Albion Online Go Live

Albion Online is a new sandbox MMO which has officially gone live this week.

It’s had a few years of Beta where players could purchase founders packs of different levels. There was several Betas where data was wiped after each one and changes made.

Depending on which founders pack players bought determined on when you could play the game as it goes live. Legendary founders could play on 17th July 2017, Epic founders on the 18th and Veteran founders on the 19th.

Near the end of Beta starter packs were also announced in the same tiers as the founder packs giving the same start dates as their founder equivalents. I don’t think there is a great difference between the founder packs and the starter packs and shortly after starter packs were announced founders were informed they would get some extra gold when they start the game to make the founder packs better value for money.

Albion Online was a game I was watching for a while and back in March I decided to get the Veteran pack which I blogged about at the time.

Unfortunately I didn’t get far in the Beta except try out the different weapons and get a feel for the game. My free time for gaming irl was limited I didn’t want to put too much time into the Beta knowing there would be a data wipe.

Now that’s it’s officially live I can try it out again and see if it’s any good. It has a lot of potential but then so have lots of other failed MMOs.

I’m going into the game with very little knowledge of what I need to do and I’ve no idea how I want to play it. With it being a sandbox game I can play my character any way I like but I understand it’s good to focus on specific weapons and armour as they level up as you use them and it’s a long grind.

I think I’ll need to look into the gear and try each out at a low tier before committing to anything, from the time I did play Beta I think I enjoyed using bows better but there’s been changes made since then so I’d rather try them out again.

As today is the day I can log into the game I was hoping I could spend a bit of time playing it but unfortunately after a long day at work followed by a late game of 5-aside football I’ve not has much time to play.

I did get logged on and luckily my user name and password had been remembered by the game as I’ve no idea what it was.

I’ve got my first character created and as you can see below he’s not the best looking avatar you’ll find in a game. My name was available which was good but I didn’t really expect anyone to use it as I belive it to be unique and so far it has been available in all games I’ve used it in. Graphics aren’t particularly good when creating your character and you only have a few options to choose from and a little bit of customisation. I went with one with a bald head and a long ginger beard to match my real life long gingerish beard and balding head.


Apart from creating my character I’ve not done anything else. It’s a bit late now to be playing and I don’t want to go into it tired as I won’t fully take on board what I’m doing and it’s not uncommon for me to fall asleep when I’m up late gaming so I’ll leave it until I get more time tomorrow.

If I get any free time at work tomorrow I might start looking into some weapon/armour builds to help decide what path to follow before trying it in-game.

Just enough time left tonight to write and upload this post and I’ll dive into the game tomorrow.

If anyone is interested in Albion Online and thinking of buying it, there is a refer a friend set up which you can use when creating your account. The link below is mine which you can use.


I’ll be honest and say I don’t know what, if anything,  you’ll get from using the link. I’ve looked online and can’t find anything other than the rewards I would get if you use my link then buy a starter pack. You’ll be no worse off for using it though

I’ll post again in a day or two with my update on how I’ve found my early days in Albion Online.

– Sparko Marco


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