No Internet 

I’ve have no Internet all day today and it’s made me realise how much I rely on it.

Today I have been getting my Internet upgraded to Fibre which is from a new internet service provider (ISP).

My previous internet was ok and I was getting between 4 and 6 mbps on standard broadband but I’ve not been able to upgrade to fibre until recently as I couldn’t get fibre where I live. As soon as it became available I ordered it straight away and have been waiting a few weeks for it to get sorted.

Today is the day my fibre broadband gets connected and I should be getting about 52 mbps which is a big increase.

My new router arrived on Saturday and I received an email from my new ISP confirming it will go live today and would take no longer than 30 mins to swap over, I can live with 30 mins of no Internet.

Today was also a day I needed to work from home and up to 30 minutes of no Internet wouldn’t be a problem for work as I can just take an extended break.

So this morning I sat down at my laptop at 7am and started working and all was going well until just after 8am and then my Internet went off. Ok, time for a cuppa and then to set up my new router and I’ll be back online soon. 

2 hours later and my router is not connecting to the internet and I’ve had no emails or texts from my new ISP to confirm it’s connected.

As I needed to work I figured I’d give them a call and find out if I should be connected or if the process is being delayed.

I’ve been informed that the up to 30 minutes of no Internet is incorrect and that an engineer is working on connecting me between 8am and 1pm and I should be back online before midnight!

Having no Internet at home wouldn’t be too much of a problem if I could get online on my phone using mobile data but unfortunately I live in a dead zone for mobile data and currently only get ‘G’ so I’ve not even got my phone to fall back on as its not even good enough to do a Google search.

The worst thing about having no internet is that I’m so used to it I naturally go to use it forgetting I can’t get online.

I’ve tried going to IMDB 3 times while watching tv shows wanting to know where I’ve seen someone before. 

I’ve been tagged in a photo on Facebook by my wife and had people comment but even though my phone gave me a notification it won’t load it up.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve tried to get onto Clash Royale for a quick game only to see it get stuck at 50% loading before I realise it won’t work.

I’ve got a war to fight in on Summoners War which finishes at 11pm so if I can’t get on before then I’ll not only miss out on a lot of guild points I’m also letting my guild down as they might need my wins to help win the war.

I’ve also not been able to put any bets on for the football games tonight so I could have potentially lost alot of winnings or more likely saved myself a few quid but tonight could have been the night to win a big accumulator.

Even writing this post I dont know if it will upload on ‘G’ and it might need to wait until I’m back online.

On the plus side, I have caught up on Game of Thrones, Dark Matter, Killjoys and started the latest series of Zoo as I’ve had nothing to to except watch tv all day while waiting even if I couldn’t find out where I’d seen actors before.

It’s now been nearly 14 hours at the time of writing this of no Internet and I’m getting quite annoyed and just hope it’s back online by the morning as I need to do some work from home tomorrow.

Edit: 16th August 17 – I’m back online at 16:45. This morning when I got up I still had no Internet. Phone up my ISP to be informed the job had been cancelled by the supplier and I wouldn’t get online until 21st August.

After complaining that wasn’t good enough (Not quite that politely) as I’d now lost 2 days of working and can’t be losing anymore they rebooked it for tomorrow afternoon. I then got a surprise email this afternoon confirming I was connected.

The kids are happier than I am as they have been fighting boredom and each other all day. The house has never been so quite after hooking up their pads so they can go on YouTube kids app.

And now I can get back to my games again!

– Sparko Marco 


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