Second Day in Albion Online

I got back online last night so had another couple of hours on Albion Online.

Day 2 started with needing to complete the quest for crafting novice armour. I’d already done what I needed to do for the quest so I just needed to hand it in. As a reward I got my first cape, it doesn’t do much but gives a little bit extra energy and energy regen which will help in combat.

After completing the quest I was given another quest to speak with Royal Soldier Benson. I knew where he was as I tried getting a quest from him on day 1 due to the map showing a gold scroll on him but he had no quest. The map now shows he has a red scroll.

Upon speaking with him I’m informed that he wants to see what I’m made of in a test of strength. The quest he gives is to kill heretics and collect 150 silver, no other information is given.

It’s not clear where these heretics are so I figured I’d leave the town and wander around to see if I can find any heretics. I decided to leave town via the south-west exit as I’ve not yet been there and I find myself in Stinkhag along with only 87 friendlies.

Looking on the map I can see several areas with what looks like a building of sorts which thinking back to Beta I remembered they had some enemies I could kill.

I decided to go to one far away from town hoping it to be less populated rather than having to compete for kills. Once there I found a village with plenty of enemies to kill but they weren’t called heretics. I decided to go kill them and see if they were what I needed to kill.

After my first kill, a bunch of silver dropped next to the corpse. Collecting the silver updated the quest which confirmed I was where I needed to be so I went around the village killing all enemies I saw gaining more silver than needed. 

While killing the heretics I also completed 2 more destiny board quests for journeyman reader (kill 1000 creatures) and journeyman hunter (1000 kills with a bow)

Once complete I just headed straight back collecting whatever resources I came across. Near town I also found an enemy on his own who had a gold ring around him, not sure if that means anything but I still killed him. He dropped 1 carrot which seems like a strange drop and I’m not sure what it’s used for so once back in town I just sold it on the marketplace to see how that worked.

The marketplace is easy enough to work out and when selling you can sell to a buy order or create a sell order. I created a sell order as the minimum one was more than the highest buy order by quite a bit. It didn’t take long for it to sell, it wasn’t worth a lot but its extra silver for something I didn’t need yet.

After completing the quest and handing it in I’m informed that it’s the end of my training and I’m given a quest to buy a Royal Horse Token from the marketplace.

Looking on the marketplace I can search for the token and I find plenty of them listed. I wasn’t sure what I’d find as I thought all items in game were player crafted but as the token is for a starter quest they must be computer generated into the marketplace.

Most tokens only cost 100 silver which will be those computer generated ones for the quest however there are several posted for a lot more silver with the highest being for 100k. Those will be from players trying to scam/fleece new players not paying attention. Most new players won’t have that much silver this early in the game so it seems pointless trying to sell them so high.

Once bought I return to the quest giver to find that hes not the one who I needed to talk to so I look at the quest on the right of the screen which shows I need to talk to Royal Commander Bertram who shows on the map near where I first entered the town from the starter island. 

Completing the quest rewards me with a novice mule which is a mount that increase speed and max carry load when riding it. Checking my inventory shows the mount needs to be equipped which once done I get an icon button before my skills bar which activates the mount.

That’s all the starter quests completed as far as I can see unless something else appears later. None of those were in the Beta and there was no free mounts. It’s a nice addition to the live game as the quests give a basic overview of gathering, crafting and killing things and the mount will help speed up gathering resources.

Now that the starter quests are complete I now need to decide what I want to do in the game and what to focus on within the destiny board.

After spending a bit of time looking on the destiny board plus a little look online during work I’ve decided to stick with my bow while wearing leather jacket and shoes with a cloth cowl. The reason for this is because it’s viable for solo and group pvp and pve even if its probably going to be a common build.

It seems strange to go for the cloth cowl but the mage cowl has a poison spell which will fit in with my bow spells and none of the leather spells were that appealing.

Now I’ve decided what weapon and armour to use I’ve looked through the destiny board to see what I need to do to craft and wear them.

To be able to craft all I wear I’ll need to focus on gathering hides, logs and fibre which can all currently be found in the swamp biomes I’m in at the moment so I don’t need to move to another biome just yet.

Gathering and crafting isn’t all I need to do though, I also need to be able to wear them and level up the destiny board quests to make them more powerful.

So far I’ve been wearing all leather and a bow so I’ve already able to equip t3 but I can’t yet craft any t3 gear. I can’t also wear t3 cloth yet either, the destiny board shows I need to get 1000 kills wearing a cloth jacket so I’ll need to change that for now until I unlock the next tier in the cloth branch then I can go back to leather. Theres not much difference between leather and cloth at t2 as I’ll be using the sane heal spell which is on both.

Now I need to focus on gathering and crafting to at least be able to craft and equip t3 geat before I may need to move onto a t4 area. Looking at what I need for a t3 bow it shows I need to use chestnut logs. I’ve already found chestnut trees and know I can’t harvest them with my t2 axe which means I need to craft some t3 tools.

After checking to tool station I need to gather or buy some copper ore. I also need logs but I already have plenty I’m my town chest. Seeing as I know the north-east exit leads to a snowy area containing ore I quickly venture out that way and gather more than enough ore needed. 

It didn’t take long to get the resources and craft t3 tools so I decided to make a start on crafting what I can with my current resources but as it was getting late I didn’t want to start gathering anything else.

Going to the crafting stations I crafted all t2 bows, cloth cowls and leather jackets in sets of 5 at a time using focus where I could to get 35% resources back. After each set of 5 I then studied them on the study tab which provides fame to level up the destiny board quests, again using focus for a 35% fame increase.

It didn’t take long to unlock t3 gear and I still have plenty of t2 resources left which is good as I still need t2 for crafting t3 crafting materials, I just need to now gather some t3 resources which I’ll leave for another day.

Just before logging off for the night as it was now very late I remembered seeing a bag I could craft at the tool station so I went and crafted a novice bag which increases max carry load.

I didn’t seem to get a lot done tonight but that’s because I spent most of the time looking through the destiny board working out what I needed to do and what to focus on next.

Next time I get on I can concentrate on gathering t3 logs, fibre and hides so I can craft t3 armour and bows. I also need to equip a cloth jacket and get 1000 kills so I can then wear a cloth cowl so kills wearing it levels up fame in the cloth cowl quest on the destiny board.

That’s it for this update. It might be a few days until my next post as unless something really interesting happens I could just be spending my little free gaming time gathering resources and crafting stuff to complete quests in the destiny board.

– Sparko Marco 


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