Taking a Break from Eve Online (Again)

Over the years I’ve played Eve Online on and off but I can never stick playing it for long. I’m not sure what it is with the game but I go through phases where I can’t play it enough to phases where I can’t bring myself to even log into the game. 

At the moment my 2 accounts have just had their subscriptions end and I’ve no intention to renew them any time soon. I will be back in the future as I always go back to it but that could be months or years away. 

I can’t justify paying a monthly fee when I’m not playing the game, I could plex it as I’ve got enough plex for almost 2 months but theres no point if I’m not playing.

Eve is a game I really like but I find it can take too much dedication to play it regularly, especially if your in a corp who expects you to participate often or jump on at a moments notice for pvp.

When I was younger I could manage it and I could dedicate a lot of time to it but as I gotten older my free time has gotten less and now I’ve got a wife and kids I can’t always get online and when I do I just want to chill out on a game without having to worry about the social side of it, going on comms or grouping up for pve and pvp.

When I last came back to Eve I joined a wormhole corp mainly operating in the EU timezone and at the start I was enjoying playing again but over time I’ve lost interest.

The corp I was in was good, it was a small growing wormhole corp who was fairly active and friendly, the biggest problem I had was that any scheduled operations took place at 7/8 pm UK time but I couldn’t get online until 9/10 pm so I would miss the scheduled ops so even though the corp was an EU corp it still didn’t fit into my gaming times. 

As the corp grew it was a bit more active in my game times but scheduled ops were still too early for me and I was already starting losing interest again.

My lack of interest was not due to the corp as I’ve probably enjoyed this corp more than any of my previous ones although when I first joined the corp it was more casual but as the corp grew it did get a bit more demanding on my time as there was a lot more scheduled ops, more expectations to participate and due to a monthly corp isk contribution I also needed to make some isk.

None of that should have been a problem as the isk was easy to make doing PI and it’s understandable that as the corp grows it will need to do more to keep people active and expect people to be active and contribute.  

The corp also started having doctrines which meant needing specific ships which meant I needed to be able to afford them. With a lack of interest in making isk I would need to find a way to fund my PvP ships. The rest of the corp done gas huffing, or PvE sites in c5 wormholes, I could do the same but again this was done in scheduled ops before I could get online to join them.

Again none of that should have been a problem if I didn’t lose interest as I would be able to be active enough to participate and make isk.

It could have had a negative effect on me however as not being able to get online for scheduled ops meant I couldn’t join in with corp activities and needing to contribute isk meant I had to make sure I kept on top of my PI and needing to get doctrine ships meant needing to actively make isk. All I really wanted to do was log on in my free time, grab any ship and PvP without having to worry about making isk or being on at a specific time.
I can’t really work out why I keep losing interest in the game, it could be due to burn out as when I come back to the game I play it a lot to start with or maybe its the style of play as I like to focus on PvP and never make enough isk to properly fund it so I can easily afford to lose ships.

Whatever the reason is, I know I will be back playing it again at some point as I’m always drawn back to it, especially as I read a lot of other blogs who post regular Eve Online content.

When I do eventually start playing it again I might need to revise how I play the game, Eve Online is a sandbox game so there are plenty of things to do so maybe I need to look beyond PvP and maybe try doing some PvE content like missions or incursions. I could maybe also try my hand at manufacturing, market trading or exploration and just try to make lots of isk rather than spending it all on ships.

The social side of Eve often holds me back too, I’ve mentioned in previous Eve posts about being an introvert and not enjoying talking on comms which does have an effect on me playing the game and getting to know people. It seems stupid as I’m not going to meet anyone in real life and no one knows who I am so it shouldn’t bother me yet it still does affect me.

If I start playing again I might look into a more solo play style whether that’s doing PvE stuff or just solo PvP.

I’ve also the option now of playing my account as an alpha account which is free to play. I’ve got about 900 million isk in my wallet which considering the limitations of an alpha account I could fly cheap ships in faction warfare or solo PvP and not have to worry about making isk.

There’s lots of options I can look into if/when I return to Eve, for now though I’m just taking a break.

– Sparko Marco


2 thoughts on “Taking a Break from Eve Online (Again)

  1. Really insightful piece and I think you painted a pretty relatable picture for adult gamers. I have played a handful of MMORPGs and there are a couple I actively return to. Most of the things that take me out of the game we’re described in your article. If I could fix any of the problems, though, I would simply all for more time to game.


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