Humble Bundle

I’ve just found out about Humble Bundle and I wish I had found out earlier as I may have missed out on some good deals.

Humble Bundle is a website which sells bundles of games for cheap and where you can decide how much you want to pay and where the money goes splitting it between the game developer, a charity and a tip to humble bundle.

I found out on reddit as I was interested in getting Crusader Kings II but the cost of the base game is £30 on Steam and there is a lot of DLC which will make it all very expensive to get.

I was pointed in the direction of Humble Bundle as they have a Paradox (the games developer) bundle available.

For as little as $1 (70p) I could get 3 games I’ve not heard of (Cities in Motion 2, Magicka 2 and Majesty 2 collection). If I pay at least  $7.57 (£5.32) I also get Crusader kings II and the Old Gods DLC along with 3 other games I’ve not heard of  (Pillars of Eternity, Hearts of Iron III and Europa Universalis III Complete)

Finally if I pay at least $12 (£8.43) I also get Stellaris which is a game I’ve looked into getting in the past.

I was a bit sceptical about this as it seems too good to be true. I was assured on reddit it was legit but I went ahead and checked it out more online and everything seems legit.

As the game in the top package is a game I’ve also looked at and is currently £39.99 on steam I decided to get the top $12 package as this gets me not only the game I originally wanted, I also get another game I was interested in plus several others I can try all for a lot cheaper than I was going to get the one game for saving me a lot of money.

I also picked a gaming charity based in the UK called GamesAid which supports a number of smaller charities who help disadvantaged and disabled children so not only do I get new games to play, some of that money goes to helping others.

I’ll definitely be looking at other packages they have and in the future. I may even pay more than required if I can afford to as it would still be cheaper than buying the games elsewhere.

I only paid the minimum needed for all games in the bundle this time to make sure it all legit.

Shortly after buying the games I had the steam codes and I’m currently downloading the games as I write this so so far I’m having no issues with it and I’m happy it’s all legit.

I would recommend checking it out if you’re looking for some new games to play.

– Sparko Marco



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