Goodbye Football Manager 2017, Hello Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 has just released into its 2 week Beta before officially being released on 10th November 2017.

As I do every year I’ve bought the latest version. Although not much changes each year I’m happy to buy the latest one as I always get my money’s worth out of them and the little changes sometimes make a big difference to the gameplay.

I thought about sticking with Football Manager 2017 for longer as I didn’t achieve my goals in my career game of becoming a world-class manager but I was starting to lose interest in my career game.

It was going good but looking back I regret leaving Livingstone to take on the Burnley job.

My FM 2017 career started unemployed and my first job was with Stirling Albion where I won promotion from the bottom division.

I then moved into Livingston where I got them into the Scottish Premiership and finished in 4th qualifying for the Europa Cup. I should have stuck with them but left to go to Burnley who had just been relegated from the English Premiership.

The Burnley job was a good career progression to help achieve my goals but it wasn’t as fun to manage them.

As Burnley had been a premiership club they had lots of money. By the time I sold off the old and rubbish players I had a massive transfer fund and was able to buy a lot of good young newgen players and won promotion back to the Premiership at the first attempt.

My first season in the Premiership then went smoothly as my team was already full of good players so only needed a few squad players. I ended up finishing 4th and qualifying for the champions league. That season also saw Liverpool relegated under the management of Steven Gerrard.

I should have been happy with how it was going and if I continued to play it for longer I would have become a world-class manager in a few years.

The problem I had was that it was getting too easy. The money I inherited when I took over and player sales made it too easy to get good players. At the start of my second season in the Premiership I smashed the club transfer record signing a 20-year-old newgen player for £60 million.

Whilst most players would be happy with that, I’ve always avoided managing big teams with lots of money as it’s too easy to play.

The only time I enjoy having lots of money to spend is when I’ve progressed a club up the divisions and I’ve had to make my money through buying cheap or young players, developing them and selling them on for profit. That way I’ve earned the right to spend the money.

Now that Fm18 is out, for this version of the game I’m going to start off at the very bottom of the playable English leagues and stick with that club for as long as possible. If I get sacked I’ll decide what to do if that happens.

The club I’m going to manage is my local club Workington Reds who aren’t actually playable in the first season. I’ll need to holiday the first season until 24th June and then save. I can then continue 1 day and see if they have been promoted to the conference north division, if not I can keep loading and repeating until they appear.

The Challenge is then difficult as they will be one if the worst playable teams with no money and no good players.

It could take a while to even get to the professional leagues. I’ve tried this on previous versions and the highest I’ve got them is to league 1 so my aim this time is to get them into the Premiership and then to win it but that might take longer than my available playing time will allow.

To make it harder, I’m not going to manually scout all the newgen players like I usually do as that makes it too easy to find the best young created players, I’ll try to rely on my scouts finding players.

I’ll also only run the game with the English leagues loaded and a small database to speed the game up to try to get through seasons quicker.

It’ll be fun to try and see how far I can take them. I’ll be happy just getting them to the championship as that will be higher than I’ve managed in my previous attempts at this challenge.

I’ll probably not blog about it as much as last time where I done 2 a season as it takes time out from playing by taking screen shots, making notes and writing the posts. I will just give updates every so often on how it’s going, what I’ve achieved and anything interesting that’s happened.

– Sparko Marco


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