Football Manager 2017 – My Career Update – New Job

At the end of my previous update I wrote that I had been offered the Burnley job but was unsure whether to accept it or not.

I’ve since thought about it some more and decided to go for it.

Although I was doing well with Livingston, realistically I’ve a better chance of becoming a world-class manager if I move to Burnley.

If I stayed at Livingstone I would continue struggling to keep hold of my best players as each transfer window so far I’ve had to sell and with Celtic dominating the league and having loads more money than the rest it could take quite a few years to catch up to them especially if I can’t keep my best players.

At Burnley, although they have been relegated they have the money I need to improve the squad and get promoted back into the Premiership and once in the Premiership the money is there each year to invest in the squad and I should have an easier time keeping my better players.

My managers reputation can also increase faster if I’m in the English divisions which might lead to me moving to a bigger club in the future too so I’ve decided it’s a good move for my career and another stepping stone to an even bigger club.

Now that I’ve moved clubs, first thing I needed to do is evaluate the players and staff and get rid of anyone deemed not good enough.

First I checked out the staff and looking through them I found that the club was severely lacking coaches as they only had 2 coaches, 1 of which is a goalkeeping coach and no assistant manager. Both coaches are good enough to keep.

Looking at the staff transfer history, the assistant manager and head of youth both left when the previous manager was sacked but no others left which means last season they didn’t have many coaches.

The youth set up is a bit better as they have an u23 manager, assistant and coach. The manager and coach are good to keep but the assistant could be replaced if I can find better.

The u18s also have a manager and 2 coaches with 1 being a goalkeeper coach. Both coaches look ok to keep but the manager needs to be replaced.

The clubs medical team looks good with a doctor, 2 physios and sports scientists and the u23s and u21s also have physios.

Lastly the scouting team is ok, they could be improved if I can find better but they will do to start with.

After evaluating the staff I need to find at a minimum, a Director of Football, a Head of Youth Development, an Assistant Manager, an u18s Assistant Manager, 3 coaches (more if I can persuade the board to increase the advised number), and anyone to improve those currently at the club.

Onto evaluating the players the first thing I checked was the u23s and u18s to see if anyone had good potential based on the coach reports. Unfortunately I didn’t find anyone impressive, a few might be ok in the championship but I can’t see me using any of them unless injuries force me to.

Next, looking at the first team I met with my first major problem. I expected the team to be poor with being relegated but what I also found was that it was an old squad too with an average age of 29 with the better players being in their 30s.

The other problem I have is that some of the players also want to leave due to the relegation which is to be expected. I might just cash in on some of them to increase my transfer funds.

Speaking of transfer funds, I’ve been given a £15million budget and £1.1 million wage budget. The club is spending more on wages than budget allows but once I clear out the squad I’ll reduce that. If I can get rid of some high earners (and there are some ridiculously high wages for the poor quality) I can move some wage budget into transfer budget. The board will also generously give me 90% of transfer fees into my budget so that’ll be good if I sell anyone for good fees.

I can see I’ve got a big job to do in cleaning out the squad and bringing in new players. I think I’ll look at raiding my old Livingston team as there are a few young players I’d like to sign, also I had a good assistant manager I’d like to sign.

Hopefully I can bounce straight back up into the Premiership, if not I’d expect to at least be close to promotion, anything less than making the playoffs will be bad.

I’ll end this post with a few screenshots of my new club and manager screens.

– Sparko Marco


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