First Day in Albion Online 

I managed to get some free time last night to get on Albion Online. I’d already created my character and was ready to play so as soon as I got logged on I entered the world.

I knew what to expect from playing the Beta and nothing seemed to have changed in the game play. 

In the Beta my starting area was in a desert but this time I’m in some swamp land, Swamp Landing #2 to be exact which looked a bit better than the desert area. The #2 must mean that there are multiple starting areas in the same area, probably to reduce the number of people so new players can see what’s going on. 

The background sound effects give it a feeling like your in the swamp and there are noises of frogs everywhere. Its not something I noticed in the Beta desert starting area.

I notice there are 8 friendly players in the area as there is an icon near the map which shows 8, hovering over it informs me it’s 8 friendly players. I wonder if later in pvp zones it will say how many unfriendly players there is or if it keeps that figure unknown. 

With the game being a sandbox there’s no quest giver standing where you spawn like in other MMOs waiting to give you a quest but you do have a quest of sorts showing at the top right telling me that I need to gather 3 rough logs.

It’s not really a quest (I’ll call them quests for now) but part of the games destiny board. The destiny board is a system of connected achievements/quests/whatever you want to call them, where carrying out different things contributes to different areas of the board. There are different branches for different weapons, armour, crafting and gathering and in each there are different tiers of quests. 

Once you complete a quest it unlocks the next tier forking off into multiple branches and quests. Each tier is harder than the last to complete quests making it a long grind to max a branch of the board.

Back to the first quest, it’s not very informative on how this is done but from the Beta and before that, YouTube, I knew that clicking on trees gathers logs. It’s the same for other resources where you click on stone, mining nodes, dead animals or flowers/bushes to get stone, ore, hide and fibre.

Clicking on a resource let’s you gather up to 9 of that item in 3 sets of 3. Depending on when it was last harvested and respawned you might get 3/9, 6/9 or 9/9. If it’s harvested straight away after it spawns you’ll only get 3.

As soon as 3 logs are gathered the quest is complete and the next one appears to gather 3 rough stones. Looking at the destiny board shows that each quest is linearly connected up until you reach the centre of the board where it will start branching off.

3 stones are quickly gathered but not before I accidentally click on a frog and killing it. I tried skinning the frog but it says I need a skinning knife for that. At this point I have nothing on me except my underwear so it seems strange I can chop down trees and cut stone with my bare hands but not rip skin off a dead frog!

With the amount of skeletal frogs lying around it seems others don’t have any problems with skinning them.

Oh well, back to completing the quest and I find the next one is to create the skinning knife I need for those frogs. It doesn’t actually say how I do this or where to do this at but moving further in the map I easily see a place where I can craft things.

The skinning knife only needs 3 logs and 3 stones which the earlier quests ask you to gather. I’ve got plenty more than needed as I harvested all trees and stones I walked past in anticipation for needing them later.

Next quest is to use the knife to finally skin some frogs, rabbits or marmots (no idea what a marmot is, after googling I’ve found out its a large squirrel). I only have frogs in the area so they must be unique to the different areas.

After killing a frog, I’m asked to gather 8 hides so I kill and skin a few more frogs gathering more than needed for later.

I now need to craft a beginners mercenary jacket which like the skinning knife requires the amount of materials I was asked to gather (8 hides). The jacket is equipped automatically and I’m no longer practically naked.

Now I’ve got my skinning knife and bare hands I can chop wood, cut stone and skin my prey the next quest is to craft a broadsword, presumably so I can fight things which unlike a little frog can actually fight back.

The sword only needs 6 logs and 6 stones which I’ve already got so I don’t need to gather any more. The sword, unlike the jacket, is not automatically equipped and goes into my inventory. Luckily, just in case I forgot I crafted the sword I get my next quest to equip the sword.

Going to my inventory shows the sword in my bag along with my gathered materials. My skinning knife is equipped and must have automatically equipped when I crafted it. Right clicking on my sword swaps it with the knife.

