Summoners War Account Security

I’ve been playing Summoners War for a little over a year now and one of the major concerns in that time is how secure my account is.

Normally I wouldn’t worry about this but there have always been reports of players accounts being hacked. No one seems safe and there’s no one reason for accounts being hacked. 

I do everything I can to keep my accounts safe. I have good personal Internet security by having unique passwords for everything and not doing anything stupid to compromise my accounts. I don’t share my details or use third party software. Yet I’m still worried to spend real money on a game where I could be hacked through no fault of my own.

Some people blame the players for having poor personal security like using weak passwords, sharing accounts or going to scam free crystal websites while others blame Com2us for having poor security on their end.

I think it’s both reasons. A lot of people are stupid or naive when it comes to online security and games have a lot of younger players who might not realise that free in game currency is usually a scam. However in Summoners War a lot of those getting hacked are adults who insist they have kept their accounts secure.

One notable recent person hacked is YouTuber NickDaGreek who confirms he has never done anything to compromise his security.

Another notable YouTuber JewBagel, whilst not getting hacked did release a strong video talking about the hacks in the wake of NickDaGreek getting hacked along with many other claiming to be victims of a hacking spree.

One of the common things hacked players say is that their passwords and email addresses are being changed without them getting notifications and it appears to be happening within the Hive accounts linked to the game rather than within the game itself.

Some speculation is that the hackers only needed a hive id to be able to gain access.

Over on Reddit someone did a test and gave away all information people claimed would allow a hacker to gain control. Several hackers tried and failed which would indicate it’s not as easy as people thought it was yet players were still getting hacked claiming no fault on their end.

Whether its because a high profile YouTuber has been hacked or not Com2us have just announced a new security system has been added.

The new features of this security include a secondary password needed to access the game along with email confirmation whenever any personal details are changed.

The secondary password doesn’t seem to stop your Hive account being hacked but it does prevent access to Summoners War as it is unique to the game only and can only be changed via the game.

The email confirmation however seems to be a better security for your Hive account as even if someone hacks your Hive account, if they try to change your email or password, an email is sent to your email address requiring you to click the confirm button.

In theory this means that as long as the hackers don’t have access to your emails they won’t be able to confirm any changes to your account and if they were somehow able to get into your account, without the secondary password they can’t access Summoners War.

This all sounds better and as long as players personal security is done correctly players shouldn’t be seeing their accounts getting hacked.

Players now need to make sure that they have unique passwords for their accounts with a different unique secondary password and ensure their associated email also has a unique password. Also do not go to free crystal websites, do not buy an account promising L/D Nat 5s as these are hacked accounts, do not share your accounts with anyone and follow general Internet security.

I would also reccomended players set up the secondary passwords straight away and while doing that change their current passwords. Regularly changing those passwords would help too.

It’ll be interesting to see if these changes stop accounts from bring hacked. Some players will of course still be stupid and get hacked from their own stupidly but Com2us can’t do anything about that. As long as players who do keep their accounts secure don’t keep getting hacked then that’s good.

Of course some people have speculated that the hacks are an inside job from Com2us employees. If that’s the case then nothing they do will keep accounts secure. I don’t believe a company as big as Com2us would allow that to happen but it’s worrying that it could be possible.

Fingers crossed accounts are now secure.

– Sparko Marco 


2 thoughts on “Summoners War Account Security

  1. Had my account stolen and got deployed for military, so there is a time gap trying getting it back and Hive wont help get it back. Even tho had shown ownership of account. Any advice on getting it back? I spent years and lot of money on this account.


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