Creating a Guild in World of Warcraft

I’ve not played a lot of World of Warcraft lately but somehow I’ve ended up creating a guild.

I’ve got bored on my main and apart from levelling at the start of the expansion I struggled to maintain interest in playing the game.

I used to be really addicted to the game and was a semi hardcore raider up until the Mists of Pandaria expansion. It was during MoP where the guild I was in started breaking up and I never managed to settle in another guild. Part of my enjoyment was the people I was raiding with and once they stopped playing I lost interest in raiding too.

Lately I’ve had the urge to play it more often but whenever I logged on my main I got bored after less than an hour. The guild chat was quiet and not much was going on so I’d do some looking for raid or a couple of daily quests then log off.

I tried going on alts but I’d not played them in that long I didn’t know how the skills worked and didn’t have the desire to learn them again.

So how is it that I’m now a leader of the Guild?

Well it started a few weeks back when I was reading about the new levelling experience which has just been released. The changes mean that the world now scales better to your level so you won’t outlevel areas of the map too quick.

This is a good change as levelling alts in the past meant not completing all zone quests and it was easier to just level in dungeons.

With the changes I decided now would be a good time to level a horde character having been solely alliance for 10 years and it would be nice to see the horde storylines as well as working towards the loremaster achievements.

The day the patch and new levelling experience was released I was browsing reddit and one of my favourite subreddits r/CasualUK. Every Wednesday they have a daily WASDnesday thread for people to discuss gaming.

It was in last week’s thread where someone mentioned the new WoW patch and they wondered if anyone was interested in a CasualUK guild. I replied saying that would be good as I was planning to levelling a horde alt and a couple others replied saying they were interested too.

The next day nothing else has been mentioned and as the patch was live I was eager to start playing so I went ahead and created a new post asking if anyone was interested and if so suggestions for servers, horde or alliance and PvE or PvP server.

There was a lot of interest, all suggesting Horde and one person suggested a server they were on and that they would create a while there.

I went ahead and created my character on that server, levelled through the early quests and headed to Orgrimmar in case they needed help setting up the guild.

The next day the guild hadn’t been created so I went ahead and just created it as I was eager to get on levelling and that’s how I ended up creating a new guild.

Creating a new guild was straight forward, all I needed was 10 silver, a name and 4 people to sign the charter.

The problem with it though was getting 4 people to sign it. It feels like a bit of an outdated feature as most people are already in guilds so can’t sign the charter. I decided to just invite all people not in a guild and hope for the best, 10 minutes later I had 4 low level players sign it allowing me to create the guild.

Following creation of the guild I put up another post in the r/CasualUK subreddit letting everyone know the details and we are now starting to get a few players new and old joining.

I’ve never been a guild leader before and I’m not sure how it will go but I am experienced on wow and have been an officer in my previous guilds so I’ll be able to help new players. When the guild starts increasing in players and players hit max level we can decide as a guild whether people want to try raiding.

The guild is now the official guild of r/CasualUK and anyone can join whether UK based or not. At the moment it’s a casual levelling guild but I’d like to see us get a good core of players and we can do some group content.

If anyone would like to join up with us we are on the Quel’Thalas EU server, Horde side and the guild is called CasualUK. My in game character there is called Sparkomarco so you can whisper me online or send an invite request using the guild recruitment function in game.

For The Horde!

– Sparko Marco 


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