Albion Offline

Albion Online is currently under attack from a continuing DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). I’m not sure who is behind it but rumours are it’s from the people who have been illegally selling in game gold for real life money  (gold sellers). Sandbox Interactive have been banning lots of accounts associated with selling gold.

The people behind the attack have been demanding a ransom to be paid for them to stop the attack which Sandbox Interactive are rightly refusing to pay.

I first noticed the problems last week but it may have been going on for longer and it seems that the game is offline more than it’s online, at least during the times I’m wanting to play it. Which given my limited free gaming time its frustrating not being able to play.

The forums are flooded with people complaining and threatening to quit and demand a refund and generally a lot of annoyed players unable to play the game. Most of these forum posts are over the top and sound like they’re being written by kids with no concept of the real world and no understanding that problems can occur, although it is probably adults who should know better. It’s also worth noting that no amount of whining on forums will make a shit of difference, Sandbox Interactive have acknowledged the problem, they understand the players frustrations and are doing everything they can to solve it, another post complaining about it won’t speed up the process.

One of the most frustrating things is that the game is designed to be full of grinds which means to progress in the game you need to be playing it as much as possible so any hardcore players will be losing valuable gaming time. Casuals like me are inconvenienced but so long as the problem is sorted quickly it won’t be too harmful to my progression.

There is also the matter of the in game premium status which is required to speed up the grinding. Everyone who bought the game got 30 days premium status, after that they either need to buy more in game using legally acquired gold, or use real money to pay for it. As the game was released on 17th July we are only a week away from players needing to buy more premium time and the more time the game is offline, the less time players have to make the money in game to purchase it.

Sandbox Interactive have however stated that anyone who had an active premium status on 31st July 2017 would be given 7 days extra premium. I can’t find the source at the moment but I did read it on an official forum announcement. 7 days is a nice bit of compensation, however the problems have been going on for over a week since then so I would expect the date to be changed to account for the problems happening to newer players.

Hopefully it will get sorted out soon before too many players quit the game. At the moment I’m happy to wait for them to do whatever they need to do to get the game back up and running. I understand what problems a DDoS will have on the servers and I would expect the company to be doing everything they can to sort it out as soon as possible, after all they will be losing a lot of money from the severs being down.

However, the longer the problems go on, the more likely it is that I will be consumed playing another game and Albion Online will be pushed behind in my gaming priorities. Over the years I do have a habit of getting engrossed in particular games and all other games get forgotten about for a while, at the moment Albion Online is my number 1 game I’m playing but the longer I can’t play the sooner another game could take over.

– Sparko Marco


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