A Couple More Days in Albion Online

Over the weekend I got some more progress in Albion Online. I didn’t get on as much as I wanted to as I was at a family party Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday was mostly spent with the kids. The free time I did get on Albion Online was mainly spent farming. 

On my second day in Albion I decided I was going to focus on bows, leather jacket/shoes and cloth cowl. To be able to wear the cloth cowl and have my kills go towards the destiny board quest I stated in my last blog post that I needed 1000 kills while wearing a cloth jacket. I actually got that wrong and after getting some kills in a cloth jacket I realised that it was actually 1000 fame gained from kills which is gained a lot faster than 1000 kills.

As soon as I got my 1000 fame wearing the cloth jacket I swapped back to the leather one as I need to be getting kills wearing leather to increase my fame in leather jackets.

At this point I’d also farmed resources while getting my kills and was back in town to unload them. While in town I decided to check out the blue portal in the middle. I knew from Beta it took me to a pve dungeon but I couldn’t remember how it was unlocked or what it rewarded.

Clicking on the portal shows that I could do a T3 journeyman expedition which I had already unlocked. The expedition informed me I needed to have an item power of at least 250 (T2 normal gear is 300) and I had to have unlocked journeyman reader (1000 fame from kills) which I had already unlocked.

It also informs me that I will get 1000 silver for completion plus 1000 more silver for the first completion of the day. It’ll be worth doing at least once each day for the bonus silver, especially as I’d assume rewards got better doing higher tier expeditions.

Going into the expedition, the loading screen shows I’m going into the Curious Excavation, I’m not sure if this is unique to T3 expeditions or the area I’m in. I can see on the right of the screen a quest to kill 5 deranged poachers, 8 deranged fire starters and 1 deranged overseer and I had a 1 hour timer counting down.

The expedition was easy to complete, most enemies could be killed on their own or just 2 of them so there was no problems with most enemies. The only one I found problems with was a deranged piromancer who done a aoe spell that if it caught me, it done a lot of damage. The first few times I ran away from it until I realised it was better to run through him as it was less distance to run out of the aoe ground effect.

The final boss was easy because I remembered it from the Beta. On Beta I remembered I died a couple of times or had to run away until it reset before working out the tactics so this time I knew what to expect. His main spells were one which pulls you in close and one which does a lot of damage in a line going away from him. Every second pull towards you he does his line skill so it’s just a case of avoiding that and doing damage in between.

Before the expedition I made a note of my silver, fame and rep to see what I got during the expedition. In total, including silver from kills and rewards I got 3909 silver, 2176 fame, 14 reputation along with 6 T1 stone and 2 carrots and it was completed in about 30 mins (while also making notes). I’m not sure if it works out as good silver/fame returns for the time taken but it was good compared to what I had before I went in so it was worth doing.

After the expedition I ventured back out to farm resources and wanted to concentrate on logs so was looking mainly for t3 chestnut trees. After searching around the t3 area on the map and not finding much, I went into a t4 area hoping others in there were farming t4 resources and not t3. I found that it didn’t matter where I was at, with the amount of people currently farming in the safe blue zones I was either finding all trees already chopped down or recently spawned so didn’t have alot of resources. I still managed to fill up my carry allowance, it just took a long time to do.

While gathering my logs I got a notification that I had reached a point in the journeyman lumberjack quest on the destiny board where I can now use learning points.

Learning points (LP) are given to premium players and accumulate each day. You can use them once you’ve completed a certain % of the destiny board quest and using LP completes the quest. I’m this case I had 693 out of 2250 (30.8%) fame and could complete it using 5 LPs.

I went ahead and used my LP as I had 255 so 5 wasn’t alot plus completing it allows the use of a T3 axe so I can gather t4 logs. I now need 30000 fame from gathering T3 logs or higher to complete the next tier quest.

