Football Manager Brexit

One of the new features of the latest Football Manager game is that Sigames have incorporated the possibility of Brexit into the game.

If you don’t know what Brexit is, it is Britain exiting the EU which could lead to potential problems in recruiting people from the EU into Britain and for existing EU nationals already living in Britain. This will include footballers so the different scenarios of Brexit have been put into the game.

When the game was released, no one had any idea on how Brexit would happen, if it did actually happen, so Sigames built in a random Brexit where at some point in your game one of over a million Brexit scenarios could happen from Hard to Soft Brexit or no Brexit at all. Since then we know that Britain is leaving the EU in 2019 but as yet we don’t know much more about what will happen.

The Brexit scenario is determined when a new save game is created and can happen at any point in the game, this means you cannot really plan for any particular scenario so once its announced in-game it could seriously change your game.

Brexit has just been announced in my Football Manager career game and it looks like I’ve been lucky and it shouldn’t make my game any worse, it might actually make it better. The screenshot below shows the announcement:

Sparko Marco_ Inbox-36

The announcement of Brexit has got a few different parts to it which I’ll try to explain although I don’t know exactly how it will work at this moment.

Firstly my Brexit shows that the UK is leaving the EU, this means that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will be leaving not just England. Some scenarios built in have Scotland leaving the UK and saying in the EU. As I am managing Livingston in Scotland it affects my current club.

The next bit is interesting as it states that British leagues which have squad registrations will use a 17 foreign player limit instead of a work permit system. It is my understanding that this would mean that work permits will be scrapped and clubs can only register 17 foreign players which would now include EU nationals. This could actually be a good thing as often work permits prevent clubs signing some very good young players who have not yet played for their Country and each squad would need 8 home-grown players in their 25 man squad.

Currently in the Scottish Premiership where my club play there is no squad registration so I wont be affected by the 17 foreign player rule and will need be subjected to work permits but if I moved to manage a club in the English Premiership then I would be affected as they have a 25 man squad, incidentally they also must have 8 home-grown players in that 25 man squad so the ruling shouldn’t negatively affect English clubs, if anything they will be better off not needing work permits.

The next part of Brexit is that current EU nationals already playing in Britain will be given special status and will be treated as Non-Foreign and won’t need work permits. This means current squads won’t be affected which is a good thing but I have read online that giving any of them a new contract would then see them classed as foreign but at least it gives time to either tie players to long contracts or plan to replace them long-term if needed.

The final part of my Brexit scenario is that the Bosman rule has been scrapped. This came as a bit of a surprise as I didn’t know it was a possibility. The Bosman rule means that players are free to move clubs at the end of their contracts for free provided they are over 24 years old, under 24 year olds would require the buying club to pay compensation. Now clubs will need to pay compensation for players moving at the end of their contracts.

No Bosman is both a good and a bad thing for me, its good that I won’t lose my players for free but it’s very rare that has happened to me but it is bad in that I like to sign players on a Bosman as it can save the club a lot of money. It’ll be interesting to see how it works and whether the compensation will be too high to sign players on pre-contracts, if so I’ll just have to hope they get released from the clubs to sign them.

Overall I am happy with the Brexit scenario I have got. It doesn’t ruin my game and while I’m managing in Scotland it doesn’t really affect me except for the Bosman rule being scrapped. If I ever move to the English league then it will affect me more but nothing game changing.

It could have been a lot worse and there have been lots of players complaining about Brexit ruining their games so I think I’ve gotten off lightly.

-Sparko Marco


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