A Couple of Weeks in Albion Online

We’re now into the third week of Albion Online and I’ve been playing for about 2 weeks pretty much every day for an hour or 2 and so far I’m still enjoying it. I’ve not played as much as I’d have liked due to limited time but I’m progressing along at comfortable pace.

At the end of my last post I has left the starter town and moved my stuff to the nearest town of Thetford and started looking at gathering and crafting T4.

Most of my time has been spent gathering, mostly logs, especially if I’ve only had time for a quick gaming session.

After gathering a full load of T3 and some T4 logs (T4 was hard to find as most I found had already been gathered) I needed to refine them to be able to craft some bows. In the starter towns you can craft up to T3 and it’s free to craft but in the main towns/cities there are multiple crafting stations of different levels so you can refine and craft higher tier items, however the stations are player owned and you need to pay a % of the refine/craft in silver.

Looking through the stations on the map you can see the cost of each one so I looked around and found the cheapest ones were farthest away from the chest and only had a 10% fee.

Using the player owned stations showed that without using focus I could get 15% materials back which went up to 45% returned using focus. As you get 10k focus a day which caps at 30k there is no reason not to use focus as getting almost half your mats back is worth using focus on.

Using my T3 logs I crafted a load of planks and made a few bows and studying them which allowed me to use 8 Learning Points on the Bow Crafter quest on the destiny board allowing me to start crafting T4 bows, warbows, longbows and the artifact wailing bows and whispering bows which need artifact materials to craft alongside the normal planks. I’m not sure how to get the artifacts yet do I probably won’t be crafting any of them soon.

After leveling up my bow crafting I next wanted to get my skinning and leather crafting up to T4 so I headed back out into a T4 zone to concentrate on killing and skinning T3 and T4 monsters plus gather any T4 logs I could.

In the process of gathering my leather hides I also completed the destiny board quest for adept reaver which unlocks T4 expeditions and increases damage and defense against T4 or higher creatures by 35% and the quest for bow fighter allowing the use of T4 bows.

Once I’ve refined my gathered hides I used some Learning Points to complete the destiny board quests for adept hide tanner allowing me to craft T4 leather. To then be able to craft T4 leather shoes and jackets I needed to complete the destiny board quests for leather shoes crafter and leather jacket crafter. I completed these by crafting and studying T3 shows/jackets until I could use Learning Points to complete the quests allowing me to craft T4 leather shoes and jackets.

Although I could craft T4 gear I couldn’t yet use it except for the bow. To use the T4 leather shoes and jacket I needed to complete the destiny board quests for leather fighter jacket and leather fighter shoes by getting kills wearing the T3 gear. I didn’t need too much fame so I went out and killed and skinned some more creatures until I could use Learning Points to complete the quests. I also completed the cloth cowl fighter quest using more Learning Points which allows me to wear T4 cloth cowls.

During my trip out killing I also came across a chest that was being guarded by some skeletons. Luckily someone else was killing the skeletons so I helped myself to the chest which contained a couple thousand silver plus a T4 adepts rune and adepts essence which I’ve no idea what they’re used for so I’ll save then in bank for if I can use them at some point.

Once I’d completed the destiny board quests I wanted to complete I headed back into town to create my new gear.

Back in town I crafted as much T4 leather shoes and Jackets and warbows as I could equipping the best on myself and selling the rest on the marketplace making a small profit.

The profit made was more than enough to buy a T4 cloth cowl as I can’t craft anything cloth. I was now kitted out in T4 armour and bow which just left my bag and cape needing upgrading.

To be able to craft T4 bags and capes I needed to complete the destiny board quests for bag tailor and cape tailor which both need T3 versions crafted/studied which need cloth and leather. To wear them I needed to complete the quest adept adventure which I’ve already unlocked. It’ll be easier to buy them off the marketplace rather than craft as with not doing any cloth gathering or crafting.

Now I had T4 weapon and armour I decided to try out the T4 expedition. The T3 one was easy so I figured the T4 should be too. The rewards were double what T3 gave giving 2000 silver plus a once a day 2000 extra and a Royal Sigil (whatever that is).

Going into the expedition it shows its called Preaching to the Dead and I’m given 1 hour to kill 40 curses skeletons, 5 cursed death mongers and 1 cursed deathlord.

For most of the expedition it was easy going and I had little trouble killing the skeletons and death mongers however when I got to the deathlord I had loads of problems killing him. He kept hitting me with a slow spell then doing an aoe spell around me which I struggled to get out of. I could almost kill him but would die just before I could. After about 40 mins in the expedition and several deaths I gave up as it was getting late that night but I’ll try it again another time.

As I had made a little bit of silver from the expedition kills and my marketplace sells I decided to check out the gold market and found that I could afford to buy 100 gold which took my gold total up to 2500 gold. As 2500 gold is needed for 30 days premium that means I can use it to get another months premium once my current one runs out.

