making opportunities in the C5.

The problem with moving wormholes is that it’s a logistical nightmare as there is no easy route between wormholes.

The main problem I had was that given my limited play time I had to wait for a clear route to high sec and move things out, then need a clear route from high sec to the new wormhole to bring things in.

I managed to move all my ships out in one night but due to collapsing wormholes my stuff ended up in two high sec systems about 30 jumps apart.

I’ve since managed to get a lot of my stuff needed into the new wormhole but mainly the smaller ships I could repackage into a hauler and transport together. My bigger more expensive ships need flown in one by one and so far we’ve not had a way in from high sec near where they ended up. I’ll probably need to buy some new ships when we get a high sec near a trade hub and move in my other ships once we get a wormhole out near to them. I’ve already started making a list of ships I want to bring into the new wormhole.

Last month I also re-subbed my second account and brought my alts into corp. This is so I can dual box to give extra ships in fleet pvp or for if I do solo pve or for scouting.  The main one on that account was an old incursion character so has some decent skills and has been trained up for scanning and another alt is being trained purely for scanning in a covert ops ship which can be used for scouting.

Due to having 2 accounts, in a recent fight I had my first taste of dual boxing pvp. I’ve got 2 monitors so could see what’s going on but it was difficult keeping tabs on both of them when in a fight. This resulted in both my characters getting on kills where the other didn’t. Its something which will take practice to get better at doing. 

The last couple of days I’ve managed to set up PI on 2 characters so I can now start making some isk again. I’ll set up another character doing it soon on my second account and I might train up my scanning alt too. 4 characters doing PI should easily make over 1 billion a month with little effort. I’d also like to do some pve activities but pvp will always take priority when I’m online and the money from PI can fund most of my pvp as long as I don’t lose too many expensive ships. 

As I keep saying I want to play more, I’m enjoying eve more now than I have previously, only free time is limiting me. I’m hopeful March will see me increase my kills from February, I only need 7 more in 3 weeks which will be easy to do so long as I get on regularly and after setting up my PI it looks like it’ll be more profitable in the new wormhole so I should be able to fund my pvp too.

– Sparko Marco 


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