Once the sword is equipped I get a pop up informing me that the sword has multiple skills I can choose from. Looking at it there are 2 skills to pick from, one is aoe and the other single target. The single target does more damage but both have same energy cost. I decide to go with the single target one for now, I know from Beta that I can change it later plus the sword probably won’t be used for long.

The next quest is to use the skill on a nearby training dummy which is straight forward except I was being a dummy and read the quest wrong and thought I was to just attack the training dummy and was then left wondering why it wasn’t completing before realising I needed to use the skill.

The skill can be found at the bottom of the screen and can be either clicked on or by pressing the keyboard button which shows next to the skill icon, in this case it’s Q.

I also noticed that I had another skill showing, I looked on sword but it wasn’t there. I found it on my jacket and it was an out of combat heal. Once I saw it waa on the jacket I remembered from Beta that armour also has skills on them.

Following completion of that quest the next one is to leave the starter island and go to town. There is only 1 route out of the island so I leave and go to town and find myself in the starting town of Swamp Cross which shows that the region is over populated. The number by the map shows 451 friendly people although I hardly see anyone about.

I’m also asked if I want to claim my founders items. I can’t see any reason why not, it warns me that I can only get them on one character but that’s OK as this will be my main one so I claim my items and I’m given 2400 gold, 30 days premium status and a founders certificate which I can put on my in game house wall when I find out how to get one. For now I’ve kept the certificate in the mail as it can be dropped if I die in pvp.

With entering the town and completing the quest it pops up that I’ve completed some quests on the destiny board. Upon looking at the board I can see I’ve completed novice adventurer in the middle of the board along with the first tier of the branches for trainee craftsman, trainee farmer and trainee fighter which allows the use of t1 weapons and armour and some farming seeds.

I’ve also got several new quests on the destiny board I can work towards. At this point I can do any of them but from what I’ve read it’s best to either focus on one or two if you know what build you want to aim for or try out them all for a couple of tiers then decide which to focus on.

There is also a continuation of the linear quest line going up through the board with several tiers of quests. The next one for me is journeyman adventurer which completes by doing any activity until you get 9000 fame. Each tier requires any activity done but in greater amounts each tier. These will be done as I progress through the game normally.

In the Beta there were no actual quest givers but at the start of town I can see a man with a yellow scroll on his head. This must be a new quest chain put in the game since I last played.

Talking to him gives me a quest to speak with the Royal Crafter in Swamp Cross. Once accepted a red scroll appears on the map which indicates where the crafter is. Once there the crafter also has the red scroll above his head.

The crafter gives you a choice to craft either a novices broadsword, bow or fire staff. Clicking each shows their skills and stats. I decided to go for the bow as I was leaning that way from using it in the Beta, plus I like the idea of being able to kite in solo pvp or dps from range in group pve and pvp.

After choosing the bow the next quest confused me a bit as he asked me to craft an axe! I thought maybe it was a bug in the wording but after finding the t1 workbench on the map and going to it I realised that it was an axe for cutting down trees and gathering logs. After using my bare hands in the starter island I hadn’t realised I needed an axe though I should have remembered from the Beta.

While crafting the beginners axe I also decided to craft all the beginners tools – stone hammer, pickaxe and sickle. Having all tools means I can gather all resources if I need any as I don’t yet know what I’m focusing on.

Next he tells me to open the map and explains how different biomes have different resources with the map showing the swamps contain wood, fibre and hide but no stone or ore. This means people need to travel to gather all resources or buy on auction house.

To craft my bow I’m told I need 32 birch logs, luckily I remember from the Beta that there are some in the starter towns next to the lumber mill, on Beta I actually spent (wasted) a long time looking for them out of the towns in an area that didnt have many. I find the lumber mill on the map and quickly gather the logs.

Those logs then need converted into birch planks and I need 32 planks. Each log turns into 1 plank at the lumbermill so those from the previous quest are all I need. I then just need to use the planks at the hunters lodge to craft my bow. It’s all easy to do and crafting my bow doesn’t take long to do.

I thought that would be the end of the actual proper quests but I’m now asked to craft any novice armour helm, jacket and shoes. I figured as I’m using bows I would go with typical hunter leather gear.