At this point in the game I decided I needed to join a guild to be able to use their free crafting stations and to group up when I’m ready for moving into pvp zones.

I looked in the recruitment channel in game but there is that many people spamming it in all different languages it’s difficult to read anything so I took myself to the official Albion Online forums and the specific guild recruitment forum.

On the forum I looked for some UK based guilds and found a couple of them. One of them I added the recruiter in game as a friend to know when he was on so I could message him but he rejected the request even though the forum post said to send him a friend request. I decided to forget about that one and look at the other.

The other post had gotten a few replies and people interested so I also posted my interest on the forum. Shortly after I got an invite to the guild Fable Knights which is a mainly UK based guild based out of Martlock. As I was in Thetford it meant I needed to move my stuff to Martlock. I didn’t have much stiff so I just brought my founders certificate, all my T4 materials and as much T3 as I could carry to 99% of my max load.

Martlock wasn’t too far from Thetford and I could safely travel through 5 blue zones. I could have got there quicker going via yellow or red zones but I didn’t want to risk losing my founders certificate as I can put it in my personal island house.

First thing I done after getting to Martlock was to check out the guild island and use their crafting stations to refine all my gathered resources. It’s free to travel to the island no matter how much I’m carrying (travel between towns costs silver and the more you carry the greater the cost) and free to refine/craft. Apart from the crafting stations they also have a guild hall/house but I wasn’t sure what the point in it was as it didn’t seem useful.

After checking out the guild island I could also travel to some of my guildies islands. Mostly they didn’t have much on them and only one had set up farming plots. It understandable that this early on people wouldn’t have extensive islands unless they have dedicated a lot of time. Most casual players either won’t have one yet or not spent a lot upgrading it.

After checking out the islands I decided to buy myself one in Martlock. I know after reading online that a lot of people are building theirs in Caerleon which is in the middle of the red pvp zones but at this moment I’ve no plans to venture there, I might do later on but for now I’ll stick to the safe zones while I get used to the gameplay before venturing into yellow zones and eventually red and black zones. Hopefully my guild will do trips into pvp zones farming resources or player kills.

Buying the island only cost 6250 silver, I thought it was more and it did say I was getting a 50% global discount (linked to premium status) and the normal price was 12500 silver.

One thing to note is that you need to have premium status to buy an island but once bought you can use it and upgrade it without premium. As everyone gets 30 days premium with purchasing the game its best to buy your island early so that you can use it if you don’t renew premium status.

After buying the island there’s not a lot I can do on it at level 1 as there is only 1 building plot in the middle. I could have upgraded to level 2 to gain access to more plots including farming plots but it costs 18k silver to upgrade which I didn’t have.

To start with I decided to build a house so I could at least hang my founders certificate on the wall. The level 1 house only needed 30 T1 logs, 3 T1 rough stone and 180 T2 bricks. I had the logs but not the bricks so decided to go farm what I needed.

Going out to farm some stone I realised that the areas around Martlock only provide logs, stone and ore which could be a problem for leveling up leather. For now though I don’t worry about that I may need to change my plans later on.

Gathering T2 stone was easy as it was everywhere in the T4 zone I was in and most other gatherers were ignoring it for T3 and T4 so it didn’t take long to farm what I needed and then go build my house.

The house wasn’t that impressive so I looked into upgrading it. The next level also needed a small amount of T1 logs and stone but this time it needed 180 T3 bricks. The T3 bricks needed 360 T3 stone and 180 T2 bricks to craft which meant more farming was needed.

Farming the T3 stone was harder than the T2 as there was a lot more competition. It took several loops round the map collecting T2 and T3 stone plus I continued gathering logs and some ore incase I needed it but I eventually farmed what I needed to and upgraded my house.

In the process of all the farming and refining I completed the destiny board quests for adept stone cutter allowing me to craft T4 bricks and journeyman quarrier and ore miner allowing me to use T3 tools for gathering stone and ore. T3 tools are needed to speed up gathering T3 resources and allows to gather T4 a bit slower.

The next upgrade would need 180 T4 bricks which is either going to be a long farming process or I could buy them on the marketplace. As I had no silver I opted for the farming process.

After deciding to farm the materials I worked out that to get 180 T4 bricks I needed 360 T4 stone and 180 T3 bricks. The T3 bricks needed 360 T3 stone and 180 T2 bricks and the T2 bricks only needed 180 T2 stone so I had a lot to farm.

While looking at the upgrade costs I also looked at the house options and could see that I could hire workers for the different professions. I decided to hire a lumberjack to see what I could do with him.

I had to put the worker into my house so I stuck him in the corner out of the way. Clicking on him gave the options of buying 2 books, one was a novice lumberjack journal needing 300 fame from gathering logs the other was a novice generalist journal needing 2400 fame from any action. Both books were 500 silver so I bought them both as I will fill them up easily while farming.

