Summoners War Addiction

My latest gaming addiction is a mobile game called Summoners War. It’s pushed all my other mobile games aside and takes up all my mobile gaming time.

I’ve been playing it a few months now and I’m surprised I’ve kept it going so long as it’s a grindy game which I thought I’d get sick of long before now.

The game is fairly simple to play but has a lot of depth to it including pve, pvp and clan pvp elements to it so there is lots of things to do.

The main premise to the game is to summon monsters, level those monsters up and form teams of monsters to combat the various areas of the game. 

Monsters come in 5 different elements of Water, Wind, Fire, Light and Dark and have a star rating from 1-5 with all monsters able to be leveled to 6 star.

Each element has strengths and weakness against another element where they do more damage and take less damage against their counterparts. Water does better against Fire, Fire does better against Wind, Wind does better against Water and Light/Dark do more damage and take more damage against each other.

Each monster also has natural star rating which is the lowest they can be with a natural 5 star (nat5) being the best although some of the best monsters in the game for certain areas are nat2 and nat3 monsters. 

RNG and scroll types determine what monsters you get. Unknown scrolls only give 1 to 3 star monsters but usually 1 and 2. Mystical scrolls give 3 to 5 star monsters but usually 3 star with 4 and 5 star being harder to get. Legendary scrolls give 4 or 5 star monsters, usually 4 star and Light/Dark scrolls are the only scrolls with give light and dark monsters and are harder to obtain.

It’s recomended to keep all 4 and 5 star monsters and all light/dark monsters as they are hard to get and even if they are rubbish now, they might get buffed in the future so it’s best to keep 1 copy of them.

As well as leveling up monsters, each monster can be fitted with various rune combinations which make them more powerful. Runes come in 1 to 6 star ratings with 6 being the best and each rune can be leveled up to +15 making them stronger. Runes make the biggest difference in this game, a 6 star monster with rubbish runes is worthless.

I can’t really put a finger on why it’s so addicting. Grinding isn’t usually fun in games and there is a lot of RNG involved in this game with getting monsters, getting runes and leveling runes yet somehow its all fun to play. 

It could be that I set myself progression goals which give me something to aim for. For example the first thing recommended is to build a team of monsters to complete the hardest giants dungeon which gives some of the best runes needed to progress onto harder dungeons for better runes needed to improve further.

So my first aim was to build the recommended team which I have since done. Now I need to gather better runes to improve that team to be stronger and gather runes for other monsters to progress in other areas of the game.

I also need to build teams of monsters to complete the various areas of the game as each area requires different combinations of monsters to complete and each monster needs leveled up and good runes.

This means there is always something to aim for which keeps me playing. 

Another good thing with the game is that there are always in game events going on which provide good rewards so that’s another reason to keep me playing to complete the events and there are always updates coming out adding new features, monsters and balancing current monsters so the game doesn’t get stale. 

The community for the game is also good, and I find that r/summonerswar on Reddit is very good for getting advice on the game and there are some good streamers on YouTube.

Overall it’s probably the most addictive mobile game I’ve played and gives a sense of satisfaction everytime I reach my goals.

It’s very free to play friendly too as teams can be built using easy obtained monsters and due to the RNG spending money doesn’t guarantee getting the best monsters whereas a f2p players can get lucky summons. Of course paying gives you more chances of getting the best monsters but you could spend thousands and be shafted by RNG.

Personally I’ve spent £30 on the game buying a growth pack but only after I had played a couple of months and knew I would keep playing it. It also gives something to the developers to help improve the game. I’ve also spend alot more buying games for pc or xbox where I’ve not played anywhere near the time I’ve played this game so £30 is totally worth it for the fun I’ve had.

I don’t plan to spend any more on the game though as there is too much RNG to justify spending alot on the game when being f2p is totally viable.

I’d recommend it to anyone who likes playing mobile games, doesn’t mind grinding in games and who doesn’t expect to be the best within a few months. It’s a long term game for those who like progression games where you need to put the time and effort into it. 

It’s not really a game where you can play 5 minutes here and there and expect to progress far into the game quickly but if you put the time into it, it is very rewarding and addictive.

– Sparko Marco 


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