After maxing my carry limit gathering mostly logs with a little bit of hides I went back to town to refine it all. In the process of refining logs to planks I hit the LP % threshold so used 4 LP to max out the adept wood planer quest and noticed it showed level 1/100. Looking at the destiny board quest it shows each level increases focus cost efficiency when refining wood by 0.3 and by 2.5 for refining pine logs (T4). It also allows me to craft uncommon, rare and exceptional logs although I’m not sure yet where to find those or what to do with them.

After refining my resources I crafted myself a T3 bow which wasn’t much difference at the moment to the t2 bow except a slight increase in stats. The main difference is an extra damage skill and passive skill but both are currently locked. I need to complete a destiny board quest for killing 25127 worth of fame with a bow.

After using all my resources on bows and leather gear I ended up with an exceptional bow which has more stats than a normal one but didn’t get anything other than normal for my leather armour. In the process I also unlocked the LP threshold to complete the bow crafter quest for 8 LP but for now I’ll just use those for gathering as it seems more important.

Remembering that I can now use a T3 axe for chopping trees I headed over to the tool station and found that although I could use it I couldn’t actually craft it. Looking on the destiny board it showed I needed to complete journeyman toolmaker so I crafted and studied various t2 tools with t2 planks and ore I had in my chest until I completed the quest.

Looking at what I needed to craft the axe it showed I needed chestnut planks which I had plenty of and bronze bars of which I had none. I needed 2 bars for the axe but decided to buy 4 bronze bars from the marketplace rather than go farm them myself, I might level up all resource crafting to t3 or t4 at some point but for now I’ll just buy what I need if it’s affordable.

The reason I bought 4 was that while crafting the axe I also crafted a t3 skinning knife so that if I’m out farming and I unlock the t3 knife I’ll already have one and it won’t slow down my farming going back to craft one.

After unlocking the gathering and crafting destiny board quests and looking into them further it became apparent that there is going to be a hell of a lot of grinding for each resource and the same again for each weapon and armour. I’ve decided that I will stick to logs and hides for gathering, and bows and leather armour for crafting and buy anything else. I was going to do fibre/cloth to build my own cloth mage cowls but I think the extra grind will be too much for now. I can sell my crafted items to fund buying cowls. 

After refining all my resources I’m now good to gather and craft t3 which means I will need to move on from the starter town to be able to craft t4 and higher. Looking at the map the nearest main city is Thetford 2 areas away so I decided to move over there next.

Before moving I sold what I could for t1 and t2 resources on the marketplace as I only really need my t2 refined and t3 raw resources for crafting.

It didn’t take long on my mount to get to Thetford and the chest to dump my mats in was where you come into the city so I could empty my carried items and go back out gathering. 

Before going back to gather I looked around Thetford on the map and can see that the cost of using crafting stations is very high due to them now being player owned. This means I’ll need to pay more to craft so I’ll have to find the cheapest. I can also go back to the starter town to refine t3 resources if I need to.

Another option is to find a guild with a low/no tax rate so I can use their crafting station or start working on my own player island but as yet I’ve not grinded enough silver or decided what city to set my island up in as I can only have 1 island in the city I set it up in.

After dumping all my resources into the Thetford chest I went back out to now gather some t4 resources so went into the nearby t4 area Dusklight fen. The area was like all others, highly populated, so it was difficult finding t4 trees and those I did find were low on resources. I also noticed that while t3 and below resources showed I could gather upto 9 in increments of 3, the t4 trees only had 6 in increments of 2 so you can’t gather as much from each tree.

While gathering logs I was kicked out of the game and couldn’t get back in. Looking online I found that the servers had been taken down but no reason was given. The downtime lasted about 15 minutes before I could get logged back in.  Once back in the game, as it was getting late I just went back to Thetford, put my resources into the chest and logged off.

I think I now need to look into either joining a guild or working out how to set up my island for crafting. I don’t really want to be paying someone extortionate amounts of silver to use their crafting stations.

That’s it for now. I’ll get back to farming resources.

– Sparko Marco 


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