Before going out to farm again I wanted to be able to use a T4 wood axe as during my farming I kept coming across T4 uncommon pine trees which need a T4 axe to be able to use. Uncommon trees are the best ones found in T4 zones and allow me to refine into uncommon planks and make more powerful bows so I didn’t want to keep missing out on them.

First I looked on the destiny board to see that to be able to craft a T4 wood axe I needed to complete the lumberjack crafter level 1 quest. This just needed fame from crafting T3 wood axes. As I had plenty of T3 planks I just needed a little bit of T3 ore which I had actually been gathering in small amounts. I took all my planks and ore to the guild island and crafted and studied axes until I could use Learning Points to complete the quest. I then also decided to do the same for skinning knives so I could use T4 knives if I go back to skinning.

I’d also had enough resources to craft my T4 axe but when I went to craft it I noticed that it was showing red which means that even though I could craft it, I couldn’t use it. I should have known this as I’d made the same mistakes earlier that crafting and using things are in different branches of the destiny board.

Looking at the destiny board I could see that to be able to use it I needed to get 30000 fame from gathering T2 logs or higher or 9000 if I used Learning Points. I was no where near that which meant I needed to do a lot more farming.

Several farming sessions later and I had farmed enough resources to upgrade my house and I also completed the adept lumberjack quest using Learning Points. It took long enough to get to 9000 fame so it would be hard getting to 30000 not using learning Points.

Unlocking the T4 wood axe also unlocked being able to use T4 lumberjack gear which I could also craft when completing the quest to craft the T4 axe.

At this point I realised how much work was involved in working on just 1 resource and can imagine how much harder it will be as I get to higher tiers. I decided to focus on wood gathering and bow crafting and not bother with skinning or crafting leather items anymore. I can sell my wood and bows to fund my armour. I might still gather some T4 ore/stone to sell if there is a lot of competition for trees but my priority will be trees for now.

Now I’ve decided to focus on trees it makes sense to use the lumberjack gear for farming. Looking on the marketplace I worked out it was cheaper to buy the refined materials than buy the gear and as I was able to craft it I just bought the materials. Also while on the marketplace I looked at prices for an ox and found that a T3 ox was very cheap to buy, I thought they would have been expensive. As it was cheap I got myself an ox as my current T2 mule only gave an extra 60kg carry load but the ox gives about 750kg extra.

The lumberjack gear gives bonuses to the wearer which can make a big difference in gathering. The cap, garb and boots all give bonuses to gathering yields of T4 and below which I’ve learned gives in total 10% chance of getting double fame and logs each time you gather. They so have various spells to help gather or escape from enemies.

There is also a backpack which replaces a cape and gives a nice bonus of reducing the weight of T4 logs or lower ny 30% allowing the wearer to carry more.

The lower log weight along side my new ox will allow me to carry about 10 times the amount of logs compared with my old gear and mule and I’ll be able to gather faster with an increased chance of yield so I’ll now be able to gather a lot more in less time and can start looking into making some silver.

In the process of all my gathering and refining so far I’ve been able to complete several levels in the destiny board quests. My adept lumberjack quest is now at level 3 and my adept wood planer is at level 5 which increases speed and yield when gathering and efficiently when refining.

I’ve also been able to make some silver on the marketplace, mostly from selling refined wood planks. I was going to craft bows to sell but at the moment the planks are worth a lot more than the bows. I may still craft bows to level my crafting but for now I need the silver to upgrade my island so bows can wait for a bit. Also I can just buy new bows off the marketplace if I need to as I’ll be able to afford them from selling planks.

Overall I’m enjoying the game and the only negatives are the problems with servers being taken offline, queues to get into the game and too many rollbacks. I’ve been lucky so far that the rollbacks have affected me but a guildie was saying they had lost a lot of stuff due to them and it was making him think of quitting. It’s understandable as the game requires a lot of farming so I can’t be nice to see that time wasted due to server rollbacks.

I’ve not ventured into much of the game yet as I’m enjoying a slow pace to the game and I’m enjoying farming and progressing on the destiny board.

I like that I can currently farm in safe T4 areas while watching YouTube or twitch as that’s the stage my progression is at but I also know that I’ll need to start going into yellow, red and black zones if I want to farm and craft higher tiers.

The guild I’m in has also just joined an alliance which farm and kill in the black zones and does hellgates so I’ll be able to group up when I’m ready to pvp.

Next up I want to upgrade my island and set up some farms. I don’t know whether I want to farm veg to sell or to cook and then sell or even raise animals to create mounts. I’ll look into all that online once I’ve upgraded my island and then decide what to do with it.

I also want to try out some solo/group pvp and group pve soon too.

My next update might have something other than farming and crafting.

– Sparko Marco


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