Summoners War No Summons Challenge – GB10 Auto Complete

Back in April I wrote that I was going to do a no summons challenge on Summoners War.

My original challenge was to aim for getting the Giants level 10 dungeon (GB10) completed on auto only using monsters obtained without being summoned. That includes not using unknown scrolls, secret dungeon monsters or fusion monsters.

I’m doing it on an alt account so I’m not playing it as often as my main account but I am still playing it every day.
Now 5/6 months later I can auto farm it with about 98% success rate which means I have completed my original challenge.

It’s been a long grind to get GB10 on auto as I’m limited to which monsters I can use and without using unknown scrolls I don’t have a lot of 1 or 2 stars to level up to use in evolving my monsters.

I’ve had to rely on 1 and 2 stars bought from the shop and 1 to 3 star scenario drops plus any rainbowmons I get which slows levelling monsters down a lot.

My original idea of my GB10 team was to use Shannon, Bernard (both standard starter GB10 monsters) and Konamiya which are obtainable from in-game missions and scenarios drops plus 2 others.

The 2 others ended up being Ramahan and Ermeda.

Here the details on my full team:

Ramahan (Leader) (6 star)

This is the wind Inugami and is a farmable scenario drop from Telain Forest.

I’ve runed it up as Violent/Energy – Speed, HP%, Def% (these relate to the slot 2, 4 and 6 runes main stats). I got some decent Violent runes from an in-game event but I also farmed Dragons B7.

The reason I’ve used Ramahan is because skill 1 has a defense break, skill 2 has a strip and skill 3 does a high amount of damage based on defense stats. He also has a wind attack speed lead.

For his stats I’ve got him up to 21k hps, 1400 defense, 169 speed and 44% accuracy. Those are the main stats I focused on.

Accuracy could be better as 45% is ideally needed to land debuffs and the strip.

Konamiya (6 star)

This is the water Garuda and can be bought from the shop and is a mission reward.

I’ve runed it up as Swift/Energy – Speed, HP%, HP% with runes farmed in scenarios and lower giants dungeons.

Konamiya is my healer and cleanser and the stats I’ve got are 33k Hps and 191 speed. The rest of the stats don’t matter as much, he just needs to survive and heal/cleanse as much as possible.

Bernard (5 star)

This is the wind Griffin and can be farmed from the scenario Tamor Desert and is also a mission reward.

He’s used in most starter GB10 teams as his skill 2 puts an attack and defense break on the boss and his 3rd skill gives your team a speed boost and an attack bar boost.

I’ve runed him up as Swift/Focus – Speed, HP%, HP% with runes farmed in scenarios and lower giants dungeons and lower Dragons Dungeons and his main stats have 20k Hps, 191 speed and 47% accuracy.

Shannon (6 star)

This is the wind pixie and can be bought from the shop and also is a mission reward.

Shannon is another one in the standard beginner team as her skill 1 can put a glancing debuff on the boss, her second puts a slow debuff on all enemy’s and her third gives allies an attack and defense buff.

I’ve runed her up with Despair/Energy with HP% ×3 with runes farmed in scenarios, lower giants dungeons and lower Dragons Dungeons. Despair is because her second aoe skill is usable in 3 turns and despair runes have a chance to stun enemies and as she has low base hp I wanted as much as possible to keep her alive.

Ermeda  (6 star)

This is the wind serpent and can be farmed in the Tamor Desert scenario.

I don’t think many people use this one and I’ve not seen anyone else use it but as I’m limited with my selection I found this one to be a good one for GB10.

His first skill has a 75% chance to strip the bosses buffs and has a 30% chance to attack again. It also does damage based on Hps.

His second skill is a 2 turn aoe which puts a slow debuff on enemies. It also does damage based on Hps.

The third skill is useless in GB10 as it is a passive which reduces fire monster damage by 50% (GB10 boss is water)

I’ve runed him on full energy with HP% x3 with runes farmed in scenarios and lower giants dungeons, to get as much hps as possible so both skills do more damage and to help him survive. I’ve got his stats so he has 35k hps and 48% accuracy.

The reason the team works is that I have 2 strippers in Ramahan and Ermeda so the boss rarely has its buffs. Ramahan and Bernard keep the boss defense broken. Shannon and Ermeda keep the boss and crystals slowed down. Shannon buffs my monsters defense and attack and puts a glancing debuff on the boss. Konamiya cleanses any debuffs on my team and heals the team up.

Most runes are 5 star runes with a few 6 star and none are anything special.

I’ve had to 6 star most monsters to achieve this too. I could first complete GB10 manually with Ermeda and Shannon as 5 star if I got lucky. Once I 6 starred Ermeda I could manual 100% but it took about 8 minutes and auto with about 50% success. The team lost if Shannon died before the boss.

Once I 6 starred Shannon, my success rate went up to almost 100% and only bad rng causes a wipe.

When I first set myself the challenge it was to complete GB10 on auto and I would then either summon my scrolls and continue as normal or maybe try TOA.

I’ve currently got 3 legendary scrolls, 15 light/dark scrolls  (including pieces), 12 elemental scrolls, 127 mystic scrolls, 1598 summoning stones and 2922 unknown scrolls.

It’s very tempting to summon them all but I think if I did I could end up regretting it. Its kind of nice playing the game without getting pissed off with bad summoning rates.

I’ve also enjoyed the challenge so far and I’m going to see what else I can complete.

Now GB10 can be farmed I can start trying to get some better runes and look into trying to get some monsters levelled up for TOA and Dragon dungeons.

For TOA, Lapis the water Magic Knight could be good, especially after some recent buffs. I’ve got her runed as Despair/Revenge as all 3 skills are aoe.

My GB10 team will help too but not on all floors so I’ll need to mix my teams up depending on the floor. I don’t think I’ll be able to complete TOA with the same team on all floors like I can with my main account.

As for Dragons I could struggle. Looking through my available monsters there are not a lot of good choices. It may be that I’m going to need very good runes plus alot of my glory shop towers maxed out and try out various monsters.

I can also try more PVP but I don’t think I’ll be able to compete as I’ll be up against a lot better monsters than I’ll be able to get.

So far I just farm easy arena defenses for glory points and I’m in a farming guild so I get plenty of guild points too. I don’t think a no summons account will get far in PVP.

It could be impossible to progress further without summoning but it’ll be fun to try it.

– Sparko Marco


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