Summoners War No Summons Challenge

I’ve decided to give myself what could be an impossible challenge on Summoners War.

I saw on Reddit that someone was trying to clear giants dungeon 10 and the Trial of Ascension (TOA) tower by not using summoning scrolls other than unknown scrolls which means they can only summon upto 3 star monsters from unknown scrolls which is rare to happen, farm monsters from secret dungeons or fusing specific monsters.

That challenge is hard but not impossible as the beginners recommended giants 10 team consists of a fuseable 5 star, 2 secret dungeon monsters (2 star and 3 star), and easily farmable 3 star and 2 star monsters.

The beginners recommended TOA team then has 2 of the giants team, a 3 star from secret dungeons, a non farmable 3 star which can be gotten from an unknown scroll and a fuseable 4 star which needs farmable 3 star monsters.

So all the monsters they needed can be gotten without using mystical, legendary or light/dark scrolls or summoning stones. It’s a challenge but a very possible challenge and more likely just going to increase the time to complete things rather than make it harder, it’ll still be a good challenge to complete. 

It got me thinking though, could Summoners War be played without actually summoning a monster other than the 3 during the tutorial. So I’ve set myself the challenge to clear the giants dungeon 10 without summoning a monster. 

This means the only monsters I can use are the 3 from the tutorial and those which I get from mission rewards, scenario drops, from the shop or from a lucky wish.

The game tutorial gives you 3 basic monsters, the first is a 2 star fire hell hound which won’t be any good for giants b10, the second is 3 star water fairy which has a heal and may be useful and the third is a 2 star wind vagabond which may also be useful.

The missions then give a 4 star water magic knight, a 3 star light elven archer and a 3 star light garuda all of which may be useful.

As of a few days ago the latest update also has some new missions which provide monster rewards which give 2 of the standard beginners giants 10 team in the 2 star wind pixie and 3 star wind griffin, a 2 star water garuda all of which will be useful and then a few which may not help in a fire harpu, a dark salamander and a light imp which are all 2 star.

Other than those I’m left with buying monsters from the shop, all of which are only 2 star, drops from scenarios which are 2 or 3 star and are specific monsters, some might be useful and then if I’m really lucky I might get a good monster from a wish but monsters are very rare from a wish and might not be good even if I get one. Wishes are also limited to 1 free wish a day.

At the start I said it might be impossible and thats because I’m limited very much to a small pool of available monsters most of which are not useful for the giants dungeon 10 and 3 of the beginners recommended monsters I probably will never get except from a lucky wish.

If I am successful then it’ll probably take me a long time to do as I’ll need to 6 star all my useable monsters and get good runes which will be a slow grind. It’s also being done on a new account on my old phone which I’ll only be playing when my main account is out of energy so I won’t be playing it constantly. It’s just something to do in my downtime from playing my main account and need to feed my addiction!

If I complete the challenge, I might continue the challenge into TOA or just do a mass summoning session with the scrolls I’ve accumulated.
It could be a fun challenge or very frustrating to do and may never be completed but either way I’m going to attempt it. The hardest part might just be resisting the temptation to summon.

– Sparko Marco


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