Summoners War No Summons Challenge – DB10 Auto Complete

A little over a year ago I started a no summons challenge on Summoners War.

My first aim was to complete the Giants Level 10 dungeon (GB10) on auto only using monsters obtained without being summoned or from fusion. The only way to get monsters was the original ones you start with, mission rewards, from scenario drops, from the shop or if I was lucky, from a wish.

The pool of monsters I could use was limited and fodder to level monsters up is also limited making it harder to 6 star monsters.

This challenge is on an alt account so my play time isn’t as much as it is on my main which slowed things down but I managed to auto GB10 in October 2017 after nearly 7 months of playing. I think my main account took 3 or 4 months to auto GB10.

Now a little over 7 months later and I’ve got the Dragons Dungeon level 10 (DB10) on auto farming.

It’s taken longer than I thought it would have but that’s due to spending a lot of time farming GB10 and being unlucky with rune drops as well as not playing my alt account as much as I could have.

I did manage to complete DB10 on auto earlier in the year but not with any consistency and it would fail most of the time so I didn’t want to class it as complete until I had a consistent team running.

For my team I had decided to use lapis and Konamiya as I knew they would be good for DB10 as they have elemental advantage and would fill the roles of DPS, cleanse and healing but I needed to have a think about who else I could use.

I tried different monsters at 5 star on lower levels to see if they might work higher up but I didn’t want to 6 star anything I may not need. This slowed progress down a bit as I’ve 5 starred a few monsters who I don’t use but they have been useful in guild siege battles so it’s not a total waste.

The team I’ve ended up with is autoing DB10 with a 99% success rate but is slow at about 6 mins a run. At this stage I’m not bothered about time, I just wanted to get it on farm at a consistent win rate. I can speed it up with better runes.

Here are the details of my full team, all at 6 star)

Teon (17% HP Leader)

This is the nat 3 star Light Garuda which you get at the start when you complete the first arena rival fight against Gready.

I have it runed on a swift/broken set – spd/hp%/hp% (these relate to the 2,4 and 6 rune slot main stats)

This was the last monster I 6 starred and made the runs consistent.

Teon fills the role of a healer and reviver.


This is the nat 4 star Water Magic Knight which everyone gets as a reward for completing an early mission.

Lapis has had a few buffs over the years and is now good, especially for new players and can be a players first farmer.

I have her runed Despair/Blade – Spd/crit dmg/atk%. The reason for despair is that all her skills attack all enemy’s so there is a good chance of getting a stun. She’s also used as my farmer and in toa.

Lapis fills the role of DPS, defense breaker and reduces enemy attack bars.


This is the nat 2 star Water Garuda which is a scenario drop or can be got from the shop.

It’s runed the same as Teon and is my fastest monster in the team.

I already had it 6 starred from by GB10 team and fills the role of healer and cleanser.


This is the nat 2 star Water Howl and can be got from the shop.

I have her runed on Violent/Energy set – spd/hp%/hp%.

The reason for Lulu is to have another healer and cleanser, 2 of her skills heal and cleanse. The cleanse is especially important as the Dragon and 1 Crystal dots everyone which if not cleansed can wipe the team, especially as the Dragon does extra damage per dot.


This is the nat 3 star Wind Serpent which comes from a scenario drop.

I have it runed on full energy sets hp%/hp%/hp%.

I already had this 6 starred as it’s part of my GB10 team.

It may seem a strange pick for DB10 as the fire Dragon has elemental advantage over wind but Ermedas passive skill reduces damage by 50% against fire monsters.

Ermeda is in the team for the strip ability on its skill 1. I needed a strip to remove the Dragons immunity buff and although Ermenda sometimes misses due to elemental disadvantage, its skill one has a 30% chance to be used again and so it uses skill 1 enough to remove the buff.

Also it’s skill 2 has a aoe slow which slows down the crystals which buff the boss and dot my team.

The team is overloaded with healers and cleanser but it’s the only way I could get it to work consistently. 

I have an idea for a speed team but I need good Violent/Revenge runes with lots of speed so it could be a long time before I could run that team.

The only issue I have, other than the runs being slow is that I can’t complete the mission to kill the Dragon without killing a crystal.

I focus the Dragon however due to the slow speed, my aoe attackers Lapis and Ermeda kill the left crystal before I can kill the boss. This is also one of the reasons I needed Teon in my team so it can revive either of these if they die after killing the crystal.

Now I’ve got DB10 on farm I need to get better times to speed it up and then try to complete Toa or the Necro dungeon level 10 (NB10)

So far I’ve not completed Toa Normal, I’ve got as high as 70 but I’ve not really pushed to get higher. I’m not sure of its possible with the monsters I have available but I’ll try to get it to work.

As for NB10 I’ve got a few units in mind but I need better runes, especially Violent and Revenge runes which I can now farm from DB10.

I might eventually do some summons when if I either manage to do Toa Normal and NB10 of if I realise it’s impossible. It could take another year before I get to that stage.

Currently I have 3 legendary scrolls, 310 legendary pieces (3 summons), 30 light/dark scrolls, 360 light/dark pieces  (7 summons), 36 elemental scrolls, 342 mystical scrolls, and 4975 summoning stones.

If I do eventually summon them I’ll have a lot more and may get a streamer to do them live for me.

For now, I’ll just aim for Toa and Necro after lots of DB10 farming.

– Sparko Marco


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