The hunters lodge shows I can craft leather helm, jacket and shoes for a combined total of 32 rugged hides. Checking the tanner it shows to craft rugged hide I need t2 stiff leathers.

I’m not sure if there’s anything to kill and skin in town so I decided to venture out for the first time.  I’m in the blue safe zones so I won’t get attacked by other people but as I’m going to kill animals I needed to equip my bow and pick a skill. It doesn’t matter what I pick as it’s another choice of aoe or single damage so I pick single damage again for more damage. The bow also has 2 other skills I can’t change, one makes my next 5 auto attacks do aoe damage around the target and the other makes normal attacks stack extra damage and speed.

I decided to go out the nearest exit to where I was which was the towns north-east exit and found myself in some snow, I was expecting a swamp. Looking at the world map it shows I’m now in Gwan Gorge but it shows the area only has stone, fibre and ore and not leather which I need.

Going back into town I now find that I can see everyone now which causes the game to start lagging. I’ve since found out online than when there are too many people in the town it seperates people to different phases or something like that so you don’t see everyone. It was better when I couldn’t see anyone as I’m now struggling to move around without clicking on people!

I decide to go out the south-east exit this time and find myself in the swamp area called Chillhag which has 256 people in it. It looks like it’s going to be hard to farm with so many people but I wander off towards a far corner and start seeing less and less people, however I’m also not finding many animals to kill so I start collecting some wood, stone and cotton as I wander around. Eventually I find an area with some fast spawning snakes and get enough kills to fill my inventory up and start heading back to town once my inventory is almost 100%. On the way back I get more resources as I find them which puts me over 100% and overloads me slowing me down a little bit.

While out gathering I also completed the trainee gather quest which needed 240 t2 resources gathered. As an example of the destiny board, it now splits off from trainee gatherer into 5 branches for fibre, wood, ore, stone and skinning with each one needing 2250 of that resource to complete the quest then each tier of those requires more and more needing gathered.

Back in town it’s full of people again and it takes me a few attempts to open my chest to store the resources I don’t need at the moment as I firstly can’t see it for people standing on it and then I kept clicking people again.

After dumping what I don’t need yet I head over to the tanner and create my stiff leather, I decided to use some focus as I had a lot I could craft and focus returns 35% of resources (not sure if this is a fixed % for all crafting or different in other towns or player owned crafting stations). I’ve read online that focus caps at 30k and you get 10k a day so I may as well use it. I end up with 140 stiff leather, more than enough need for the quest but I can use it to craft extra armour.

In the process of refining my hides into leather I completed the journeyman refiner quest which needed 240 t2 resources refined. Like the gathering one it also splits into 5 branches for each resource which each need 3713 resources refined with each tier needing more and more.

So back to the hunters lodge to craft my gear. The novices helm has 1 skill which slows enemies in front of me and a passive skill which increases damage and healing plus reduced damage. The novice jacket has 2 skills to choose from, the same out of combat heal my other had plus one which puts a flame shield around me which reflects damage back and increases resistances for 8 seconds plus a passive skill same as the helm. The novice shoes has one skill to increase speed for 3 seconds and a passive to increase carry load maximum.

I also noticed as I crafted that the shoe quality is outstanding and the others just normal. The normal items have 300 item power and the outstanding has 320 so I presume will gave better stats. I decided to craft another to check and got some normal shoes, checking the stats shows that the outstanding shoes have a slight increase in hit points, max energy, hit point regen and max load but the energy regen is the same.

At this point I called it a night as I was struggling to stay awake, it was late and I had work early. I’ll hand in the quest tomorrow night and see if I have more quests to do or if I’m left to do my own thing.

Overall I managed to put almost 2 hours into it and didn’t really get that much done. It could have been done quicker but I wanted to take it all in, plus writing up what was happening slows it down. I wanted to try and note everything needed to be done at the start so if anyone new to the game reads this it might help them a bit. 

I should get about hour or 2 on it tonight so will hopefully finish off the starter quests and then try and work out what to do next.

– Sparko Marco 


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