Elder Scrolls Online – Tutorial Completed

Starting ESO again I had the option of skipping the tutorial but seeing as it’s been over 4 years since I last played it I think it’s best to redo it.

This will contain spoilers for those who haven’t done the tutorial.

As like previous Elder Scroll games my character has found itself starting in some kind of dungeon/been captured. In this case a message says to find a way to escape Coldharbour.

There’s not much in my cell except a few skeletons. A women briefly talks to me from outside the cell then runs away but I see her outside over a dead body. Leaving the cell tells me to get a weapon and points me towards the dead body the women stands over.

The body only has a 2H sword, I thought there may have been a choice of weapons depending on what you wanted to use but guess not.

Following the women I get to fight some guards which tells me how to attack, block and distrupt special attacks. When killed it has increased my 2H skill which isn’t something I’ll be bothering with when I get past the tutorial. It would have been better if I could have picked a staff and started levelling that instead. Though I suppose it won’t make much difference at this low level.

I’m then informed of someone called The Prophet is also a prisoner which I need to help break out.

I also find out that I’m actually dead, killed by a man named Mannimarco and his Worm Cult as a sacrifice to the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. I don’t know why but apparently this prophet can tell me.

I’ve either forgotten this from last playing or I never really paid attention, I probably just rushed through it last time without reading the text. This time through I’m going to try and read all quest text as from I’ve been reading the quests are very well written and there are some good storylines to them.

After a couple more fights I’ve levelled up to level 2 and gained a skill point and a attribute point. At the moment I’ve no idea what to do with the skill point so I’ll leave that for now but as I plan on being a Magicka damage dealer I can be safe putting my attribute point into Magicka.

After finding myself outside I’ve been tasked with killing a sentinel but before that I found a few mobs to kill and lots of various items to open like urns, bags, crates and some chests. Within those I found some heavy armour, a few crafting materials and a recipe for beer but more importantly I found a lightning destruction staff so my kills will now start leveling that up which is better than leveling a 2H weapon I’ve no intention of using. 

After killing the sentinel find the door to the prophet warded and only a mad man called Cadwell can help me. I find him singing some weird song by a campfire which considering I’m outside a prison surrounded by guards, it seems a strange place for him to be hanging around singing, but then I was told he was a mad man. 

He knows another way to the prophet which is good but it’s full of traps, corpses and nasty beasties which sounds fun.

Before leaving him I take a bottle of beer sitting next to him and find some more armour nearby so I help myself to that too.

Going into the next section which seems like a maze of tunnels I found I wasn’t alone as there was level 35 player here, not sure why they’re in the tutorial unless I’m seeing something wrong but they were killing things fast so I let them go ahead so I can kill things myself.

I then bumped into a few other players, most low level like me but some were higher, not quite as high as the level 35 I saw but still seem too high for the tutorial. I wonder if you can come back to redo it later on.

Rescuing the prophet was simple enough once I found his cell. Just a couple of mobs to kill and a couple of pylons to activate and I trade the women who’s been helping me with the prophet.

The Prophet needs me to take him to some anchor which I find protected by a child of bones monster that needs killed. It died easy enough. 

To escape Coldharbour I’m told to collect and absorb some power from a skyshard, I think I remember those from last time playing, if I remember correctly they are hidden around the map and when found give skill points.

After collecting it I’m informed I have 1 of 3 and I need to find 3 to get a skill point. Now thats collected a portal has opened to allow me to escape to Tamriel.

Entering the portal has sent me somewhere else and I’ve found myself in a room with a ghost of the prophet who tells me we arrived in different locations and that I was deposited into the sea and someone fished me out. The room I’m in must be on a boat, I think I remember from last time starting on a boat docked in a city harbour.

The Prophet tells me to find my own path and it looks like the tutorial is over.

Finishing the tutorial has given me a sealed urn as a reward containing lock picks, a soul gem, a bow and a robe. I’ve also ended up with various bits of armour, crafting materials, recipes and junk to sell gathered throughout the tutorial. 

I’ve also levelled up to level 3, have 3 skill points to allocate somewhere, levelled my 2H to level 3 and my destruction staff to level 4.

I can now allocate my skill points either into my class skills of which I have 3 class categories, all have 1 skill I can choose from or I could put them into my destruction staff of which I have 2 available skills to put them into.

I’ve noticed there is a skill advisor which looks new since I last played. I’m advised to put skills into Crystal Shard, Summon Unstable Familiar and Mages Fury which are all the available class skills (1 in each class category) 

If I remember right from last time, the class categories level up if you have a skill from it on the skill bar so taking a skill from each one will level them all up.

I’ll go ahead and take the advise from the skills advisor and take those 3 skills. I don’t know where I’ll focus at the moment so it’ll be good to level all skill categories up and try out each available skill.

My map shows a black diamond like symbol nearby which indicates an available quest so I’ll head off and start questing for a while and see how it goes.

I’ll write an update once I’ve levelled up a bit and got an understanding of the game and figured a bit more out.

– Sparko Marco 


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